Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Inspired by the song 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Green Day. Don't own the song or the title of this story. This is a one-shot using one of my OCs.
***Blood and death warning.***

The rain splashed down onto the ground and into the puddles, making quiet plop! sounds as water met water.

The streets were deserted.

Except for one girl.

She had short blonde hair that stopped partway down her neck, and was tipped with black. Her blue eyes were filled with cold fire. The fire had always been there. The coldness had not.

She walked slowly, her shoes splashing in the raindrops that had fallen onto the ground. The rain had soaked her through to her innermost core, but she kept on walking.

She stared around her. All the houses were wrecked -many a roof was missing tiles, the windows were all either smashed or boarded up, as were the doors. There was no life.

The girl sighed. She longed to at least see a shrivelled brown weed, wilted at the side of one of the houses, just to prove that her memory wasn't wrong. That her past wasn't wrong.

The girl could remember a time when there was life in this street. Her life. Children used to laugh, to play here. The birds used to tweet merrily and flutter around without a care. Even the buildings seemed happy.

Families lived there in peace and joyfulness. There was no fighting, no graffiti, no mischief on the streets. It was strange because that was now her way of life, but she longed for the times when she hadn't rebelled for the sake of it, she hadn't been the child no one wanted,she hadn't wondered whether it would be better if she went to sleep and didn't wake up.

She had once lived there.Not just been in the place, but truly lived there.

It had been her dream, all of it. But it had shattered, she had been forced to leave, and now, many years later, she had returned. Returnedto walk the boulevard of broken dreams.

The rain was still pouring, but didn't even seem like a drizzle compared to the rain falling inside her.

She could remember a time, on this very street, in fact, when the rain had been just as cheerful as the sun. On this street, even storms had seemed fun. They used to light candles, sit in a circle and tell stories. The smallest flame seemed to give the entire household light and warmth once more.

It was around that time when she had become enthralled with fire. She still was, even 10 years later. But she was a fire spirit.

She clenched her fists. It was because of that that she had had to leave. The people had come and taken her away. Away from her heaven, away from her dream... and into her nightmare.

They performed a variety of tests every day. They tested her blood, her skin, her flesh, her bone, her hair... and her magic.

She was an expert at pyrokinesis, controlling and manipulating fire.

Of course, she wasn't the only one who was able to do that, but she was a spirit ruled by fire, and the only one there was. That was why they had to perform tests on her - to find out about fire spirits.

A spirit that is ruled by an element (fire, air, earth or water) can only be born if at least one of their parents is also one. It is impossible for any other methods to work.

The girl had done the impossible. She had been born a fire spirit from human parents, with none of her ancestors anything but human.

Because of something that had happened that she (and no one else for that matter) understood, she was born a fire spirit. However, this could only happen to a child born at the exact right time, in the exact right conditions. She happened to be born at the exact time everything in existence was in a straight line (or something like that, she couldn't remember) and with no living people related to her (all her family and relatives were dead, and her mother died just a few milliseconds after giving birth to her). She had also been born under a fire sign (Aries) and cuspally, in fact, on the cusp of new life*. This made her a fire spirit.

Now, unless the girl gave birth, and it was on the rightdate, another fire spirit would never exist. Theproccess that had happenedthat had made the girl a fire spirit would only ever happen once, and that was when it had happened to her, it would never happen again.

Therefore, if she happened to die, no more fire spirits would exist.

The girl had decided her life was no longer worth living. Or rather, she no longer dared to live it. She feared that she might be raped, get pregnant and give birth to a fire spirit, who would then have to go through all the tortures of the tests, which might be even worse.

She was running from the people, if they found her, she would have to endure more tests. If she made sure no more fire spirits were born, she could ensure that some innocent souls were saved from the torture of the people.

The girl slowly pulled a knife from the place she kept it - tied secretly in her hair. She drew it to her throat, but, one second before she murdered herself, she shot blue flames up into the air above her.

As the girl lay in a gradually spreading puddle of warm, wet crimson liquid, the blue flames crackled and blazed high up in the air. They had formed into letters, which read; "Here lies Leto, the only fire spirit to be known. She endured 10 years of torture from the people, just because she is a fire spirit. She was taken away from this place at the age of 5, when it was a heaven to everyone. Leto committed suicide to prevent any other fire spirits being born and having to endure the torture of the tests from the people. For as long as this inferno remains enscribed in the sky, Leto's soul will remain here, and will forever walk down the lonely road, her shadow her only companion. She will forever walk alone, down the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams."

*cuspal is when you are born on one of the end days of one of the signs of the zodiac; for example, the cusps of Aries would be 21st March and 20th April, as, if you are born on or between these dates, your star sign is Aries. The cusp of new life, or the cusp of Aries or Pisces, is when you are born on either 21st March or 20th March. Leto was born on the first day of the astrological year, 21st of March, which is also the spring equinox, the cusp of new life/cusp of Aries and Pisces and mybirthday. Leto is, as you can probably tell, one of my favourite OCs, although since she is binded (although not in this story) to my favourite OC, and they basically share a soul, you could probably count them as one and say she and the other OC together are my favourite.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

© Copyright 2021 TruthfulAlibi. All rights reserved.

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Mon, November 14th, 2011 12:31am

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