It's so...complicated

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Life's complicated
Relationships are complicated
But since when, did people start getting complicated?
(sorry for the swears)

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



She stared at the mess around her. Photos, cards, letters were spread all around the room.

She gave a cry of anguish and clutched at her head. Silent tears dropped from her eyes. She had lost all the hope.

‘There must be some way out of this’ she thought desperately.


A few months ago…

“Catch me if you can” a voice near her right screamed.

She stuck her hands out like a dummy and groped around. She struggled to find him, blindfolded.

“You can’t find me, Jane!” the voice jeered.

She whipped around impatiently. Somehow she managed to stumble across the room. After a long struggle, she managed to catch him.

“Aha” she said victoriously. He smiled and removed her blindfold. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked into his brown ones. He grinned and pulled her into a bear hug.

“I love you, Jane Williams” he proclaimed. She blushed, even though she had heard this many times before.

“I love you too, Eric Callahan” she replied


“I have to do this, before he hurts me anymore” she said to herself firmly. But a doubt rose up to her.

“But how?” she wailed.


2 months ago

“Jane, meet my friends” he gestured towards a crowd “Oliver, Ricky, Andrew, Mathew…”

He babbled on and she tried to memorize the long list. It was an awkward meeting. All of them boys with her singled out to be the only girl.

‘He did not tell me that he is bringing his friends to our date’ the fact struck her hard.

“Eric, this was our date. Why are your friends here?” she whispered in his ear. He looked at her in surprise.

“I told you in the car, didn’t I?” he told her. Now it was her turn to be surprised. She did not remember any mention of friends in his long talk in the car. She only remembered a steady stream of chatter which made no sense.

“Anyway, you can bring your friends next time” he added to her amazement. She only stared at him.

Soon they were seated and a raucous party started. His friends wrecked about the restaurant. Much to Jane’s discomfort, Eric joined in. He drank over the limit. And instead of his regular low pitched voice, he was yelling about.

“I am going” she whispered in his ear. He did not even notice when she slipped out of the restaurant.


“Eric, I want to talk to you. Meet me in the park” she spoke on the phone.

“Why?” the voice at the other end asked.

“I want to talk” she said resolutely before she hung up.


A week ago

“How are we going to celebrate our 7 month anniversary?” she asked. Both of them lay in the park, fingers entangled.

“When is it?” he asked.

“Tomorrow” she answered, surprised.

“I am going to a soccer match tomorrow” he said flatly. She brushed off his arms and sat up on one arm to look at him.

“Soccer match?” she said with uncertainty. He nodded.

“But our anniversary?” she asked, closes to tears.

“We will celebrate it some other day” he replied. She looked at him incredulously. She whispered a soft ‘what’.

“C’mon Jane, It’s just a day. Its okay” he said, as if she was behaving silly. She stared at him in disbelief.

“What?” he looked at her back. She shook her head and turned away.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked. He looked at her like she was crazy.

“Let me tell you, you are not cool. You seem just like a fool to me” she shouted before running out of the park. He stared after her blankly, nothing registering in his slow brain.


Adrenaline rushed into her as she ran across the street.

‘I am going to end this’ she repeated to herself, over and over again. She looked at the familiar gate of the park. Enough of unexpected visits, endless talks, fake happiness.

She scanned the park for him. She spotted him standing near the swings. He looked handsome as ever. But she could not fall for his puppy dog smile and eyes today.

“Jane” he called out to her.

He started to speak but she held out one hand to stop him.

“Eric, this is over” she said.

“What?” he asked in confusion.

“Our relationship” she almost spat out the words.

He looked in bewilderment.

“Why” he said it like a plea.

“Eric I am sick of you pretending to be cool. To be someone else”

“But…” he was at a complete loss of words.

“Eric, you changed so much. I mean, you even changed our relationship. You forgot our anniversary”

“Oh” to her surprise, he started laughing.

“What?” She asked incredulously.

“Just because of that, you are breaking up with me?” he clutched at his sides.

“No because of you” that shut him up.

“Eric I am sick of your pretenses, your unexpected visits, those disgusting clothes” she said in a whisper.

“But Jane I don’t have anybody except you” he pleaded.

“No Eric you have your friends. You simply forgot me because of them. You started acting like you are cool. It is damn frustrating”

“Bloody hell, do you think that I can’t relax? Do you think I am always watching my back?” he shouted

“Yes” she shouted back. People started staring at them.

"You kept silent even when yor friend called me dumb! You kept silent when they jeered at our relationship! You don't even have respect for me!"

"I have!" he shouted.

"No you don't. You are just sick. You ignored me when we went to that restaurant!"

“Okay this is over. But at least tell me the reason why are you breaking up?” he pleaded once more.

“It’s complicated”

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