Commencment of the Rapture

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The end of all things is at hand, and Satan know's he is loosing the war. So before the rapture he sends his most trusted lost souls to the mortal realm as demons bound in human flesh. Their mission, collect as many souls as they can until the rapture.

The Commencement of the Rapture
A short story by Josh Fraga
Lucian new what his orders were, to collect and send. Lucian like all other lost souls knew the rules of the Rapture, but the devil would not be the devil if he followed rules. The end of all things was about to begin, and Satan’s numbers were down. This did not please the Prince of Darkness, so he sent forth his most loyal lost souls into the world to possess a human body, and send as many souls to hell they can before the Rapture. Once God started the Rapture it would be too late, the end of the world will have begun, and Lucifer would be powerless to stop Him. That’s why this time is so important to the dark side send these “collectors” among the living, otherwise, Satan might not have enough souls to rule over for all eternity. So they now walk with the living, on the mortal plane of Earth, stalking as many people as they can, capturing their souls in a hematite-colored glass bottle which was sealed with black iron, unable to be opened, cursed by the Prince of Darkness himself, waiting for the time they would be called back home. Lucian was one of these “collectors”, and was filled with pride, as he walked the streets, feeling bullet-proof. You see, with this new post and ranking, came new benefits, such as immortality on the mortal coil. Nothing could kill a collector, no blade, no bullet, no atom bomb, nothing short of a weapon of God, Himself, could vanquish a collector. So now, Lucian lurks with the unsuspecting populous, with his Dark orders, and this is when the story begins.
Although it was winter in New York city, Lucian could not feel the cold on his host’s skin. He could feel that the body he inhabited right now was warm and pulsating. The body he was in now was young priest, the man soul secured tightly in his bottle, which he kept in what looked like a ratty army duffel he could have found at the city dump. But this body was ideal, after all, who would ever suspect a priest. He had to work fast now, the time of the Rapture was upon him, and he must get his mission done before it starts. So he finds the perfect place to harvest, a church.
He walks in and looks at all the people, kneeing and praying, as if any amount of praying was going to save them now. He pulled something hanging from around his neck, it was the last gift from the Dark Lord, and the most powerful. It was a Rosary, not just and Rosary, but one crafted to be a mockery of Christ’s sacrifice. Made from black volcanic rock from the pits of hell, and fashioned with an upside-down cross on the end. The rock it was made out of looked like black mirrors as the church-light reflected off it’s surface, if you could forget what it was and where it came from, you would say it looked beautiful. But this necklace was no trinket, by touching a mortal with stones of the Rosary, their soul would be confined in the sealed bottle. It was the Rosary that had all the power, it had the power to take any soul, regardless of good or bad, and capture it in the bottle, without the necklace, Lucian could do nothing for his mission. He knew this, that is why he kept it very close to him.
He pulled it off and wrapped it around his left hand, and quiet walked down the center of the church, making note of all the people who were praying. When he reached the front, he turned around and looked at the mass of people. Then, starting from the first row of people who were praying, he began to harvest. One after one, he would walk up to a person praying, and had the audacity to utter the words, “Bless you my child.” as he put his left hand, wrapped with the cursed necklace, on their head. Instantly their soul was captured in the bottle, and the empty shell of a person could not move, so it appeared they were still praying when he was done. He did this to the whole church. And the saddest thing was, there were good, righteous people, who when Lucian came their way asked, “Bless me father.” and kneel down in prayer, just to have their soul stolen. After about and hour he was done. When he reached the back of the church he turned around and looked at all the motionless, soulless shells of people. The murmuring of prayer you could hear when he had came in had ceased, filled only with an eerie silence. Lucian took a deep breath and smiled, his master would be very pleased with him.
He turned around and walked outside. This city was teeming with souls to take. Everywhere he looked he saw more. They crawled across the earth like ants, scurrying to their next pointless task, if only they new how close the end of all things was. How would they act then? Lucian walked down the street, trying to be somewhat discreet, they last he wanted was attention, for God is not blind. Still, he did draw some strange looks from passersby since it was snowing, and Lucian wore no coat, hat, gloves, or anything to keep him warm. He could feel hearts beat as the unknowing people passed him by. ‘What to do?’ he thought, ‘Where next?” Then a building caught his eye, and the most devious smile slinked across his pale face. So he began to walk toward the building, gripping the Rosary tight in his left hand, he stopped at the front steps and read the name of the building to himself, ‘Saint John’s Elementary School’, he let out a small chuckle before hissed, “This…now this is gonna be fun.” And he opened the door to the school.
He stepped into the hallway and all he could feel was the warmth of innocent souls that filled each and every room. He walked down the hall, slowly to the first classroom. He peeked in, it was nap time. Almost 20 kindergarten children lay snoozing on their mats, some of them even sucking their thumbs. He quietly opened the door and stepped inside, when their teacher, a very attractive young woman, confronted him. “Father, the children are sleeping right now.” She whispered to Lucian, “Can you come back later?”
Lucian took a deep breath and quietly whispered in her ear, “No.” as he placed the Rosary wrapped around his left hand on her forehead. Instantly her soulless shell fell to the ground with a loud thud. Lucky for Lucian, the sound did not stir the children in the very least. They all still lay there, not knowing the terrible fate about to befall them. And one by one, he visited the sleeping children, and took every last one of their guiltless souls. He looked at the room of lifeless shells before he exited through the door, he was very pleased with himself.
Yet, the moment he stepped out of the classroom he felt something he hadn’t felt since he was in The Pit, pain. It stirred deep within the core of his lost soul, in no place he or anyone else could see, but it was there, burning. This meant only one thing, time was running out. He knew that during The Rapture, Hell had no power. He would have to be taken home, or risk being destroyed, becoming as if he never was. After all, The Rapture was God’s show to run. The pain made him collapse on the hallway floor, he need to work fast, no more discretion. He pushed himself up, and for the first time, he felt no pride in his work, no time for pride, he had a job to do.
He went from classroom to classroom, taking every soul that couldn’t get away. The once quiet hallways were now filled with the screams of the young and the old. The classrooms that were once filled with life were silenced now, the only kind of silence you would hear in a cemetery. It was not long before he had the souls of all the student body, and faculty. After he took the last one he paused for a moment to catch his breath, and took the bottle from inside his bag. It was darker now, lighter than the color of the unholy Rosary, and considerably more heavy. He looked at it gleam as the florescent light shined off the bottle’s surface. He had many souls, but he was no where near done. He knew that once the bottle turned to the color of the Rosary it was full.  He began to walk back to double-doors at the end of the hallway when the burning hit again. It knocked him to the floor this time. He clawed at the tile floor of the hallway, his nails breaking trying to scratch into the ceramic. Then all of the sudden, it was gone. He picked himself up as if he had just fallen off a bike, dusted himself off, and began to move to the double-doors again. He looked down at his hands, he had ripped out four nails on his left hand, and three on his right. Although blood dripped from his fingertips, he felt none of the pain. He was almost to the door now when he got an unexpected visitor. He stood on the other side of the doors, staring, and then he came through. Lucian first noticed the grey and black uniform, he laughed to himself as the security guard drew his gun, and pointed it dead into Lucian chest.
This did not faze Lucian in the least, to him, all the guard was holding was a sling shot. “Freeze!” the guard shouted! Lucian did nothing of the sort, “Stop or I’ll shoot!” still Lucian advanced. Then all at once three shots rang through the empty halls, and there stood the security guard behind the smoking gun. Lucian looked down at his chest, he could see the bullets holes, but felt nothing. Then he looked back up at the confused security guard and flashed him a dark smile. The guard was frozen in his tracks, not knowing what to think, then just as quick as he fired his gun, Lucian almost flew toward him and put the now blood covered Rosary on his chest. He stood there, watching the light leave his eyes as his body fell to ground like a dropped marionette. ‘How dare he stand in my way?’ he thought to himself ask he stepped over the body, and then outside.
The wind was blowing harder than ever, it made a small whistling sound as it blew through the bullet holes in his chest. The streets were still packed, he knew what he had to do, no time for discretion. He walked down the street, blood dripping as he walked. He took every soul that passed him by, old people, young, people, handicapped people, homeless ones, it wasn’t long before there was a mass of panicked people around him, screaming at all the lifeless bodies left in Lucian wake. They ran like roaches, running into things, into each other, just trying to get away. Before long, everyone ran off, and Lucian was left, surrounded by lifeless shells. No matter, he pulled out the now almost completely black bottle, he held it to the light as if he was studying it. Then he let out that same devious smile and said to himself, “One more…”
That’s it, one more soul and he could return to Hell with a full vessel before The Rapture even started. His mission was almost a complete success. He was about to go in search of his final soul, when he heard something make a groaning noise. He looked around, and among all the bodies he saw yet another homeless person, passed out on the sidewalk. He had been so drunk he was passed out and didn’t even notice what was going on around him. He was dressed in many layers of rags to keep off the cold, and he covered himself with newspaper sheets like a blanket. This was almost too easy, in fact it was. Lucian walked up to him slowly, not taking his eyes off him for a second. He came to where the man lay, and as Lucian approached he held out his glove covered hand as if to ask for some change, all that came out of him mouth were slurs. Lucian brought his bloody left hand still wrapped in the cursed Rosary, down and laid the inverted cross right in the palm of his hand. Then the strangest thing happened, he gently grasped his left hand ask if to say thank you. He did not collapse. This confounded Lucian, and he went to pull away, but he couldn’t, the man would not let go. Then the man spoke to him in a smug voice, “Sorry Lucian, archangels have no souls.” Then the man pulled Lucian down to him will all his might and Lucian fell into him. Lucian knew something was wrong, because he felt something he had not felt in an eternity, pain. Searing pain, pain that echoed in the only part of him that was him, his soul. He looked down at his gut, and saw a sharp blade, with dry blood crusted on the blade. He looked up at the man now who was looking down on him smiling. With his face fully revealed he instantly recognized him, “Michael.” Lucian said, panting and groaning in pain, “How did you find me.”
The archangel Michael squatted down to talk with his vanquished foe, “Did you really think there was anything you could do that God would not see? Your sin is that of your master, pride. It was pride that made Lucifer fall from heaven, and it is pride that destroys you now.”
“But how? I cannot die.” He paused, thinking to himself, “Unless…”
“You are destroyed by a weapon of God.” He looked down at the blade jammed in his gut. “The Spear of Destiny, the weapon that killed Jesus Christ. His blood is still on the blade.” Lucian was feeling very weak now, he knew the end was coming for him, but still he let out a maniacal laugh when he felt his master’s burning in his core.
“You’re too late Michael, The Rapture is upon us, you may have destroyed me but I was not the only one collecting.” And he laughed even louder than before.
Michaels face didn’t change, simply sighed and said quietly, “I know Lucian, I know. You may not be the only one, but you are the only one left.” The smile drained from Lucian’s face. “You were simply the last, you weren’t even hard to find. In you lasts moments in existence, I want you to remember one thing…” he leaned in close as if he were about to tell him a secret, “God… sees… everything.” And with that he drew the spear head out of Lucian’s gut and stood back as the lost soul known as Lucian evaporated out of existence. He went back to the bag on the body and pulled out the almost full bottle, Lucian’s soul vessel. He held it in his hands as he closed his eyes as if he were listening some unheard voice. He looked up to the heavens and said, “Yes, my Lord.” And he raised the vessel as high as he could and smashed it open on the cements, instantly the glass shards turned to stone as it broke, releasing what look like hundreds of small glowing lights that floated slowly to the highest part of the sky, “Now, The Rapture can commence.”

Submitted: July 02, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Truthdefiesreason. All rights reserved.

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