The Three Faults of Us

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It is about the common things that we all have that is wrong with us and society and how we all work together against it.

Submitted: November 03, 2009

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Submitted: November 03, 2009



Are we not all beautiful? Do we not all have a feature of us that makes us shine? Well, if not, then I have been seeing angels amongst the people. Although their wings are still left to be seen, they must be angels, for society takes them as “ugly” and truly, I see the greatest of beauty in them. We judge much too often, actually, I watch society and I see how judgment rules most people’s lives; how they cannot refrain from narrowing the gateways of their minds, and when they do such things, they close the gates of their hearts. Their soul diminishes and this shining light that powers our selves shrinks from that of the sun to that of a candle. It is corruption due to ignorance and influence, powered by the demons of society, people whose spirits were perverted long before. I’ve sat above the rest and looked from a higher point of view for just moments and saw how society is fueled by the disgusting disease of judgment. Children are not like this, children see the world for the way it connects, the way it flows together, for similarities are seen, but differences are taught. It is because of the standard that has trickled down through the generations, this horrid capacity to shun. We grow and see all these changes in people, but perhaps it is not the changes in them but a change in us, our eyes do not lie but we may lie to ourselves. It is these lies that bring these judgments forth, I feel pain for these people, because of their “difference”; they are shunned for something that is common of all of us, differences.
Blood, sweat, and tears; entities attributed to what is given for our nation, for what has coated the land we stand on, the spirits given for our world, but out of what? The greatest amounts of these three were taken, not given; blood is red for a reason and that reason is to see. It is for the drawer of such blood to see plainly what he has done, and for him to regret. Though, in the aftermath, our emotions alter to a different state and each state is a separate individual, but before, when we sit on the state that drives us to hate and insanity, we become distorted and our hearts and souls become tied with many strings and are pulled in every which direction by this vile black figure of our selves that have hidden in the corners of our consciousness, but it is the voices we hear, the soft impulses we feel that we must act on in such a time, because this time is war. It is the civil war within each of us, where the horrid dark entity over powers the other parts of us. We are like clay, malleable and ever amending our views and beliefs, but always beautiful and natural, until we are crushed, pushed to a point in which we are forced to step on a state of emotion that cripples our clay forms into arthritic, dark figures; that state bringing forth the individual of hatred is anger. Anger is the Satan within the man. Anger is the fuel of hatred. Anger is the enemy of us, but yet, it has become part of our culture; we have grown scandalous, spiteful, and simply mad. Anger damages all around it and makes revival harder and harder to achieve the more we allow the sick, black serpent to consume us.
Let a man sit on a hill, point out to the people below and say to him, “They all will bend to your Will, you are their almighty master.” Now watch as he consumes himself. Such a story is true and has been reenacted throughout history; people have driven themselves to insanity with power. In this story, a man is given power over people, but what man has such a power? And, if there is such a man, who has given him this gift? Because even God cannot control the right of individuals, because God made it so; this right is that of free will, and though freedom does not truly exist in the forms it is said to, it does in the form of will, because it was made to. Only through the cause of power can the effect of abuse be created. If a person believes they have power over another, they may fall into abusing their imaginary power and hurting that individual as if they were an animal. But what is humorous about a human’s abuse of power is that it is unnatural; now you must speak truly, have you ever heard of a lead wolf in a pack attacking another wolf that did not pose a threat to the pack’s survival? I have not and I believe it is because perversion is unnatural, and abuse is synthetic. We have knowledge of how influential power can be, proving ignorance is harmony.
Within the best of circumstances, these faults are not as vivacious as mentioned, but are still very much alive in their dens and caves of the human structure, waiting for breaking point in which they provide quick strength and excitement. But usually the darkest rooms are hidden behind the most compelling doors, and as we step into the unknown darkness, the evils that we have overlooked suddenly consume us. Though we are in the belly of the beast, we mustn’t give up, for the greatest of all strengths comes from the power we have within us, the power that will never corrupt, and the state of courage and trust and of love and compassion, and when we dependent on our differences to unite us and fight against these monsters. This is why the three faults are of us, because when fighting such things, we are never alone.

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