Dominions Genesis

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a fantasy story I wrote
It took me ~80h or more
hope you like it!

this link is to the story with additional art (I suggest to read this version)

but if you prefer just a text... it is posted below.


If you spot any mistakes in the text please write
English is not my primary language.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



this link is to the story with additional art ( I suggest to read this version)

but if you prefer just a text... here it is :

Dominions: Genesis
Written by TsuChi
You are what you are.
Some call you Elder, others Titan or Wielder.
There are also those who worship you as a god.
With the latter, however, you cannot be compared.
Your subjects know you as a Domineer.
You, the Immortal being, wielding power so great it can break through the dark veil between the Planes.
Your extraordinary powers come from the primeval energy called Mana.
You don`t care about its origin. Undoubtedly, it has existed since the very beginning of the Universe.
All that matters is Mana within your control.
Mana that flows through your veins and fills every inch of your body.
Mana that you unleash in a blink of an eye with a single thought.
Mana that lets you control the reality and minds of lesser creatures.
Mana that can bring life just as easily as it can bring death.
Mana - the power that should belong to you and only YOU !
The more Mana you wield, the more powerful you are, but pure power is not always enough.
There are countless ways of using it.
All you need is the perfect combination of its five elements woven in sophisticated patterns of your spells.
Only through knowledge and experience are you able to maintain your advantage over other Immortals.
Yes, there are others, some even more powerful than you!
They come from distant worlds and from different times, bearing powerful spells woven in patterns unknown to you.
There is, though, one thing that binds you with them – the Mana you all fight for.
In an endless pursuit of power, you have faced them in countless battles in thousands of worlds.
Your supremacy has never been stable enough, so the events over the past few millenniums have been worrying you.
Suddenly a familiar yet alarming feeling make your flesh creep, disturbing your everyday meditation.
Someone is crossing the barrier between the Planes, aiming for your Immortal Hall - the heart of your empire!
In a blink of an eye, you put up your strongest protective circle and activate defensive weaves to keep your unexpected ‘guests’ out.
Slowly you get up from your throne, tense in anticipation.
The gate has finally formed and an ominous black shadow has silently emerged from the void.
Lightning and fire violently strike upon the approaching intruder with a roaring blast, melting and burning everything on their way!
Space rippled for the duration of a single thought.
The force you unleashed is breaking easily through the outer protection circle of the enemy, charging towards your prey.
But the inner circle is different, strange and unusual. Your power has been absorbed ...?!
“No time to waste ” – you think – “the enemy’s not launched his counter-attack yet”.
Ray of Death, your most powerful spell you spent centuries on refining to perfection, is speeding towards the intruder.
Alas, the weave of your spell is tearing apart!
All the energy you put into this one killing blow has disappeared.
Dazed, you start setting up your defence,
strengthening your protective circle to the utmost limit.
Time has frozen.
Every cell in your body is awaiting the impact of the opponent’s strike. Still, not a single spell is approaching you.
The thick smoke is falling away to reveal the whole scale of the destruction.
The Immortal Hall has been shattered to its foundations, your subjects dead, incinerated and torn to pieces.
Your eyes have met.
After what seemed to be an eternity, the stranger addressed you in a low voice full of tension:
“Ruler of the Dominion El`rgoth, I am coming in peace”.
“Hmm, he wants to talk ... ?”, you think.
Meanwhile, you size him up trying to see where his protection circle is the most vulnerable, as you don’t trust him, regardless of what he’s saying.
The stranger continued, in a calm yet powerful voice: “They call me TsuChi. I am the Lord of Arthan, Elruwius, Astorica and a dozen other worlds. I come searching for allies on behalf of the Dominion that I am the head of.”
He paused awaiting your reaction.
“I am listening ...”, your voice reveals curiosity.
“As you may know”, TsuChi continued, “members of the Yu’bri dominion acquired shards of the ancient wisdom.
It is certain that they have managed to find a rift into Forgotten Worlds known only from legends, where the most powerful and rare spells came from.
Such spells can even stop destructive black magic that you used upon my arrival here”.
“That would explain my defeat then”, you think as your guest continues.
“The balance of powers has been shaken and the victory slowly leans towards the ruthless Yu’bri.
The rift is hidden, but once crossed, it leaves ripples in the fabric of worlds. Tracking the source of this disturbance will require lots of time and energy.
I’m sure you’ve done it many times. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a problem – TsuChi smiled - each of us has plenty of time. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the luxury of delay in the present situation.
We both sense it and so do thousands of other immortals. The vision of conquering our lands by them, is something that cannot be accepted.
The time has come to create a new alliance, to speak with one voice. When we reach these forgotten worlds ...”
TsuChi fell silent for a moment. He seemed preoccupied creating distant plans.
After a while he continued
“... each of us will choose our destiny. So I'll ask you only once: Will you accept our call? Will your dominion join the Gathering?”
By then you have decided and your guest knew it.
TsuChi, the legendary immortal, came to you in person to make you one of his allies.
Yes, the world has changed and it’s all up to you now. Whether you are the one who leads and rules or that one who will be forgotten or, more likely, among those who die in pain and humiliation.
"I will be there!", your voice strongly echoed through the ruins of the Immortal Hall.
The Gathering has been assembled.
Thousands of Immortals, hundreds of dominions – it is the greatest Gathering in millennia.
You see many of your current and former allies, as well as enemies, but the rules of the Gathering are clear and absolute – truce has to be honoured and no one will die ... for now.
After a long and stormy discussion it has been decided that the rift must be found, Forgotten Worlds are to be conquered along with the lesser creatures – the natives, who will obey or die.
Members of Yu’bri dominion must be hunted down and eliminated at any cost. Anything and everything must be done to restore the balance of power.
You smiles as one simple thought sparks your mind “All could be mine ... ”
The campaign to find the rift has began !
The combined power of thousands of Immortals fills your heart and body from tips to toe like a rushing stream.
The feeling of power you were wielding until now is nothing compared to the ecstasy that has overwhelmed your mind.
Time has disappeared, reality has shrunk into a insignificant point, no ... to a rope woven from sheer power, winding through the worlds, moving through them to find flaws in the fabric of the Universe. Such unsurpassed, godly power!
Suddenly it all stopped.
The feeling of emptiness, loss, anger and joy bursts painfully in your head all at once.
The unity has been broken.
The rift has been found !
With the first heart beat you knew ...
you and your dominion are on your own again, as it should always be.
Whether you face the Yu’bri, or not, one is certain - all the wonders of the Forgotten Worlds are within your reach now.
The second heart beat …
You weave a gate into the undiscovered world.
The third ...
You are there.
Others are coming …
It's time, the battle begins!
Welcome Immortal !
You know the possible future now !
I call upon you to stand up and face the ruthless and treacherous Yu’bri Dominion.
They are the real threat to all Immortals. You should know them well; vicious monsters trying to drain all mana out of us.
It must not happen!
Join the Gathering and combine your force with ours. Join the Dominion!
Remember that your choice may shape the future of everyone.
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