bad companies

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the story revolves around Jay a young high school student who has a job- an assassin.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Chapter 1

Bad companies

I never wanted to be what my father was. I’m not going to give you my info, I’m not going to either my life isn’t not worth it…

“Hey Ricky!” Ray shouted.

“My name’s Jay Ricky.” Jay answered.

“Whateves.” Ray said.

Now ray considers himself as Jay’s friend, but Jay doesn’t accept friends for a reason.

Ray has his hair held back by goggles, casual clothing, white shoes, a white bracelet, and has dark brown hair.

While Jay is sort of the opposite. Jay has his hair short, casual clothing, black shoes, a black bracelet, and his hair’s white.

The field is so lush with flowers everywhere there’s: tulips, roses, daisies, daffodils, even violets. That’s just the field though, the school that were going to looks like a mansion only bigger the colors are white and blue. Being inside is like your biggest dream.

“You’re not my friend Ray.” Jay said

“Why?” Ray asked.

“I can’t have friends ‘cause of my job, also if I have friends and I have a job to do I might not be back up to a year.” Jay answered coldly.

“Oh.” Ray said.


“Hello… yeah be right over.”

“What was it Jay?” ray asked.

“Job in Conneticut.” Jay answered.

“In conneticut?, but that’s far away!” Ray exclaimed.

“I told you didn’t I?” Jay answered,

“That’s why you’re not my friend.” Jay continued coldly and left.


“Who do I have to kill now?” Jay asked regretfully.

“You have to kill a dude named Lloyd.”??? Answered.

Jay felt an icy finger down his spine.

“Y-y-you mean Lloyd stark?” Jay asked.

“Yes Lloyd stark the one who nearly killed me that asshole.” ??? answered.

“Wait doesn’t he own a company?” Jay asked.

“Yeah stark industries.” ??? answered.

“They make self-piloting robots, don’t they?” Jay asked.

“Yes, also remember who you’re working for.”??? Answered.

“Yeah Ricky enterprises.” Jay answered.

“Yes now go kill him.”??? Said.

“This was my father’s job until he disappeared.” Jay answered.

“Well this was your father’s idea.”??? Reminded Jay.

“Well I didn’t want to be an assassin!” Jay shot back.

“Easy Jay easy.”??? Tried to calm him down.


The leaves were screaming underneath our feet, the wind was screaming “death!” and the cold brisk air was gnawing through our sweaters.

“damn it’s cold out tonight.” Jay said while wrapping his arms around himself.“Yeah it is.”??? Said.

“there he is go kill him!”??? exclaimed.

“Got it.” Jay answered.

As JAY approached him he noticed lloyd was a … girl!?

“Whoa ??? lloyd is actually a girl.” Jay said through walkie-talkies.

“What!? I thought lloyd was a boy!”??? exclaimed .

“Who are you?” Jay asked.

“My name is Kathy stark.” Kathy answered.

“oh I thought you were someone else.” Jay answered embarrassed.

“By the way I’m the only daughter of the “stark” family I got adopted by them.” Kathy answered Jay.

“I’m looking for lloyd stark.” Jay asked Kathy.

“Oh that clumsy one he’s home by now .” Kathy answered sophisticatedly.

“Thank you kathy.” With that Jay left but little did Karen know of Jay’s speed he is more faster than the average human or vampire, he placed a chip on Kathy’s dress.

“how’d it go?”??? asked.

“Not so great but I did put a chip on her dress.” Jay answered.

“Now don’t go putting chips on little ladies’ dresses.”??? Said with a little sarcasm in his voice.

“Oh, ha, ha very funny.” Jay said with sarcasm.


“Finally our destination.” Jay sighed with fatigue.

“Yeah no kidding.”??? Said with a sigh of relief.

“Now go jump to the window.”??? Said to Jay.

“Me why me?” Jay asked.

“Because you are like a e’ffin super human for crying out loud!”??? exclaimed.

“Okay.” Said Jay.

He took one big leap from the ground to the window.

“I’m at the top!” Jay shouted out to ???

“Okay, now go assassinate him.”??? Ordered.

”Huh?,whoa!” Jay exclaimed with surprise as someone attacked him with a blade and stabbed his hand.

“ arggggghhhhhh!” Jay growled with pain as he fell and caught the ledge in time.

“you O.K.?”??? asked.

“Does it look like I’m O.K.?” Jay growled.

The blood was crawling down my hand to my shirt. The night was a black hole , I jumped down. I saw a car, the car was so big it was a beast. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. I saw my breath in the cold brisk air. I was shivering because I forgot my sweater at HQ.

“ damn forgot my sweater and it’s like -9999 degrees out.” Jay said.

“come on it isn’t that cold out.”??? said.

“ You’re wearing a f***ing sweater!” Jay cursed.

“What are we going to do?”??? asked.

“Idk.” Jay answered.

My stomach jumped around in my guts.

“I feel sick to my stomach.” Jay said queasily.

“Why?”??? asked.

“I’m going to kill an innocent bystander!” Jay exclaimed because he never liked hurting or killing anyone especially girls.

“Huh, look there!”??? exclaimed.

“No way!” Jay also exclaimed.

There was a man –in his twenties or thirties holding a hostage, the hostage was a beautiful girl about Jay’s age. Jay ran and was there in a matter of seconds.

“Put her down!” Jay shouted angrily.

“Why should I?” the man said.

“Because I’m already holding her in my arms.” Jay said with a smirk.

“Wh- what the hell!?” the man questioned.

With the quickest movement Jay sliced his head off without a movement.

“And he’s dead, by the way are you okay?” jay asked the girl.

“Y-yes.” The girl started sobbing on Jay’s chest.

“I-I was so scared.” The girl said between sobs.

“What’s your name?” Jay asked the beautiful girl.

“selena darkness .” selena said to Jay.

“Can I give you a nickname?” Jay asked selena.

“Sure.” Selena said.

“How about drill?” Jay asked.

“That’s not an acception!” Selena screamed at Jay.

“Yes it is” Jay said.

“Well fine.” Selena blushed.

“You sure you’re fine cause I got to go.” Jay said to selena.

“I’ll be fine.” Selena answered.

“’Kay see ya.” Jay said and he vanished into the night.

Back at HQ..

“Can you tell me you’re real name?” Jay asked ???

“O.K. my name is Jack over there is death.” Jack answered.

“OH he has a name too?” Jay asked

“Yeah but he doesn’t like to talk about it.”

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