Wise words are not really wise

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Sometimes wise words are encouragement, other time it is just a form of pity, I guess?

Submitted: May 28, 2014

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Submitted: May 28, 2014



Nothing worth having comes easy - This wise words might be reflect the truth, you have to wait to have something precious. But on the other time, I feel this is like a pat that is continuously rubbed on your back because you think it takes you too damn long in achieving something that you think you should have had right now.


Exam result and marks do not define your future, even the most successful people are mostly college drop out or maybe they do not even go to college - Come on. Almost everybody said this to themselves when they got bad marks or bad result, even I do too. Sometimes it makes me think. If this does the case, if these are often happening in our lives, I'm not even gonna said this. Why do I say this? Well, because I am SCARED. Because I am disappointed with what I get. Because from events that are happening right now, people who do not do good in school, they do not get a job. Even the college graduates could be working as a McDonalds cashier for the rest of their lives. You got bad results, ain't nobody will welcome you as an their employee. So, I seek comfort in wise words. We often forget about one thing, the successful college dropout has already had something that they are very much interested in since the beginning, well for me? I don't even know my hobby. I could even change my thoughts about what do I want to be in the future. 


Love your curves - This wise words is surely related to body image. Could actually relate to both skinny or non skinny people. But this is mainly intended for people for well, people with more weight. I know many people who are not ashamed of being a little fuller than everyone else. That is great, I am loving that confidence. But I also know many people who said this because they are acutally pity themselves or they want to make someone else or even their selves feel better about their body or they just could accept themselves the way they are. To people who are still on diet, yet keep saying this words to someone else. I don't want to be mean, that could be because you just want to be healthy or you just afraid to get fat. To people who do the diet because they are afraid to get fat and afraid of looking not so nice, why do you say the words? Why don't you just eat and love your curves?


I can do anything that I want, because I have the right for it - Yeah. I said this many times too when I am about to do something extreme. These words are popping to my head because in the first place, I am afraid that I will regret it later, so I said this and push my self to do whatever I want. This words also come when I pissed off because someone's actions have prevented me to do something that I want or someone pissed off because what I have done. Well, the second reason told me something. I surely can do anything that I want because I have every damn right to do it, but I should think too, that everybody else also have every damn right to do whatever they want. And doing whatever you want or someone else doing everything they want, in the end, will piss you and piss they off. Then what can you say? It is right that you can do anything you want, but on the other hand, your right is also colliding with others' right, which make us sometimes cannot do anything that we want.


Wise words are sometimes not so wise, are they?



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