Crazy neighbor

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I live in a flat and I've got crazy neighbor. This is true story....

Submitted: August 16, 2014

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Submitted: August 16, 2014



People may say that we should not judge the other people. Because ourselves will get angry if we are being judged by the others.

This one is special. I might sound judgmental and nasty and anything. But well, I am people, sometimes I can't resist something, this 'judging' thing is something that irresistable for me right now.


I am currently living in a flat. I have one weird neighbor. My friends and I call her crazy grandma. Why do we call her crazy? We assume that something is wrong with her head (has mental problem). She is in her 60's, she has a very eccentric appearance for people her age. She goes out with spike boots, skinny leather skirt, sometimes braless, wearing two glasses with different frame colour, scarfs, electric blue shadows, sometimes way too red blushes and sparkly snapback. She always leaves her flat's door open, and watch TVs almost all day long. Her flat is very dusty, it has nasty smell (kind of dusty and smell like soil), my friends and I hold our breath most of time when we are walking pass her room. She is pretty but very skinny, and you can just know rightaway that she is kind of weird once you have a conversation with her. 

One day, my friend was cooking in my house, she open our flat's door open a bit. Crazy granny was unhappy, she was angry and barging to our flats while bringing her chair and shouting to my friend. We usually just think that she is weird, but eversince that happen, we think she is crazy and creepy. She often bangs to other neighbor's door to ask for help (I don't know what kind of help she needs). And lately she stops my friend while my friend was walking and ask her help to set email, facebook, uploading photos and some internet stuff. My friend is a good person with a very kind heart. She helps crazy granny set an email, made facebook acoount and anything.

Long story short, crazy granny bangs to my door because her television suddenly has no voice. Let me give correction. No she is not only banging the door, she bangs the door , however turns out my flat's door is not properly closed. She gets in to my flat while screaming 'hello' and almost enters my room. It scared the fuck out of me so I closed my room's door and go to her flat to help her although I was scared as shit. Her flat is dark, its dusty, full of paper, and have a strong unpleasent smell. She doesn't smell as bad but still smelly. She said that her TV is suddenly has no sound. I thought it was muted but it wasn't so I can't help her on that. Turns out, that is not the only help she needs. She also needs help to upload photos and anything to her facebook. And no, she doesn't have internet connection or wifi, she just got lucky the other day. Other neighbors wifi was available and unlock so my kind hearted friend can help her set email, facebook, and the other stuffs.

Half hearted, I go to my flat with her, so I can use the wifi to set whatever she asked. She asked a lot of stuffs and she acted weird happy (clapping nearly jumping half bowing). But she doesn't speak English well, so I call my kind heaerted friend who can speak Chinese and talk to her, and we help her together. Creepy day 1 is done.

Creepy day 2 starts. Around eleven o'clock in the night she bangs my door continuously and screaming my name from the front door. I was in the living room and it scared the fuck out of me. It was the moment where I was in a very much doubt whether I want to help her or just ignore her. I ignore her for sometimes but she bangs non stop. So I open my door and she asks me to call my kind hearted friend to help her. Unfortunately, my kind hearted friend is out, so she asks me to help her. And I can't refuse to help. She says she wants to change her email password because her current password is too short and someone might hack her account. However, since she doesn't understand on how to use it and have no internet connection. She has to go over to my flat and ask my help to do it. It annoys me a lot, because she makes me feel uncomfortable, but I help her anyway. She asks me to take photos of some Chinese writing to her facebook.

When I was doing this and that, she starts to tell me a story. She said she used to be an actress. She was a singer, bagpipe player, host, and anything. I trust her because I see many of her photos singing, hosting something big events while I was in her flat. She still is now, but she is now sick. She has breath complication, hearing problem, headache and anything. Hearing her story I start to feel sorry for her. She has two kids, son and daughter. She said her son was not very close to her because she was very busy working, searching money to pay for her sick mother and brother medical bills. Her daughter loves her, but rarely visit her (I have a pang of guilty though). I saw her start to have teary eyes. She said that she is old, eventhough she has kids she has to live on her own money. She needs to take care of herself, she lives alone, her husband has died a long time ago. She said that she is going to sell her flat and maybe go to elder homes because she can support her live no more. 

In between, she told me to love my mother very much. I have a pang of guilty and touched and hurt because if you read my previous stories, I am not so close with my mom and we have a pretty bitter history. She also starts tell me the meaning of her writing. She writes about her youth life, being have to work since young to support her mother and brother until both passed away. She explains to me that her writing is about her agony of living alone, about her wonder of why does she still alive despite the fact that she also sick, lives a very hard life, and nobody seems to care. She is questioning the purpose of her live because it seems like pointless. She says that she does have friends she loves them but she still wish that she could exit this world soon.

She is still extremely weird and creepy and scary. But I think crazy granny acts so because she has too much burden and problems in her life and may be disturb a little bit of her sanity. Maybe she bangs my door or does anything creepy to attract attention or maybe hoping for affection. 

I know for sure she is going to bang my door again sooner or later. I feel sorry for her but I also annoyed by her at the same. I am not sure whether I will open my door for her the next time she bangs my door. I have conscience, part of me want to help her the other part really want to slam the door shut in front of her face. I don't know what to do. Because she is THAT CREEPY AND WEIRD and leave me shitless.

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