Silence Stolen

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When radiation strikes, they strike back. With no words, but all the regret.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Wind curled ash and sand in its cool grasp as men in guise marched through the streets. Their masks -protecting them from the harsh world- made sharp hissing noises accompanied by heavy breathing. Their steps loud as they walked through the abandoned city, condemned by those who once dwelled there. Heavy armor shielded their flesh from radiation, but not from the heat as sweat beaded down their necks.

The chilling sound of moaning echoed through the city, carried by the brisk wind. The soldiers raised their weapons, metal scratching metal, thick as they cocked their guns.

Motionless bodies lay on the ground, face down in the dirt. The men carelessly kicked over the silent checking if they were still alive. The ones that showed sign of life, were shot. One quick bullet to the head and the problem of life was solved. The sound of gunfire pierced the silence, breaking the veil of calm that was instilled in this broken city. The soldiers slowly distilled the presence of life, with broken hearts they turned off their conscience, hiding the truth of silence stolen.

© Copyright 2019 Tucker Haase. All rights reserved.

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