It Was Told

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Well, it certainly was.

Submitted: December 14, 2013

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Submitted: December 14, 2013



It was told,

as a young child, you can do all you want,

Set your mind onto this thought,

And destiny will surely follow; 

I cry as I ask this world,

I walk slowly toward my goal now,

Tears in mind, white in hand,

I'm looked upon as a rabbid beast,

A disaster,

"Is it not okay that I walk these lands!"

I am not a colour, 

Those pigments that penetrate the skin of some cannot be my decision maker,

Is it not my Arian look that saved me once?

It was told,

As a child,

That if I lay my mind upon this thought,

And leave it there,

I will become all that I aspire to be,

But now,

I'm older,

And I must sit and watch as my dreams are narrowed down,

All becasue of my colour,

My Religion,

My parents,

My money,

And I don't want to sit anymore!

I have no other dawn to make it to,

No other day-break to wake up to,

I have been gifted with a beating heart, and a working mind,

And is it not only just that I get to use it?

But I am not;

It was told,

That I can be who I want to be,

If I put my mind to that,

But It was only told,

And these words are worthless now.

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