The Sea Capain's Ghost

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The story of the sea captain.

Submitted: January 08, 2013

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Submitted: January 08, 2013



The Luna Da Monte,

A boat to sail at sea,

With a captian as kind,

And loyal was he,

For months at sea,

No storms, no rains,

But the one night that captian,

Threw overboard his cane,

"A storms brewing twice,

So get ready the sails,

And say bye to your loved ones,

In case out plan fails,"

The captian was beaming,

For his joy came without rest,

When the blood started pumping,

Fastly beating, his chest,

The storm was so vast,

As far as the eye,

It cameoutof no where,

And nobody knew why,

The rain was like hail,

And the wind was so strong,

So the captian took pause,

And then went into song,

"My fellow sea captians,

This storm is too rough,

For our crew of the strongest,

Our crew of the tough,

So I ask that you go,

Go get your loved dears,

And sing them a tune,

To was out their fears,

Then get to the boats,

The life boats, I mean,

Then sail to the mainland,

And follow your dream,

Feel free to stay,

But you really must know

That I am not sure,

Where from here we will go"

"I'll go to my wife,

And I'll go to mine,

My daughter's in strife,

I can hear her long whine,"

"My captian, my captian,

You should leave with us friends,

For if you do not,

you shall meet your life's ends"

"Young lad you are so kind,

Of gold is your heart,

But here I must stay,

It is simply my part,

I built Luna Monte,

And with her I shall stay,

Perhaps we'll meet again,

On some other stormy day,

Tell my wife thati love her,

My daughter to think,

And please tell my son,

To never puck up a drink,

And to treat his wife kindly,

His kids even more,

And when death greets his wisdom,

To open the door",

And with that, as the men,

Set sail to safe times,

The sea captian was swept,

Right from under his rhymes,

He had died with his Luna,

He had loved her the most,

And thus ends the story,

Of the sea captian's ghost.

© Copyright 2017 trustmeimthedoctor. All rights reserved.

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