Bleakness of Life.

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The struggle of trying to find meaning in Life.

Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013





Trying to find meaning,

Yet, emptiness is all I find,

No reason to keep breathing,

For all the lost I have pined.


I battle through another day,

Frolicking with friends and love,

But I have not found my way,

Where is this answer people speak of.


Creating hope,

When I see none,

Finding religion to try and cope,

Yet a reason for life, I can not see one.


Shed a tear,

On sad occasions,

Share a beer,

On celebrations.


Indulging life, for it is all we know,

But what is the point,

I beg you to show,

For all the reasons I find, seem disjoint.


To think about life brings forth inner rages,

Trying to find some sort of closure,

Like reading a book with infinite pages,

Struggling to maintain any composure.


So I bring you to my final verse,

With nothing to say, no knowledge to borrow,

For this is the 'Life' that we must immerse,

Until the other side I bid thee good 'morrow.

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