This is a true story, it happened to me

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I overdosed on drugs and was medically dead, but then God stopped it and gave me a mission.

Hello my name is John and I have a true story to tell you about something that happened to me.  One day I became tired of my life.  My wife and I continued to fight and I was fed up with all the bull so I decided to kill myself. I took a whole bunch of pills.  I passed out in the restroom. The ambulance/fire department showed up and they worked on me and rushed me to the emergency room.  I died and they were attempting to revive me at the hospital. 

The next thing I remember was that I started floating up and I could see them working on my body.  Then I thought about my family and in and instant I was there with them, they were crying and mad at me for killing myself.  I again started to float back up and I felt so good.  I felt connected to everything and I was at peace.  No longer was I in pain which I had been in for years, physical and emotional pain.  Then I had realized I had overdosed and killed myself.  In an instant I shot down to hell and I was on this ledge. 

These two demons were coming towards me; there was one on either side of the cave entrance.  I knew (I don’t know how or why) when you land on the ledge they (the demons) come to take you into the cave and into hell. I knew that I would be there forever and those two demons are going to rip my soul to shreds.  The demons were very angry and they hate people (all people). As they got close to me I saw this very bright light and heard the voice of my dad (who had already passed away).  He said something that made the demons stop dead in their tracks.  It was like a force field they could not pass but they were still trying to grab me with their hands but couldn’t.  They were growling, snorting and grunting.  Then my dad said something else to them in another language and they became even angrier (if that was possible) and my dad was standing there next to me and said “we need to talk”.

He told me that he was picked to come and talk with me.  He then told me that he and everyone else in the family were mad at me and ashamed of me.  God and Mother Mary were also mad at me.  He then told me that when you do good things it pleases God to no end but when you do bad (sin) it upsets God to no end.  The only reason that I was getting a second chance was because of all the good things I had done with helping people for free and a couple of kid’s lives I had saved.  If it was not for that I would not be leaving and I would stay there in hell forever.  Hell is a very, very painful place.  The fire is never quenched and never burns out. My dad told me I was very lucky not many people get a second chance.

He told me that I had to change my ways and I asked him which ways are you talking about and he said “you know which ways I am talking about boy”!  When he spoke like that in that tone of voice he was really upset. 

I knew what he was talking about. I had to quit drinking alcohol and quit doing drugs. I had to stop cheating with married women. Lust was taking me over.  If I was not getting drunk and stoned it would not lead to cheating with these married women. I had cheated on my wife to get back at her for cheating on me. One sin leads to the next. I needed to go to church and start praying again to get the strength and grace to change my ways. 

My dad told me that if you kill yourself you go to hell forever no exceptions.  I asked him what if you are in battle and you kill 6 of your enemies and save the seventh bullet for yourself?  He said “no exceptions you will go to hell.  It is not your life to take it is Gods life.  God is the one that gave you life and it is His to take not yours”.

My dad then told me I have to go back and tell people this story.  I asked him how?  You know I will forget it as soon as I turn around because my memory is horrible.  He told me that I would not forget this because God would not let me forget it.  He told me I am supposed to tell people wherever I go.  I asked him what am I supposed to do go up to people at a bus stop and tell them “Hi my name is John and this is my story” and then tell them the story.  He said “YES”.  I then told him they won’t listen and will think I am a nut!  He said “a lot of them will but some people will take it to heart.  The ones that laugh and don’t want to hear it are the ones that need to be prayed for”.

I was told to do this as soon as possible, as of yesterday.  There is not much time left, God is getting tired.  I tried to get out of this by telling my dad that there was someone better for this job than me.  I am a drunk and druggie; I can’t read, write or spell very well.  He told me that I am always asking God what he wants me to do for Him so I can do it and get out of this world.  He said that “this was it.  To tell this story that you can’t kill yourself or cheat with married women or you will go to hell.  The people I tell will tell other people and before it is all said and done a lot of people will be saved and the ones that laugh or don’t want to hear it we need to pray for them”.

I was sent back a few seconds before they were to stop trying to revive me.  When I got back in my body I should have started telling everyone then and there but I did not.  I only told a few people about it.  The reason I did not do as I was told was out of fear.  Fear of what people would think of me.  That they would laugh at me and think I was a nut.

The reason I am doing this now is two fold, first because I heard my Guardian Angel tell me that time was running out and I needed to pray, get back to church and do what I needed for God. The second is that I made a promise to my mother before she passed on that I would start telling people.

The bottom line is do not kill yourself and if you are having an affair stop and change your ways and ask God for forgiveness and you will be forgiven.  If you don’t change you will go to hell.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Is this for real?

Tue, April 10th, 2012 5:19pm

Stormbird Throneshaker

If this is for real, John needs to tell his story and it needs to spread.
If this is not for real, does the story teller go to hell again, for real and forever the second time around?
Ponder upon this: If Jesus wasn't who he claimed Himself to be, why did He let Himself be taken from a garden and tortured upon a cross to the death? Would you have made such claims as He did?

Thu, April 19th, 2012 1:07am

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