the propsal

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just had a thought of marraige

Submitted: February 23, 2009

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Submitted: February 23, 2009



we walk along the forest path
hand in hand
a memory that will forever last
we are at the top of a hill
looking down on the city lights
its a beautiful sight
on such a dark night
you let go of my hand
and tell me to turn around
i heard you breathe faster
like you were nervous
so then my heart started to race
and i started to get warm 
you told me to turn around
and i saw you with on knee on the ground
at that time
my heart was beating a million miles to fast
i couldnt catch it
it was way to fast
you then spoke the words

" i love you baby,
forever i stay true,
my heart belongs to you,
i'd do anything, 
to spend my life with you,
so here i kneel,
in front of you,
will you marry me,
and say I DO"
then i knew it
this was all to good
like a dream come true
but i knew what i wanted too
and that was to spend my life with you
so here i took your hand
and made my vowes right back at you
"i love you too,
how much i'd do for you,
i cant tell you how much,
i care for you,
to many words,
so much time,
but not enogh for all the words, 
that will be left unsaid,
so heres to now,
and forever hand in hand,
i'll stand beside you,
till we're buried, 
deep within the ground."

he looked at me
with wide eyed
and a smile 
so i paused to make him think
im thinking it through
he caught on quick
and quickly said
"your so perfect"
and winked at me
"my answer to you
is one word and one word only
it isnt no
and it isnt yes"
you looked ta me then
so confused
that you couldnt understand
i gave a laugh
with a big smile
"forver baby
with out deniel"
with out finishing my sentence
he grabbed me close
and didnt let go
like he was gonna lose me
after he just proposed
i laughed at him lightly
like he lost his mind
i pushed him away slightly
and told him hes mine.
that nigth was the best
and will go on forever
we made our vowes
and offically belong 
to each other
the "i do's"
were said
and the kiss lasted
it had no end
the rings in place
hand in hand
forever and ever
theres no sight of the end

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