Modern Snow White

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If Snow White and Charming from 1937 haven't found each other and send letters to each other these days, in 2014.
Here is how it might look like.

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Submitted: May 13, 2014



These are just jokes. I have no hate towards snow white or whatsoever. I like the character. This is just for fun.


Dear Charming,

77 years has passed... I am getting tired of sending letters to you. Yet, I still love you, but I think we should get at least smartphones, because I am running out of papers, and inks, and birds... So Charming, I wish we could try emails instead. I also have been missing you so much since the last time we met in the forest. I have never seen you ever since because the forest has gone and turned into central park.

Despite our age now, I am still waiting for the day when I can see your wrinkly face. But it seems that my hope never get to see the light of day. However Charming, if we have smartphones, at least we can do facetime or skype, and our distant would not feel so far.

I still want to marry you, but I think horses and castle just would not do. Please take me away with you with your sports car and your unlimited credit card. Let us buy ourself a nice decent apartment guarded with hitmen instead of troops to guard us. Let us fly away with private jet and have a dinner in the top of eiffel tower. Let us not be worried about the evil queen, because the poisoned apples have rotted in the last 77 years. 

Although it might seem impossible to find each other again, I will keep my hopes high. Because I know, no matter what happenned we will always find each other.



Snow White




PS: After writing this, it gives me a realization. Snow White has a little bit of Kim K attitude, doesn't she? Sorry to both parties! This is just for fun.


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