Recipe for removing random thoughts

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Random thoughts...

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



My hands are wavering over the keyboard of my dad’s much prided notebook; an array of random thoughts hit me. One of them is which story to write. Shall I write the much tragic love story or the heart warming tale of two friends? What would be the title? Shall I write something about a social issue or something about myself? But how will I manage it without being too preachy or self-absorbed? The frustrations of a cancelled project meet plays at the back of my mind. My mind reels over an argument happened last night. In addition, I am worrying over the pending list of work and chores. At the same time my mind bounces over the excitement of a much awaited shopping trip in the evening. And so on…

You must be wondering how I manage to keep myself sane with all this thoughts, right. I also ponder upon on it.

After worrying too much, handling too much pressure, too much work I think too much about how I manage all this, which results in a clutter of random thoughts in my mind.

Then is the routine dialogue of ‘let go’ or ‘hold one’. Umpteenth time I say to myself ‘

I have handled this before’ or ‘This too shall pass’.

But what does it result in? Spending hours in the shower, overdosing on chocolates, spilling meaningless tears, thinking too much…

And top that all, I give a grand name to these random thoughts and wasted times. Now what do I call all this? Oh yeah, mood swings.

And after going through this routine many times, I have come up with a recipe of removing random thoughts.

Take a computer

Some typing skill

A hint of imagination

A little bit of will power

Bright cheery smile

Teaspoon of thinking power

And what do you get from all this?

A good old recipe of removing random thoughts and freeing your mind space.

So next time you over indulge in some ‘me’ time or get over loaded with ‘comfort foods’ try this recipe.

You can just type your heart out and remove all those random thoughts and feel better.

So just go ahead and spill and come out with a very random miscellaneous like this onesmiley

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