The Night I had a Premonition of Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mae, and Jennie best friends forever, until forever becomes only a phrase, rather than a commitment. A nightmare that becomes reality, and changes their lives! Save a life, to end a life.


It was a sunny day, birds singing everyone was outside and enjoying the summer breeze. Except for Mae; stuck inside with some co-workers reminiscing and jealous of all those outside soaking up the sun.  Mae Stogios what to tell she is a lovely girl, reliable, friendly and has the most sexual personality you will ever find in someone. Though she is a beautiful young women, brown long hair, hazel eyes, and quite the athletic body; she has her secrets. 

Mae and her boyfriend Craig Lyson have been going through tough times like any couple arguments, sex doesn’t feel quite the same and they are growing apart. Craig is tall, a little robust around the midline, and is a heavy marijuana smoker. He has blond hair, green eyes, and very obsessed over Mae.  Jobless and being supported by Mae’s pay check. 

If you haven’t guess I am Mae’s best friend and I’m going to tell you how she almost died! Like I said earlier Mae has her secrets, she has cheated on her boyfriend, nothing too major just a kiss, but has never regretted it, has wanted to murder her boyfriend in his sleep but could never figure out a way to make it look like an accident.  Besides that, I am Jennie Rogure, brown short hair, hazel eyes, Mae is my workout buddy, and we are both similar in many ways, which is why we get along so well.

So, where to begin of how I saved my best friend from a fatal death, before the event even occurred.  Awe yes, I had just finished a workout that pushed myself past all limits and relaxed me to the point I could not stand; then when I could gather enough strength, experienced a very nice and intimate Skype shower with my boyfriend.  My boyfriend Damien Tyler is going to school to be a doctor, we are living together but at this time he had to leave for a few weeks to help out family. He is tall, brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and when he smiles he just makes everyone’s heart melt, so I’ve heard.

While on Skype, we are undressing, playing the game of I remove one item, and you remove one. I start with my top, pulling it up slowly and over my head. Damien goes and you can just see his chiseled abs turning as he stretched upwards to remove the shirt. Next on to pants unbutton seductively, and shimmy the pants off. Damien’s turn he unbuttons his pants, and then…..his mom knocks on the door.

“Damien, hurry up please, there are more people than just you that needs to use the washroom!”  

“Yes Mom!” 

I say, “Wow, she really knows how to kill a mood.”

 “No kidding.” said Damien.

We tried to get back in the rhythm but that was the extent of the intimacy and just had a quick, hot shower, it was fine though we still kept on skyping until we fell asleep.

Pitch black, and sweating I wake up at 2:25am and figure I need a glass of water. Go back to bed, and everything was going great until……


Sleep is setting in, falling deeper, and deeper. And finally, I am drowning in darkness. 



“Jennie! Come on Hurry Up!!”

I hear someone voice, and realize slowly its Damien’s.

“Jennie, you have your nightly run to do, don’t want to get behind Mae again.”

He always knows how to make compete with myself when Mae isn’t around.  I start putting my running gear on, and it is 9:30 and already black, the only light I have is the moon.  I start running, and just when I was about to get to the street light I hear a dog bark.

“Roof! Roof! Roof!”

I hear the dog, but I don’t see it, the sound is growing louder and louder as I run closer to the street lights. And there it was coming out of the darkness, a big black dog, leash attached, but I couldn’t see the owner. Realizing I was not there alone I looked to my left and saw a woman that looked familiar but couldn’t place her. We both turned at the same time and ran back to the house.

When I got back to my house, the woman wasn’t with me any longer. I walked inside and told Damien what had happened, he just smiled and said “It is late, your imagination runs wild, how about we go for a walk in the morning? “  I just nod.

Dawn setting in, we get dressed, and go for a walk. All of a sudden darkness sets all around us, and we see the dog again. And again I’m seeing a woman and a man that look familiar but it is definitely not Damien and I. Damien is no longer there, and were still not able to see the owner, they run towards the house, I follow, not seeing anyone following us.

Our Destination ends when we see the door is wide open, panic strikes our faces.

The woman asks “What do we do now?!”

The man’s reply “Get in the car!”

They turn towards the SUV parked in the driveway, what was once shut and locked is now unlocked and all doors are open including the trunk.  I grab the woman’s hand hoping I am helping and start randomly kicking out in front of me hoping to hit something, anything.

That’s when I do; the owner is dressed in black, with some leaves on it. Covered from head to toe, mask is still on. I keep kicking and then hear gun shots, three shots fire into the unknown’s chest, I remove his mask, he’s motionless but is still standing not even blinking. Staring at the man that shot him, I look down for a second, look up and he’s looking in my direction, not directly at me, but through me!  He was short, scrawny, but had bulky shoulders, almost like a swimmers body, brown hair, brown eyes, but here is the twist he didn’t have a pupil. That’s when I turned around and realized who the couple was.

3:22 Wake up

Cold sweat, can’t breathe, but feel like I’m boiling.

Text Mae :

Hey Mae, what are you doing right now?

Mae to Jennie:

Trying to sleep why?

Text Mae:

I need to see you , right now! 

Mae to Jennie:

Sure, because I don’t need sleep, or have to work in 2hrs….

Text Mae:

It’s important!

I see Mae, and tell her about my dream, and wonder if she knows what it means. She just looks at me like I’m one of those con psychics trying to scam you out of your money.

Mae just says “it’s a nightmare, it doesn’t mean anything.”

I tell her that I had a grim in my dream, explain what a grim is, and the meaning of a grim.

Mae, “Hahahahaha, you have way too much time on your hands, who cares if there is a black dog, that can bring death or misfortune, it’s a dream!”

I said “Fine, but if anything does happen that you don’t expect I will say I told you so!”

We parted ways back to our commitments of the day.

Thursday, august 15th, 3 days later, I get a call.

“Jennie, HELP YOU WERE RIGHT, get here quickly!!!” in a tone that’s out of breath, and panicked

I get to her house within seconds, see Mae running in the distance and chase after her. There’s no one around her.

I’m calling out her name “Mae!”  she can’t seem to hear me.

I run faster, to catch up, still calling out. I finally catch up and grab her.

She turns, screams a little, laughs and asks “What took you so long?”

I just laughed and replied “I was away for only five minutes.”

Her smile washes away, and said she saw the dog and no owner a little ways up the street, and was hoping I would help her around the house in case something happens.

I just said “Sure.”

Her boyfriend comes home shortly after we got inside, locking the SUV, and bringing in some groceries, he asks if we can go for a walk. Coincidence I think not! We go and just like the nightmare, darkness, dog, and run. This time the person is chasing after us,  Craig and Mae, are further ahead of me.

“I call out ahead, go inside don’t worry about me!”

At the same time “Like hell, we are!”

The masked character is getting closer to me, I can hear his dog panting and almost catching onto my dangling shoe lace.

I run faster and shit! I trip and fall, Mae runs back towards me and kicks the masked person in the face, helps me up and we run.

Get to the house and the door is open, we jump in and lock the door. Craig is calling the cops, then there’s a crash of falling glass hitting the floor! We run outside, he saw us go through the back door, and another thing rings true the doors of the cars are all open as we go to bolt for it!

I say screw it and start kicking at the masked figure!! And then gun shots, but it’s not from Craig, it’s from a police man, the mask come off and the man is staring at Mae, as she’s behind me again.

Last words from the masked character, as he’s coughing up blood and short of breathe adrenaline levels decreasing. “I was so close…. to having you and having my way with you…”

Craig hearing the comment, goes to kick him in the face, but gets pulled back by the police on scene.

Paramedics help the masked man, no main arteries or organs hit, but he will be in intensive care, and going to jail.

Mae turns to me and says,” That’s the last time I doubt any of your nightmares.”

I question the situation “Only one problem with this situation, the man was supposed to die. If he just gets taken away…”

Mae looks at me and asks “what is it?”

I just look confused, and say "it’s nothing.”

Panic is slowly leaving her face, and enters mine, the man won’t stop staring me, and that’s when everything goes cold, and dark.

Submitted: May 24, 2013

© Copyright 2021 TSkinkle. All rights reserved.

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