The Amaranthine Anxiety

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This Novella is a tale of true horror. An unimaginable object has resurfaced in the world of Kardiá. It quickly moves from owner to owner, killing all who posses it. No one knows the truth of the items power or where it comes from. But they soon discover the curse of its power and the beasts it calls forth.

Table of Contents

To Doro

Elias Barker is tasked with excavating an ancient ruin of the "First Ones" The first people to roam Kardia. But this medieval excavation takes a turn for the worse. Read Chapter

A Soldier's Disgrace

With Elias Barker dead. The Self-righteous Pius Argyris takes ownership of the To Doro and hands it off to his cousin. The king.

Apologize about the [] in the story. They have Greek accents on them and this site doesn't read them. They are all I's. Read Chapter

Inebriated Aristocrat

The first time in a week I was forced to put down my glass as I argued with my Queen in our throne room. She paced about, complaining of ... Read Chapter

A Wasted Mind

I watched in horror as Pius lunged toward his royal cousin and began to devour him right before us. I turned to Winoc who was still hurt ... Read Chapter

Fleeting Resolve

Last night I made a terrible mistake, I suppose now I am paying for it. I brought to my village a human who I discovered wandering our fo... Read Chapter

Guard Duty

In less than an hour it would be time for the public executions. Sýmvoulos Morse ordered them to be carried out after midday bell. I can... Read Chapter

A Queen's Trouble

“There are many things we must attend to.” I announced. “Since my husbands death a lot has happened in a small amount of time. That... Read Chapter

A Madman's Veneer

When Pius returned to the castle King Dionysios was elated to see his ‘precious cousin’. The drunken fool could not see that Pius cou... Read Chapter

V?tra Sala

I’ve been sailing the eastern seas for months now in search of land and have found nothing. We’ve followed the calm sea on a straight... Read Chapter

Instilling Insanity

Valentine has been kept away from the To Dóro for about three months now. Madness has more than set in. It has taken near complete contr... Read Chapter