Atheists are Wrong, Atheists are More Depressed, Atheists are Ignorant, Atheists are Deluded, Atheists are Arrogant, Atheism and Suicidality, Atheism and Suicide Rates,

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Just another article about the fallacies and fails of atheism.

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



Atheists are Wrong: 

Atheists believe that there are no gods and that the universe is either eternal or came from nothing. Their viewpoints are not scientific as they would like to proclaim nor are they logical. The eternal universe theory (also known as the steady-state theory) was dismissed by the scientific community when all the evidence for The Big Bang theory emerged and the concept of something from nothing remains unprovable as well as unobservable.

Logical laws such as casuality (cause and effect) argue that every effect needs a cause, since the universe was an effect, it had a cause which common sense proclaims to be a creator and an intelligent one considering the Goldilocks properties and constant values of our universe. Atheists try to explain the order and design observed in our universe by attributing it to the infinite monkey theorem which is an illogical concept. If true then it's also possible for a god to have formed the same way and atheism still fails. In truth accident and mindless lifeless force can never produce any order hence why the simple order and design we see everywhere argues for God.

Atheists are more depressed + Atheism and Suicide Rates (Atheism and Suicidality): 

The following articles (two being from academic resources) show that atheists are more likely to be depressed and commit suicide. In contrast religious people are shown to be more mentally stronger and healthier.

Atheists are Ignorant: 

Atheists are ignorant mostly of history and science. While they may understand some science (mainly evolution) they normally are lacking when it comes to physics and other areas in biology. Many even adhere to debunked scientific theories such as the steady-state theory or subscribe to speculation and faith based theories in an attempt to explain life on earth or the origin of the universe. They ignore accepted laws such as Biogenesis (life only comes from pre-existing life) and try to argue against casuality, The Big Bang theory supporting the idea of a creation event and other scientific theories and laws. They dismiss the supernatural as nothing but mere nonsense ignoring NDE's, OOBE's and the increasing scientific evidence for these two things while adhering to beliefs such as the idea of multiple realities and prior universes (both of which are evidenceless). From this I must conclude that atheists are deluded and arrogant.

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