no ordinary boy

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a tale of teenage love and ambitions.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




No one wants to be ordinary

Chapter 1

Luke Smith never stood out to anyone, to be honest if he didn't have his name on a piece of paper no one would even know he was there. At school he didn't stand out or had any affiliations, he wasn't a jock even though he loved football, he was always the last to be picked his skills were never good enough anyway. Some people thought he was a nerd so he played to their expectations it worked well for a while he was around people who thought about things that interested him but found them disillusioned with trying only to make themselves a name in society with careers in industry where no lame man on the street would know there names.

At home he felt he was going no where or at the very least no on understood him. he loved his family but they were happy with just working nine to five jobs, watching telly and going on holiday once a year. It was lukes idea to go to college in London and move one hundred miles away from his home in Cornwall. The reason was to go away learn something worthwhile and try to find himself. As anyone whose ever been to London knows it can be confusing at time especially for a lad from the coast. The tube can be an experience in itself more crowed than a can of sardines. But here he was ready to start another chapter of his life, after dragging his belonging he finally arrived at the entrance of the south gold London college. As he surveyed the campus he felt nervous but intrigued over what laid a head.

The next morning he aroused from bed dragging his feet and started to prepare his self for induction on to his course. moving into the kitchen of his shared accommodation that he shared with three other students. He saw a guy with only his boxes on, oh sorry about my appearance he told Luke. It’s just I feel only at home when I walk around in my boxes. He them proceeded to talk a little about his self he was called Steve and was there to study for a music certificate cause he loved music so much. Although they did not have much in common Steve said he would take Luke under his belt a total mismatch but then again this was what he was here fore. Steve them showed him around the flat and introduced the house mates there was a Chinese guy very quite but polite even though they didn't understand a word he said. Next Luke was introduced to the hot Danish girl who had long blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes, she was very friendly. Last but not lest he met his next door neighbour Tina who looked liked a real tom boy but was very polite and friendly.

Chapter 2

Inductions are all the same very boring affairs you get told things that you would never use but this is the way the system is run. Luke was just eager to get down to business, he was never very patient one of his downsides but no body’s perfect. with the boring stuff over and done Luke went outside for some fresh air and started to look around him at the people. The transition from school to college was noticeable the social groups were defined you had your Goths all in black no fashion sense at all. The emos who could not decide between being a Goth all just likening rock music, the chavs who you thought they must have being dressed by their mums, the arrogant jocks too much tertestrome and then the ordinary folk like Luke.

Just them something caught lukes eye he felt breathless and his heart started to pound walking across the field her long blonde hair trailing behind her. With dazzling blue eyes and a hour glass figure was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Luke was broken from his daze by a tap on the shoulder. he turned around and was greeted by his flat mate Tina. I see your noticed Penny our own little miss world she said, why do you know her Luke asked. yeath I went to the same school as her, every other boy at my school had a crush on her, she’s high maintained you have to be popular to stand a chance of getting with her. Tina asked Luke if he wanted to walk back with her to their flat.

Arriving home both of them entered the sitting room where Steve was playing on the games console, he invited both of them to join him in a game of football which they played until late that night not uncommon for students. the next week went by in a flash and the weekend came around this is where the action begins.

It was the fresher’s disco and Luke and Steve had decided to go they met up with some of steves friends who he was in a band with, they were nice in a strange sort of way. It was a chance for Luke to test out his game he had never had a relationship and thought it would be the time to start after all he didn't want to be a virgin for the rest of his life. There were many girls there all very pretty but none that stood out. He asked a few girls to dance and enjoyed dancing he was quite good at it, but that’s all it was dancing. Then at about ten she walked in the angel he had seen a few days earlier, she strutted right pass Luke without a second glance. She then started dancing with a few of the hot guys. By this time Luke had had enough and set off for home. It was a cold night that he could see his breath as he walked hands in his pocked he looked up at the stars and wondered if he was meant to walk the path along.

Arriving home he reached for his door keys but found he didn’t have them, he them remembered he left them in his room. It was cold and he didn't want to wait outside so he buzzed the intercom to see if any one was there to let him in. To his relief Tina was in and let him in he explained to her how he had locked his self out, she giggled them invited him back to her room for a hot chocolate to wait till someone came to let him in. Her room was quite different from a normal girls room filled with sports gear idealistic posters and a bit of a mess. Tina made the hot chocolate then began asking about how his night had been he said he had left early because he saw penny and hadn’t felt in the mood. She then talked about her life and they talked until he fell sleep in tinas room and awoke the next morning in her bed lying next to Tina. Still a little confused he got out of the bed and disturbed Tina from her sleep. she said he had fallen asleep and she didn’t want to disturbed him so let him sleep in her room. The guard had brought another key for Luke and left it with Tina. Luke picked up the key and said thank you to Tina and that he would see her later.

It was the weekend and usually when most students would lay in but not Luke at the start of college he had not had a routine but now that he had settled in. He used the weekend to up his fitness spending three gruelling hours Saturday and Sunday going to the gym or long distance running. He had never liked being fat as a child and his appearance was everything to him. It was during exercising that he felt relaxed and was able to complement ideas and find himself.

Chapter 3

Luke and Steve had become quite good friends they had only known each other for a few days, they were the regular odd couple. Steve was the free loving rocker while Luke was the thinker an idea man. After Luke had finished his workout he returned to the flat to hear Steve and his mates practicing their instruments. They were amazing at playing their instruments but not the best of vocalists he thought to himself.

Steve shouted for Luke” come and chill with us mate”. So Steve went and relaxed with his new mates. He was enjoying the atmosphere and even had a go on steves guitar struing notes very badly but all for fun. Then Steve suggested Luke have a go at singing while they played. Luke was a bit reluctant, he had always been a bit shy but being edged on from the people surrounding him. He got up the courage to go over to the mic and they started jamming singing a song by REN he was amazing and sang with so much harmony. Although he didn’t think so but Steve told him” you have a great voice you should have been in a band” “not really my cup of tea but it was fun”

The rest of the guys started to head off as Luke got ready to start preparing for the rest of the term. It was like most other terms work hard during the week and party hard at the weekend. Luke was having a great experience and his best friends became his flatmates Steve and Tina. He spent Christmas with his family it was quite a Christmas a white Christmas in fact if it was ever a clique. It snowed so hard that people made large snowmen and sled on bin lids. Even Christmas went off without too much stress Luke being constancy hugged my his grandmas. It reminded him that he had a loving family, his new year vow was to make something of his life.

It was January not only was it freezing cold but it was the January exams and Luke wanted to past first time so began studying hard. One afternoon while studying for his English literature exam at the local café he was disturbed by a tap on his shoulder he looked over his shoulder there standing was Tina. There was a moment of silence then Tina asked if she could join him in studying together. Luke thought nothing of it after all they were in the same class and having someone to test his abilities with could only be of mutual advantage. So he pulled out a chair for her. She was quite idealistic and cheeky but it helped her to remember. Tina then asked Luke why he had chosen English literature to do at college. He frowned and then said “ I supposed the art of communication and having influence over what some one thinks because people may come and go but storeys will last forever. She grinned and said “ I thought it was because it was the easiest of the language subjects”. Then they both bust out laughing, other people in the café must have thought what fools. They studied together for a further hour before they decided to head home. It was very windy outside and a real chill was in the air they walked as fast as they could their breathing highlighted by the cold . Finally they reached home where Steve appeared he asked both of them if they wanted to come to his bands performance at the local bar tomorrow night. They agreed they would go to give Steve some moral support, Steve then headed off to his room. Leaving Luke and Tina standing in the hall way, Well then goodnight Tina said Luke “Would you like to do something one day, maybe go bowling” asked Tina. “sure that would be great” replied Luke. ”OK then good night” replied Tina. Both of them went to their rooms.

It was the next day and Luke and Tina had decided to walk to the pub together, they entered the pub and saw Steve. he came over “glad you guys could make I hope you enjoy it”, he then headed back to the stage. Luke and Tina then took a seat and ordered a few drinks for themselves. Steve then came running over to their table and explained their lead singer couldn’t make it and they needed someone to sing for them he turned and faced Luke and asked” Would you do, you have not got a bad voice”. Luke was hesitate but Tina then said” Go on even if you sing badly I still clap at the end for you”. Luke accepted and headed for the stage, he didn’t know many of the bands songs so they decided to improvise. The band would play a melody and he would sing what ever came to his head. He was quite nervous although there were only about fifty people in the audience. He looked into the audience and saw Tina smiling at him, the band started to play then the lyrics came out of no where he was singing with such intensity about finding love. He finished the song and a loud round of applause came from the audience. The nerves had gone so he continue with a fifty minute set singing songs by other bands as well as some he made up.

It was finally over and Luke felt quite happy the audience enjoyed it and Steve thank him.

They were packing up the equipment when a tall dark stranger approached, his face covered by shades wearing what looked like a very expensive suite. He spoke “Hi nice gig you guys played”, “well thank you replied Steve. He turned to Luke “ you were quite a performer, a real natural”. “yeath it was actually my first performance”, replied Luke. “ I represent star records and I want to offer you lads a contract.” spoke the guy they would later get to know was called Sean. The band were quite stun, Steve looked as though he had opened a birthday present and couldn’t believe what he got. Luke was the most surprised of them all, he always thought his calling was to be lawyer or a bank manager. But here was a man offering him a chance to be some body, he couldn’t turn this down could he?

Of course not he shook the mans hand very variously. They agreed to meet up the next day to sign the paper work. Luke ran over to Tina “can you believe it where going to be stars”. “congratulations I hope it works out”, said Tina. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek, Their friendship had really bloomed over the past few days being able to confine in each other. The guys were so happy they celebrated late into the night, even when Steve got home he couldn’t sleep he was thinking about how is life could change. How he would no longer be a static but a someone, he knew how if you were famous people paid attention to what you thought and sometime you were able to make a difference to other peoples lives.

The deal moved at racing speed the next day they singed their contracts, saw the studios where they would record and told their family and friends of the success. It wasn’t too long before the gossip had spread around the college they were feature in the college photo and everybody wanted to be there friends. Then it finally happened Luke was chilled on the football field with Steve and Tina when penny Allen walked up to Luke she was so beautiful that she seemed to make time stand still. she asked Luke if he fancied going on a date cause she found him cute. Luke wondered if it was that he was now in a band and could be famous very soon, that he was classy enough to go out with. He still had not had a girlfriend yet and wanted to find out how it was. So he accepted and exchanged number and made a date for three day later at a restaurant in town. She then walked of, Luke wondered if life was actually this simple, girls were throwing themselves at him. What next was everything going to be made out of chocolate, if only he pondered at least dentists would still have a job. Time just flew by it was just a couple hours before his date with penny, Luke had never been on a date before so didn’t know what to do or expect. So he went and called in on Tina. She was quite surprised that Luke had never had a date and had to have a fit of the giggles. After she had controlled herself, she sat down on her single bed with its blue duvet. “What a girl wants is to be special and surprised, so a date with a difference really makes a good impression.” said Tina. “Are there any do and don’ts while on a date” inquired Luke.

Yeah said Tina “complement her but not like you just want her for her body, be a bit cheeky and always let her make the first move.”

“ thank you tine “ said Luke “good luck” replied Tina.

Chapter 4

Penny might have been wondering why Luke had told her to meet him in London’s central park. She wouldn’t have to wait too long to find out the answer because moving towards her was Luke on pink rollerblades roller propelling towards her. His appearance was quite jenna say quar for Luke he was wearing a black leather coat and black quire jeans. He stopped about 30 centimetres away from penny. “you look beautiful today, I thought we could roller state together then have a picnic I prepared.” “ok its certainly difference I guess its good to learn a new skill” replied penny. She was looking pretty she was wearing a pink top and a knee high skirt as her hair fluted in the wind.

They sat on a nearby bench as penny put on the rollerblades Luke had brought for her. They set off around the park Luke roller staking was alright of course he was a natural at most things, while penny had to be helped off the floor by Luke a lot but she laughed. Luke was having a good time with penny more fun than he imagined. After patching up burse knee caps and bundles of embarrassments. They sat down for the picnic Luke had spent hours preparing, he was a great cook he had been quite an independent person since he was a child. Penny was enjoying the feasts Luke had prepared and they began to talk about things they liked and did. Luke found out that penny was quite a girly person liked make up, gossiping, dancing and that she Wanted to be a model.

The date was over so Luke walked penny back home as they arrives outside the door penny leaned in for a kiss and Luke embraced her lips. It was as if time had stop Luke felt like he had butterflies in his stomach. The kissed ended and penny said goodnight proceeding inside, Luke started walking back and just had to do a little celebration dance after all he had just had his first kiss.

In the weeks a head Luke scheduled became quite busy not only was he going to college during the day, in the night he Steve and the rest of the band was having to go to the recording studios to lay down their tracks. He was also continuing his relationship with penny, he was barley able to get six hours of sleep a night. But it was all worth it ten weeks after first being signed they were about to release their first single and do their first live performance on TV. Luke was nervous that’s why he brought Tina along for support as they sang their song, after they had finished the crowd began to cheer. That was when Luke knew he was a star long before their single went into the chart at number ten then the next week it became number one and stayed there for three weeks.

The media started to circle like the vultures they are, he could not go anywhere without people either wanting autographs, take pictures or asked what his inspiration was. The only time he got any time for himself was when he would meet up with Tina to catch up or do something like go bowling. He felt comfortable when he was hanging out with her, she treated him like a normal person and gave him a reality check every now and again.

One day Luke was really ill he had the flu but his record company still wanted him to go and do about twelve interviews, his girlfriend penny wanted him to watch her performance on the London catwalk a gig she got dribbling off the fame from him. Had it not been for Tina who he rang almost everyday coming over to the new flat he moved to, telling everyone to leave him alone so he could get better he may have collapsed. For the three days that he was stuck in bed, she medicated him, made him soup and made sure he was alright. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him in his life. So a few days after he was better he had gone and brought a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates and took it to Tina flat to say thank you. He knocked on Tina door, she opened it and let him in, he thanked her, gave her the gifts and told her he didn’t know what he would have done without her. She invited him to have a glass of wine with her, she went to the kitchen got a bottle out of the fridge and poured two glasses. They sat down on the couch and took a sip of wine then began to remains about how they had met. Time began to fly by they got through two bottles of wine, it could have been the wine, the music or something else. But before they could stop it their lips touched in a passionate embrace, Luke felt something wonderful come over him. That when his brain took over and he pulled out, he had a brilliant mind that sometimes made his life difficult. His integrity for being honest and loyal, penny was still his girlfriend and he didn’t want to hurt his friendship with Tina. He told Tina that he valued their friendship a lot and didn’t want to ruin it or hurt anyone else. She said she understood and that she would always be there for him if he needed anything. Luke left and headed home.

There it was forty thousand people in a muddy field pelting down with rain hanging on his every word. It was a strange yet sensational feeling knowing they had travelled hundreds of miles just to see him perform. What an adrenalin rush so he went on stage and gave them what he wanted, he never wanted to disappoint anyone. Back in the tour bus Luke set slumped in the comer his mind wondering. It had been three years since his rise to fame, he had finished college, written three platinum selling albums, toured the world had a hit single in over twenty five countries. Yet his life was empty he felt so alone no one to share his fears, dreams and desires with. Penny was still officially his girlfriend but she had established herself as a model from his contacts, they hardly saw each other. They had grown apart they were only together because of who they were not what they felt.

Steve saw Luke looking glum so went over set down next to Luke and asked what was wrong. He told Steve his problems and told him the only time he felt totally alive was the time he spent with Tina. She had since moved to New Zealand to become a PE teacher and he had not seen her for two years. Steve said why don’t you follow your heart and tell her, I couldn’t replied Luke were on tour I think management would notice if I left on an eighteen hour flight. Don’t worry I will cover for you when we first met I told you I would look out for you so go before you make everyone depressed. Luke hugged his mate and set off, there was something he had to do before catching his flight. He went home and gently broke her with penny she took it quite well, he headed to the airport.

There he was on a eighteen hour flight set in second class that was the only tickets they had left. It reminded him of when he was a nobody quite relaxing if he thought so back to his roots. There was plenty of time to think about what he wanted to say what he wanted to do, he didn’t even know if she was still available maybe she met someone. Maybe it was a waste of time, he would give it a go and just wing it.

After what had seen like an eternity there he was he had been told that she was playing hockey at her local team club. He took a deep breath and walked onto the green pitch the referee blew her whistle, Tina turned around and saw Luke. She was as beautiful as the first day they set eyes on each other, her long black hair and her deep blue eyes. He walked towards her the stopped, Tina asked what he was doing here, that’s when he told her his feeling. He said the first time they had kissed he knew he love her but was scared that having someone as wonderful as her, it would break his heart if anything happen to her. But not having her around everyday to share in his life made him feel that she was the only thing missing in his life. She said she loved him and they embraced with a kiss this time it felt right. They lived happily ever after together in love.

Written By Angelo Keeton Moyce

© Angelo Keeton Moyce 2010


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