Love of a Queen

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A continuation to my short story "A Peasant and a Queen". Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



My heart was heavy in my chest, and it beat slow. I closed my eyes and let tears flow, the rain hid my sorrow from the eyes of others. Looking around I saw others, other graves. All with flowers resting before the stone markers. Then I looked before me, a small shallow resting place. No bright blossoms decorating this final home. I sighed and wiped my eyes of tears, for years I had held his hand as others looked upon us condescendingly. He did not falter, his love stayed true to the end. If he did not convey his love that day, what would have become of me?

I look up in the sky, and listen. The rain gave a soothing cadence to my aching heart. Thunder struck and took me from my body, I saw his face in the light. He was now wealthy with my love, if I could only tell him once more how much he changed my life. How from that moment he did cross my mind time and time again. Even now I could not leave this solemn ground without taking thoughts of him with me. I found myself talking to him, unsure if he could hear or not. “I remember that day you came to me. The image of you kneeling before me, announcing your love. How you complimented every aspect of my being.” I tried to hold back the tears as I hoped he could hear me. “Now I stand here proclaiming my love in your court.” I knelt before his grave, the wet grass cold against my knees. “Since you have gone I cannot remove you from my thoughts, your bravery, your undying honesty and love. I see shadows that I believe to belong to you. Are you stilling watching me?” I looked down onto the dirt in which he lay. I close my eyes and listen.

“If I could just hear your light hearted voice again. Even just once. And after all these years you were right. True love. You said my eyes were vivid, my hair dark. Now they are sullen without you, my hair gray with age.” I sighed. “Listen to me, rambling about our love.” I looked around, through the empty grave yard. The rain left a somber haze on the horizon. I lifted myself off the wet ground and continued to look down on his grave. He never changed in all his years, I can’t say I’m not surprised. Even though he had married a Queen, he remained a peasant to the end. Others may not understand why I gave him the first chance, maybe it was fate, maybe I was bored. But there was something different about him, something I knew felt right. Or maybe, I was just a Queen, before a peasant. In love.

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