Shattered Hope

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This is a poem dedicated to my father, even though it is about love lost. It's a poem about losing someone and the realization that they are never coming back.

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



I sit here waiting

With my soul debating

Waiting by the window

My heart and mind feeling so low

My head resting against the icy glass

Hoping the night would soon pass

My hot breath creating a fog

I sit as motionless as a log

I stare out into the night

The dreay cold and emptness is a fright

There are no stars tonight

The blocked moon shines no light

The moon is hidden by mammoth clouds

Black and blue clouds in heaping mounds

Clouds whisking away my little hope

My sadness I try to cope

My eyes become unfocused as I stare

Completely unaware

Hoping with every second you reappear

Your glorious voice I might hear

Come back to me I say

So together we can lay

Come back so I may not be alone

I let out a sobbing moan

But you do not

And my faith becomes the size of a dot

I become angry and my heart is scarred

I never thought LOVE could be this hard

My body becomes tired and my limbs weak

Your companionship I no longer seak

My vision becomes blurry as my eyelids grow heavy

Slowly my eyes close as I give up hope

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