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This is a completely different topic.
Domestic violence. The ending might not be happy one but every story does not have a happy ending.
It is a little PG for violence.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



She stared at her hands. They were pale with unhealthy colors of red and purple splotched across. Letting out a deep sigh, she covered her hands by pulling down her long sleeves. Her shirt was also peculiar. It had been white but after its continuous usage of 3 days, it had become light brown with dirt. Big stains of red unfamiliarly spotted across the white cotton.

She winced as she got up from the floor. The wounds were still raw.

‘I must get working before the drama starts’ she thought as she looked around the spotless room.

“What kind of food is this?”

“I am sorry. I could not manage,”

“I could not manage! What kind of lame excuse is that?”

“Please forgive me, please.” she fell to her knees, sobbing.

“Forgive you? Never! I am going out to eat. Rot with your useless food”

He threw the plate of food at her. It hit her already injured shoulder. She clutched at it frantically. He did not like blood.

However, today he did not react as he did every time she started bleeding. He just kicked her in her back and walked away.

She hugged herself, leaving the fresh wound to bleed openly. Her body was aching from the pain and her head throbbed. She got up to go to the bathroom.

‘I can’t bear this. I need to have a bath now and band aid myself’ she thought firmly as she took the towel and went inside the bathroom.

After cleaning herself, she decided to clean the kitchen. With her bandaged hands, she gingerly picked up the mess. An old paper was lying near the counter.

‘Must have dropped out of his bag’ she thought as she cautiously picked it up.

He did not like her touching his things. If he spotted her doing so, he threw the heaviest object nearest to him at her. She had many bruises because of this and was careful not to do any such action in his presence.

This was just one thing. He used to beat her even if she moved something even an inch. When he used to get frustrated, she was his target to remove the frustration. He made her sleep on the floor even in winters.

The list went on...

However, today, some instinct told her to look at the paper. With shaking hands, she carefully unfolded the paper. It had become yellow with age.

Faint writing scribbled across the paper. With a jolt, she recognized his careful cursive handwriting. It was the same with the y and g sharp and pointed. It showed his Obsessive Compulsive behavior.

Nervously she read it. Shock ran through her as she realized that it was the same paper on which he had first said ‘I love you’ to her. She whispered out the poem.

You are the sun that shines in my life.

You are the moon that I gaze.

My life begins and ends with you.

There is no life without you.

I long for you.

Come in my life and brighten it.

It will be empty without you.

At the end of this world, it will be just you and I.

I love you.

He never had been a poet but his mismatched words had stolen her heart away. After reading it, she had fallen headlong in his love. He was just an admirer until then.

He had followed her like a stalker, almost killed a person who bullied her, had been a protector, a lover she never knew.

For him, she had been the sun and moon of his life. The first 3 years of their marriage were like heaven.

However, when she dropped their first child, the whole scenario changed. Instead of being supportive, he started beating her. He used to pull her hair, throw things at her, beat her and taunt her.

If she had read these 2 years ago, she might have blushed. Now she sobbed, crying her heart out.

It was as if their love died along with their child. Now that she could not become a mother again, he detested her.

‘There has to be an end to this. I have been suffering abuse since 2 years and he keeps threatening me.’ She thought desperately.

The next 2 days were the same. He kept beating her for nothing and even threw a chair at her for not putting salt in the dinner. Finally, she found a solution

‘My Lord will never forgive me for this. But I have to finish him or he’ll torture me to death’ she thought as she stepped out of the house. It had been 3 months since she was out. He had kept her locked most of times.

She covered wounds and set to find out the thing she needed.

Just 200-300mg the bottle said. The effect would begin within a minute.

She served him the food poisoned with a large dose of cyanide. He gulped it down without a comment.

She watched in horror as he turned and twisted and finally gave up. He had just pointed at her and said ‘You’ before dying.

If she had wanted, she could have escaped or even set the house on fire. If she was caught then she would have sentenced to a smaller term if she proved that he had abused her.

However, she waved off the thought as she reached for the rest of the poison.

A/N I know you might be thinking that why did she kill herself at the end. It is like she suffered throughout her life and she never wanted to spend rest of her life with guilt. Its her mindset. I hope you understand and don't term it as suicide and homicide. Also I am not making any suggestions on how to stop domestic violence, I am just telling a story of a woman in pain. Thanks for reading. This story is inspired by "Love the way you lie" by Eminem feat. Rihana.

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