Pixel life

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The name of my book is Pixel life. This is because, the world was being completely polluted, so everyone in the wotld was put into a giant virtual reality box to be saved.

I was inspired by a game called ' Realm Of The Mad God.'

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



The florescent pink sky shone through Cara's window. The unique memories were still in her mind, even though it was 2 long years ago. The people of tutorial gleamed a bright green as they gained XP. Some flashed gold, as they instantly leveled up. It had taken Cara a painfully long time to get to level 23. She was only 11 years old. A discontent earthquake diverge the ground open, revealing a tenebrous interior of a castle. She watched blankly as the people jumped in, with excitement in their eyes, that one could only see if they observed closely. “ The Oryx’s castle.” She sighed weakly. Her phone rang so she picked it up. It was her best friend. “ Oryx’s castle’s open!” She shouted down the line

" Yeah.. I know. What do you think I am? Blind? Cara shot back, a little too harsh.

" Well .... no..." Tia trailed off. " Well, I'm going. Take it your not?"

" No." She uttered.

" Oh.. right. Well bye then." Tia chirruped. Cara didn't even bother to react, she just slammed down the phone. She felt rather groggy, far worse than normal.

After a while of staring hopelessly out of the window, Cara spotted something new. A wild rhino shot like a bullet down the black ( and now desolate.) street, the only light source, being the light glimmer of the pixelized moon, and the yellow street lights. She searched the dimly light street, to find any occupants. None. Cara sighed, and reached under her bed. She felt around curiously. Then her hand hit something. That was what she was looking for. Cara's hand followed the long, box. it wasn't any old box, no. It was a faux crocodile box, but what it had inside it, was more precious. She slid the box out, and prized open the lid. " Hello precious." She laughed quietly to herself..

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