Well...I made this story called Swords Of The Seal. It's about 12(10) swords that are made to destroy one clan's powers. One day some kids destroy the seal and have to fight to save the world while making sure they don't get killed. Out of all of the chapters of the two stories my fav is The Illusion Dancer

Table of Contents

Trying To Escape With Your Life

Well...I made this story called Swords Of The Seal. It's about 12(10) swords that are made to destroy one clan's powers. One day some kids destroy the seal and have to fight to save the world while making sure they don't get killed. Read Chapter

Lambs To The Slaughter

Part 2 of 12, Chapter Two, Season One, Episode Two; Lambs To The Slaughter "What are you kids doing?" A man asked the small group. "W... Read Chapter

Leading The Way Of Life

Part 3 of 12, Chapter Three, Season One, Episode Three; Leading The Way Of Life The feeling was so strange and oddly clumsy for Goten... Read Chapter

Like Fooling A Two Year Old

Part 4 of 12, Chapter Four, Season One, Episode Four; Like Fooling A Two Year Old "It's going no where, yet it's everywhere, darkness... Read Chapter

The Fool Is Yourself

Part 5 of 12, Chapter Five, Season One, Episode Five; The Fool Is Yourself Gohan barely dodged the attack. Who is this guy? He knows ... Read Chapter

Realesing The Inner Evil

Part 6 of 12, Chapter Six, Season One, Episode Six; Releasing The Inner Evil Trunks looked at Gohan and Goten sadly. "I hate you so m... Read Chapter

The Ending Game

Part 7 of 12, Chapter Seven, Season One, Episode Seven; The Ending Game Davey heard the laughter and was confused. Who would be laugh... Read Chapter

The Illusion Dancer ???????????

Part 8 of 12, Chapter Eight, Season One, Episode Eight; The Illusion Dancer "DANCING SLASH!!!" The person yelled. Davey didn't have a... Read Chapter

The Ending Challenge

Part 9 of 12, Chapter Nine, Season One, Episode Nine; The Ending Challenge Trunks jumped up. "HEY YOU DUMMIES!!! LOOK OVER HERE!!! LO... Read Chapter

Losing The Will To Live

Part 10 of 12, Chapter Ten, Season One, Episode Ten; Losing The Will To Live "I don't have it!" Trunks shouted. "I know you have it! ... Read Chapter

Telling Us Lies

Part 11 of 12, Chapter Eleven, Season One, Episode Eleven; Telling Us Lies Shay looked at her younger brother and sighed. "Do you nee... Read Chapter

Seals Unleashed

Part 12 of 12, Chapter Twelve, Season One, Episode Twelve; Seals Unleashed Trunks opened his eyes. "Where the hell am I?" Trunks aske... Read Chapter

Seal Swords Quick Quiz(Answer what u think u know please! =3)

#1) Who can make the snow come or the rain fall or make ice? What Seal Sword does this? #2) Who can light logs on fire or strike down... Read Chapter

Seal Swords Mock Test(Answer what u think u know please! =3)

#1) Why were the 10 Seal Sword made? #2) What is another name for the Seal Sword? #3) Which two Seal Swords are the new ones? ... Read Chapter

Info on the Seal Swords and Seal Sword Owners

Tommy= Aqua-kun or Aqua-san(Chibi Wet or Chibi Drown)((Drip-kun or Drip-san)) Goten= Lightning-kun or Lightning-san(Chibi Lighting or... Read Chapter

Chosen One's names translated

Yumna= Starboard, Iumna, Iumna. Kimai= Kim, Kim, Nearly. Az= AZ, Ards, Goat, The Az, Ards, A, Alif, That. Tommy= Soldier, Lob... Read Chapter

A New Challenge

Part 1 of 15, Chapter One, Season Two, Episode Thirteen; New Challenge Trunks grinned at Goten. "Ready Chibi Lightning?" Trunks asked... Read Chapter

Losing Your Mind

Part 2 of 15, Chapter Two, Season Two, Episode Fourteen; Losing Your Mind "Who's there?!" Zane asked. No one answered. Zane reached f... Read Chapter

Learning The Truth

Part 3 of 15, Chapter Three, Season Two, Episode Fifteen; Learning The Truth What is going on?" Trunks asked. "You don't want to die ... Read Chapter

Haunting Rhymes

Part 4 of 15, Chapter Four, Season Two, Episode Sixteen; Haunting Rhymes I can hear the dark, if I listen hard. I can hear it waiting... Read Chapter

Understanding Each Other

Part 5 of 15, Chapter Five, Season Two, Episode Seventeen; Understanding Each Other "How do you do Chibi Moon? Chibi Dark what are yo... Read Chapter

Old Friends and Past Memeries

Part 6 of 15, Chapter Six, Season Two, Episode Eighteen; Old Friends Past Memories "??????????????????."(We need to act fast.) Gohan ... Read Chapter

A Hard Time

Part 7 of 15, Chapter Seven, Season Two, Episode Nineteen; A Hard Time "I can never forgive you!!" Zane felt the tears start to b... Read Chapter

Losing What Was Held Dear

Part 8 of 15, Chapter Eight, Season Two, Episode Twenty; Losing What Was Held Dear "Geez...you're pretty stupid Davey! I died and was... Read Chapter

Closer To Death

Part 9 of 15, Chapter Nine, Season Two, Episode 21; Closer To Death "Dare mo, kare wa tekig? shinai kare to issho ni suwatte iru. Shi... Read Chapter

No Way Out

Part 10 of 15, Chapter Ten, Season Two, Episode 22; No Way Out Tommy looked up and was shocked. "Onichan?" Tommy asked. Tommy saw tha... Read Chapter

New Fighters?!

Part 11 of 15, Chapter Eleven, Season Two, Episode 23; New Fighters?! Zane opened his eyes. "Onichan..?" Zane asked weakly. Az looked... Read Chapter

Changing The Past

Part 12 of 15, Chapter Twelve, Season Two, Episode 24; Changing The Past "STOP IT!!!" Goten screamed. A blade hit Zane in the shoulde... Read Chapter

Unknow Fate

Part 13 of 15, Chapter Thirteen, Season Two, Episode 25; Unknown Fate Davey watched the trouble unfold. "CHEY-CHAN!!! CHEY-CHAN!!" (k... Read Chapter

Reaching Out

Part 14 of 15, Chapter Fourteen, Season Two, Episode 26; Reaching Out Goten looked out and saw Trunks. "TRUNKS-KUN!!!" Goten shouted ... Read Chapter

Zane's Last Resort

Part 15 of 15, Chapter Fifteen, Season Two, Episode 27; Zane's Last Resort Zane looked up at Goten. "Can I have that taco?" Zane aske... Read Chapter

Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Part 1 of 6, Chapter One, Season Three, Episode 28; Turn Back The Hands Of Time Season 3 starts now... "I'm read... Read Chapter

Meet The Team

Part 2 of 6, Chapter Two, Season Three, Episode 29; Meet The Team "Where's Az?" Chey asked. Trunks shrugged h... Read Chapter

Old Faces

Part 3 of 6, Chapter Three, Season Three, Episode 30; Old Faces Annabella looked at Shay. "The one you called Az is in trouble." Anna... Read Chapter

Illusion Turned Bright Red

Part 4 of 6, Chapter Four, Season Three, Episode 31; Illusion Turned Bright Red Az rubbed his head. "Guys? Where did you g... Read Chapter

No More

Part 5 of 6, Chapter Five, Season Three, Episode 32; No More Trunks opened his eyes. He got up and ran into the medic tent, he saw th... Read Chapter

Saving Each Other

Part 6 of 6, Chapter Six, Season Three, Episode 33; Saving Each Other Trunks closed his eyes. He could hear them, he could... Read Chapter

Back To Normal...?

Part One of Unknown, Chapter One, Season Four, Episode 34; Back To Normal...? And now Season 4 begins... Zane and the other ... Read Chapter

Lost Time

Part 2 of Unknown, Chapter Two, Season Four, Episode 35; Lost Time "Who are you?" Davey asked. "You don't rem... Read Chapter

Zane's Past

Part 3 of Unknown, Chapter Three, Season Four, Episode 36; Zane's Past Zane rubbed his head. "Are you alright now Ray?" The school nu... Read Chapter

Lost Memories

Part 4 of Unknown, Chapter Four, Season Four, Episode 37; Lost Memories Trunks quickly walked across the street, heading to their mee... Read Chapter

The Bully And Me

Part 5 of Unknown, Chapter Five, Season Four, Episode 38; The Bully And Me Zane jumped in the lake. "You got me wet!!" Tally screamed... Read Chapter