Oh mean girl...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Mean girls are simply existed pretty much everywhere.

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Submitted: May 13, 2014



I only spent two years in my junior high school.

Another one and a half years in high school, and no. I didn't graduate.

Trying my luck, I tried to go straight to college and turned out it only took me 16 months to get my ass out of the college. 

And now I'm 18, with current possession of collection of report cards from my previous educations.

If you think I am a retarded, you are pretty much wrong, I am pretty smart, and as matter of fact, I am currently pursuing my bachelor degree in marketing and finance. 

I spent two years in junior high school because I took acceleration class,and spent another one and a half years in high school because the college was willing to accept me looking to my excellent grades in the first three semesters during high school. And no, I haven't gotten my certificate of college because I can only collect it six months from now.

Ow, for your additional information, I am taking the fastest track to get my degree. 20 more months I will be able to call my self 'Katie Chung, graduate of UCLA, majoring in marketing and finance'

I can't deny but I am super hyped about this. I am pretty sure that everybody will be much older than I am, they must be very experienced and friendly, and I can just have so much important lesson in such young age. So, yay!

There will be no mean girls like in junior and high school (urgh!), everybody will try to appreciate one another...... until I came to my first class in the first day and my beautiful expectations suddenly  crumbled.

First kid I noticed whose face I kind of dislike. Shani Anir, that is what her name tag said. She looks.. well smart and mean? But that kind of girl should not have been existed anymore, should it? Silly me! I meticulously observed her. Long black hair, big brown eyes, dark-skinned color with slim body, and one heck of a pointy nose (mine looks like just hit a wall). Looking from her face, I assumed she is Indian. No, no, no. I do not mean to be racist. I am just simply stating her race to give you a clearer image.

Oops. The teacher is asking questions. 

'Do any of you guys know how to clearly explain what is the meaning of organisational culture?'

What the heck is the answer to that question. My brain has not gained its function back yet after three months of holiday. And wow, Shani is straightly answering that question which her answer is not type-able by me because she talks without any full stop. And Holy Mother of God! This girl has a brain of Jimmy Neutron and confidence of Miley Cyrus.

Oh God help, this is bad bad bad. I am just a junior with an empty brain and I feel intimidated! 

'Well, in order to make you guys know each other better, now let's form a group for discussion'

My dear Mr Bob, the lecturer of management class, whom am I suppose  to be in group with? I know nobody! And I also feel a little bit uncomfortable in new environment because it seems like I am the only dumb Asian kid who speaks broken English.

'Hey. My name is Shani Anir. Do you want to join my group?'

'Oh yeah, sure. Katie Chung. Just call me Kate.' Wow. She is friendly. I don't expect that, judging from her face.

'All right students, now within your group, I want you to discuss the organisation culture from famous companies, any famous companies would do. Retail companies, technologies, pharmaceuticals. Anything, and you may start now'


'Google. That is the first company that cross my mind.' That is Don talking, he is local.


'You know anything about it?' Shani said.


'Yeah. I know a little bit about it. They are famous for giving their employees freedom of creation. They encourage their employees to be creative in launching new program.' Hell yea. I know a little bit about Google although it might sound dumb and superficial.


'Oh you right. We could relate that as organisation culture. But that is less straightforward, it more like what they do in the company.' Do not feel intimidated by her Kate. She is right. You are less straightforward.


'So what do you think is the organisation culture of Google, huh? You seem to have a better idea.' 


'Well, Don, answering your question, I think the core values of Google is....' blah blah blah. This girl never stopped talking,Jesus Christ! Hey girl, our other group mate, Don, he is not a wall. He might have something to say. Just please stop talking, I am started to get tired of hearing your voice. 


'What you said is right Shani. You pretty much answer my question earlier. But I am quite disagree with you because...'


'I think my answer is pretty much correct, Don. Kate, got any other companies in mind? You are not going to sit here listening to me, are ya?' What a cocky girl. My first impression is hardly ever wrong. I just knew it. She is just another mean girl.


'Umm yea. Nokia maybe?'


'Come on you gotta think better than that. Think of bigger company, its 2014. Are you seriously going to talk about Nokia?'


Well if you do not like my answer, just say it. You do not have to lecture me like that. 


'Then we change company then. As a local, I think wal-mart is pretty successful, we can talk about that. I think walmart'


'I think walmart has....' whatever. You just going to hear your voice, don't ya Shani Anir. The girl who is self centered and seems like a perpetual mean girl from high school.


'Kate.. Kate! Are you even listening to me. Try to contribute more than just mentioning a famous company, will ya? We are in group discussion, try to contribute more. You are so silent and ...' Wow this girl sure talk much more than my mom did on my first day of my period. And who do you think you are talking like that to me huh? Self centered girl who just cut other peoples' words when they talk.


'Are you done talking trash in front of my face?' The whole class is staring at me right now. They just do not know what is within me. I can be quite and bad ass. I have a water bottle and I just splash her face with a little liquid from it in order to make her stop talking.


But all of those are just happened in my mind. I do not splash her face with my water bottle. 
What can I say. I do feel intimidated, but in real life I just stay quite. My brain is brave enough but I think not so much for my hands. And here I go again. Facing mean girls regardless where I am right now.

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