Extras of Fame

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Stephanie Harwich, lives a live with the little 'extras' of fame...

Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Submitted: March 18, 2012




If one wanted to see the life of Stephanie Harwich, or better known as Scarlet, it would be presented in two graphs. One would be her acting career and the other, her personal life.

The graph showing her acting career would show an arrow which would be crashing down at first but afterwards it would be shooting straight up.

  But the graph showing her personal life would be in a sorry state. Happily bounding upwards at first, then a steady horizontal line but then the arrow will come crashing down.

Even as she sits right now, in a press conference, the graphs flash around in her mind.

“Scarlet, how was the experience of working with top notch actors and an Oscar winning director?”

Instead of answering this question, she is reeling over her own one; ‘Will my family ever take me back?’

“Scarlet?” a nudge from her manager’s talon like nails brings her back to earth.

 “Oh yes, it was wonderful. Everyone was really nice to me. They are all perfectionists and that made shooting a wonderful experience.” Pat comes her answer.

‘After force feeding her the ethics of answering in a press conference, she has finally learnt not to speak the truth.’ Scarlet’s blond manager exclaims in her mind.

“Scarlet, there have been rumors of your brother declining to even recognize you. Is it true?” finally the question, Scarlet feared.

“Oh no, they are just rumors you know. Tabloid magazines make plenty of them.” Her answer is mechanical; the scenes of Scarlet and her brother’s fight flash in Scarlet’s mind.

  “Okay. I am sorry that our time is up as Scarlet now has to go for a photo shoot.”

“Which photos shoot? A popular magazine’s one?” the reporters and journalists are ready with their pens poised on their books and cameras on.

 “Yes for Verve, swimsuit photo shoot,”

“Interesting, when will we receive the updates on this?” one reporter asks.

“Very soon. Now please excuse us.” She grabs the tops of Scarlet’s arms and starts steering her through the crowd.

Dodging people left and right, they finally reach the limo.

“Is it necessary to do this?” Scarlet shakes off her manager’s hands and gets into her limo. Her bodyguard Hanks, whispers into his Bluetooth; ‘Madam in car, let’s leave’.

“Well I-“

“Oh for God’s sake get in,” she pokes him in the back as he starts searching for any stalkers.

“Well as I was saying, this photo shoot is very important as it is a deal of 1 million.

“Oh yeah, million for wearing clothes which look like rags.”

 Now here, Scarlet does not care much about fashion and money as she shakes off a one million dollar deal as nothing.

But as usual her manager has to give her a piece of her mind-

“Scarlet really, some people might think that you are a billionaire to say so. Now shut up and let me sit in.” she pushes Scarlet in and the limo rides off.


“God what kind of clothes these are, Skimpy and yucky.” She exclaims to her manager after doing the photo shoot.

“Now, now it’s okay.” Her manager curses Scarlet for calling such high-end clothes yucky, but of course, in her mind.

“Well this was the last to-do for the day. Now I’m heading home. Do you want a lift? Of course you don’t. Bye, see you tomorrow.” saying this Scarlet walks off leaving her manager fuming.

‘Idiot girl can’t respect me. I have the one who has brought her up to this position….’ She babbles off various things in her mind.


At home, Scarlet changes over from the talkative bubbly self to silent mode. Actually, this is her real self.

After dealing with wounds of the past, Scarlet has become used to putting up fake smiles and fake cheerfulness. The business of showbiz hasn’t been easy for her.

When she was 11, she became gothic. For two years she hid behind a mask. When she was 14, she had an abusive boyfriend. Till she was 16, he had come near to killing her. But fortunately he was arrested. When she first launched her album at 16, fresh from the wounds of her abusive relationship, it crashed partly because of her superstar brother’s famous shadow.

Then somehow, she managed to emerge as pop singer with her platinum album ‘Break free’ at 17. A new boyfriend dumped her. Her family refused to support her as for them, her brother is important. And her brother, from the fear of competition, refuses to even acknowledge her.

Recently she made a Casanova boyfriend who returned to his womanizing ways and dumped her.

Right now Scarlet is at the apex of her career but she is all alone in the world. Scars of her past are hidden behind her smiles. Her chart busters and record makers mean less to her.

Ring ring ring’… her cell phone buzzes. Oh no, the reporters again.


“Stephanie Harwich?”

“Yeah it’s me. Who is calling, please?”

“Um, ma’am I am calling from Celebrity Live. I wanted to ask you whether you’d be interested in an interview,”

“What for?” obviously for her take on her fight with her family and her disinheritance.

“On your new platinum album ‘Wings of Glory’,”

How much do these people lie? Scarlet sighs inaudibly.

“I am so sorry; I am busy the whole week,” the caller makes an attempt at an interruption but Scarlet cuts him through, “And maybe the whole month. I have a concert tour coming up and various other commitments. Sorry.”

Beep, her dial tone ring as she cut the phone.

Scarlet steps into the steaming shower, letting the hot water drain away her tension.

As she unties her bathrobe and puts on her nightdress a list rings through her.

She has to patch up with her family, record her new song, write down a few, do a photo shoot, go on her world tour, catch up with her friends, make a new boyfriend, attend a  party, flaunt a dress that is too short and tight, make a controversy for her manager and many more things…

Well these are the little ‘extras’ that come with fame…


© Copyright 2017 Trupti Soman. All rights reserved.

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