stand at attention

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


dont tell me i dont love him

dont pretend you know

the tears on the other end of that phone

the ones that came from my eyes

yes i cried to

i loved him and i still do

but what do you expect

i cant make him wait

cant have him sitting there

while i stand up straight


stand at attention

pay attention private

get your head on straight

dont think about him

dont cry over what you lost

you have a country to fight for

we have a cause that is lost

and im telling you private

you did the right thing

then y in my head

are the screams breaking from within

and why does your voice still cause to me to cry

what about you holds me together inside

and why cant i be me without you

whats this hold you have on me

i dont let myself fall that hard

it cant be this easy

so i pull away

walk away

i have to

no other choice

and when you come around

oh im 8 yrs old again

i got a crush and it wont go away

my love for you cant go away

so many things still get in the way

so tell me it will work

tell me this time it will be easy

it will never be easy

who's going to save me?

whos going to tell me when its time to give up?

"dont stop trying"

"dont lose this one"

im not trying to lose anyone

but to make him sit there and wait

while im over there

it seems so unfair

i cant do it

i wont

but i cant lose him

so i just sit

hold it all in

tell myself its for the best

its for the best

dont think about it twice

its for the best

Submitted: March 25, 2011

© Copyright 2022 truthkillslove. All rights reserved.

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