A Wee Tale of Beer

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I got a prompt from a website saying: the story must take place in a crypt, contain a misunderstanding and a bottle of beer. So, this very odd exactly 100-word drabble was born. Rated for one word. May be slightly gross.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



"I can't believe we're stuck in this... um..." Sam trailed off, looking at John for an answer.


"Yeah, that! Crypt! And I'm really thirsty as well!"

"Oh yeah, like we're gonna find a bottle of beer lying around!" John replied sarcastically.

Apparently looking for something to drink, Sam shifted through the small bag they had. Suddenly, he produced a bottle of beer.


"Uh, Sam, that's not-"

"Shut it, John, I wanna drink!"

Sam sipped slowly.

"Mm, tastes a bit funny." he said, thinking out loud.

"Sam, you IDIOT! That's the bottle I took a piss in earlier!" John cried.

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