The darkness grows

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My first try at writing hope to get better with every part

In part one we meet a young man called dante who suddenly dissapears to a planet where he meets a young girl called azumi. Growing in physical and mental strength they both need to figure out where they are and who brought them there

Submitted: November 14, 2014

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Submitted: November 14, 2014




My first try at writing, still a learning progress 





Part 1: 

It was a cold night with a mist that would blind you. There he was still walking. "Why is the rum gone!" He said, impersonating a movie character before trowing an empty bottle away. And that's when he noticed! "But wait" he said, "I don't know this place" He saw a path leading to a dining table surrounded by trees. He looked back and wiped his eyes for a clear view "I don't believe it!" Even though he was sure he was walking through the city all he saw were more trees. Confused he laughed and took out his phone to navigate. But there was no connection. 3:00 the time was on the dot. He walks to the table takes a seat and starts backtracking. "After I finished work I bought a bottle of rum. Listened to music, smoked my weed and started to drink. I took the same path I take everyday." After a few minutes he realized, he could feel a sharp vibration throughout his body from shock. About a minute before he found out he was lost he met this girl who asked for directions. He remembered 

20 minutes prior:

"Excuse me!" A young girl shouts
"Excuse me!" Listening to his music he barely hears it but turns around out curiosity. Before he can take off his headphones she frantically asks. "Did you see my sister, we were just walking here and I looked away for a second" "I haven't seen anyone since the station" He replies. Before he can finish she says "ok I'm sorry to bother you" takes a glance at his hands holding a paper bag containing a bottle and runs off "wait I can call the cops"  he shouts but his words falls on deaf ears. Feeling somewhat guilty he walks off taking one look back not even seeing the girl. As he continues to walk a car passing by almost blinds him. He finished the bottle of rum and says, "Why is the rum gone!!


Back in the woods

"WHERE AM I!" He shouts somewhat angry but mostly curious, yes especially curious. From a young age fear has never been much of a factor. Just another obstacle to overcome. He lets himself fall on the table to think about his options, but that doesn't last long. Before he can plan his first step he hears screams. " Stay away" a girl screams. He jumps up and runs towards the screams, trying to make his steps as light as possible. But before he gets there he hears screams but this time not female and more then one. He arrives to see a girl that resembles the one from his previous meeting that night, just slightly older. "Are you ok?" he asks carefully with his hands up
Drawing her sword she turns to him  ready to attack she replies "Stay away from me" " Hey I'm not your enemy I," He stops and looks at the girls feet, 5 dead bloody bodies surrounding them. "Hey you" the girl says, "Talk! Who are you!" Still drawing the sword. "I just got here" He replies. " One minute I'm just walking in my neighborhood and the next I'm here" before he can go further she says " A flash! Did you see a flash" remembering he came to the same conclusion he says " Yes, that car it almost blinded me and then," " that was no car" she interrupts " I don't know what it was but it got me and my sister " shockingly he says " I saw a girl who resembles you that was looking for her sister just before the flash" " What do you mean just before the flash, that would mean" ". I think so " he replies with a little smile "  
Last I saw her she was heading towards the station" With a small amount of doubt she lowers her sword " where did you learn that? " he asks, " I don't know" she replies, " I was cornered and I just" seeing that she has had a hard time he tells her it doesn't matter. " I'm Dante by the way" 
Before she can answer from high in the trees a hooded person jumps down with the sword pointing towards the girl, He looks up and it almost feels as if time slows down. He was never a bad person but never trusted people to wanting to help them. But here, in the middle of the woods with dawn almost breaking he knew. He knew that he would have to reach out, In one motion he kicks one knife from one of the blooded figures on the ground so that it get in between the hooded figure and the girl. And in an instant he reappears where the knife is, grabbing it and pushing right through the skull of the attacker. The girl already with her sword in a position that would have dealt with the attacker puts it away. As she walks towards him it reminds her of her first confrontation in the woods. "I have never killed before" he says kneeling over the body " Is this what you meant? It just happens" talking about his recent ability. Yes she replies, And I know it's hard but we have no, "I,ll be fine!. " He says while he stands up and looks at her " I just don't want to harm anyone that got here the same way as us" I need to get to those who are watching this " he says while clenching his fists. She looks at him and notices the same determination she has, "Dante was it?" Well my friends call me Azumi"


It has been a few hours since they had their fight, walking non stop they see an opening out of the woods. "Finally" Dante says a bit relieved. Azumi seeming a bit lost in thought. Before them lies a field. An endless field. "Ofcourse" Dante remarks, seeing he was never the man to be considered lucky. "Well at least the sun is up"  Dante says while looking up. A nervous smile appears on Dante's face. Azumi still lost in thought decides to tell Dante them. " Are you hungry? Or Tired?" She asks. Dante still looking up replies. "No not yet"
"Well shouldn't we be? It's been hours since we walked and I didn't eat for a few hours before.." Curious to why Dante is still looking up she realizes" It seems that isn't our only problem" Dante says. "I guess that trows the notion of being in hell out" Azumi adds. "Yeah, unless hell is part of a solar system" Dante replies " While they look up right next to the sun a giant planet barely visible because of the suns rays. "So what is this place, who took us here, what do they want" Dante says to himself "What if nobody brought us here?" Azumi asks "what if it was a natural thing?" With a smirk dante adds "right, because people just dissapear all the.." Dante stops suddenly, Remember the countless articles he had read about people missing under misterious circumstances. "Well, I was just trying to help" Azumi remarks a bit annoyed. "No you're right" Dante replies with the smirk completely gone. "right now we don't have any facts, and without them we have keep all options open. Azumi trying not to smile replies " exactly!" 
Azumi had never been the girl to trust others. Why should she? Except for her little sister everyone that she ever cared for either abandoned her, were dead or, lost. 

15 years ago
"Mom! Mom!" A little girl cries out, no response 
"Mommy please!" She cries out again with yet again no response 
12 years of age now Azumi was just walking home with her mother after a night of dance class. The same path they always  take and the same time, 6 pm on a Saturday evening. Yet this even was darker the usual. The streets surrounded by mist. And it seemed she looked away for just a second and gone! Gone her mother was! Frantically she keeps looking for hours until she decides to go home where she is greeted with a terrified father " Where were you? He yells out as soon as she turns her key" "You two almost made me call the cops. "You two?" Azumi thinks unable to hold it in she starts crying "I lost mom" I lost mom" "What do you mean? What happened" her father asks fearing the worst..

"Hey!" "Hey!" Dante says raising his voice, "Are you ok?" Back to reality Azumi shakes the question off and replies " We need a plan yea? Well let's start planning" "ok Bosslady" Dante replies with his hand up making an ok sign finally making Azumi crack a smile

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