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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story is about a nightmare which a young boy named Tunde had, which culminated into the whole story.

Submitted: November 27, 2013

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Submitted: November 27, 2013





Tunde had just returned from school, he went into the kitchen because he was very hungry. He looked inside all of the pots but there was no food.

He was very angry and sad, he went into the little room he and his mother shared, removed his school uniform, lay on the bamboo bed and began to cry. He remembered how his father died in a car crash, three months ago, after celebrating his tenth birthday and how his father’s relatives were forced to stay in a room meant for the goats they once reared.

Tunde began to cry loudly and his eyes were filled with tears, he also remembered that the common entrance examination was approaching and he was yet to pay the common entrance examination fee. Tunde was brought back to his senses by the loud footsteps of his mother; he quickly dried the tears in his eyes and cleaned his face with a towel.

Tunde’s mother came inside the room and immediately sensed that Tunde had been crying, she asked him why he was crying and he told her that he was remembering the events that led to their present bad condition and also told her that the common entrance examination was approaching and had not paid the examination fee.

She began to cry and held Tunde to her bosom, looked up and cried to God to help them. Tunde told her that he was hungry, she told him to hold on for her to beg for some food from the neighbours. Tunde tried to stop her because he thought that the idea of begging was shameful, but she refused and told him that she wouldn’t watch him go hungry, so she left.

Fifteen minutes later, she returned with a plate of rice and Tunde was very happy. She quickly told him that a party was going on in the house of Mrs. Taylor, a neighbor and she was given a plate of rice and was told to bring a bigger plate to get more food. She told him to eat the food she brought while she ran back with a bigger plate to get more food that would last them for the day.

Tunde was very happy and ate the food hungrily. Few minutes later, she returned smiling and singing. She opened the big plate of rice and showed Tunde who was amazed. The plate was filled with rice, salad and six big pieces of meat. Two of them began to sing to God and thanked him for providing food for them.

After that, she scooped some rice from the big plate with a spoon into a smaller plate and they began to eat. When they were done with eating, Tunde asked his mother how she was going to get money to pay for his common entrance examination. Tunde’s mother became sad; she stopped eating and began to shake her head in sorrow. She turned to him and said “My son, don’t worry, God will provide the money the same way he provided this food for us.” She continued “My business has stopped because I don’t have money to buy goods, your father’s relatives have taken all the money that your father kept in the bank because he willed them to his wicked brother Segun, who has refused to help us, he threw us out of the house, here we are living in this dirty room meant for goats”

She cleaned her tear-filled face with her wrapper and continued “There is nobody to help us, people have deserted us, the women’s union have also refused to help me”, she wept profusely.

Tunde tried to comfort her, then a thought came to his mind, he said “Mummy, what of Uncle Dotun, daddy’s friend who daddy gave his Mercedes Benz car.” She replied “Oh! That is true! He stays in the next village of Baruwa, it is about a twenty minutes walk from this village, first thing tomorrow morning, I will go to him, and I pray he helps us.”

Tunde’s mother looked at Tunde with so much love in her eyes and said“Thank you so much for supporting, I love you, my son.” Tunde smiled and replied “Thank you mum” They hugged each other and smiled.


Very early in the morning the next day, Tunde’s mother was already prepared to go to Baruwa village. Tunde too, had already worn his school uniform and hung his school bag.

They hurriedly ate a plate of cold rice, it was the remaining food from yesterday; she didn’t warm the rice because there was no kerosene in the stove and the firewood was already wet from the dew. She quickly said a prayer and Tunde chorused a loud “amen”. She prayed for God’s guidance, mercy and safety.

They set out and on the way, Tunde took the left road to his school while she took the straight road to Baruwa village, she waved at Tunde and said“I kept some packs of biscuit for you in your bag and some food too, don’t worry, everything will be fine, I promise”

Twenty five minutes later, she arrived at Mr. Dotun’s compound, knocked on the gate and the gateman opened, Tunde’s mother politely said “Good afternoon sir, please, I want to see Mr. Dotun,” the gateman replied “please who are you?” She told him that she was the wife of Mr. Dotun’s late friend, the gateman asked her if she had informed Mr. Dotun of her visit, she explained to him that she didn’t inform him because she had lost his phone number.”

Tunde’s mother and the gateman began to argue in a loud tone, Mr Dotun heard the noise, so he came out of the house to see where the noise was coming from, and he called on the gateman, “Bala, what is the noise for!” Bala, the gateman, quickly ran to him and replied “Sir, a woman wants to see you; I told her she can’t see you because she has not booked an appointment”. Mr. Dotun said “allow her come in”

Bala quickly ran back to the gate where Tunde’s mother was pacing and said to her “You can come in”. Immediately she entered the compound, Mr Dotun said “I remember this face, are you not my late friend’s wife?” Tunde’s mother replied warmly: “Yes I am”, Mr Dotun exclaimed “Oh good lord! Where have you been? I have been looking for you for a very long time! Come inside the house”

They got into the house and began to discuss, Tunde’s mother explained how her husband’s relatives threw herself and Tunde out of the house, and she tearfully told him of the hardship they had been going through. She cried and Mr. Dotun comforted her and told her not to worry and was going to help her. She slowly stopped crying and he told her to hold on while he went inside.

Five minutes later, he returned with a brown envelope, gave it to her and said “There is twenty thousand naira in that envelope, I will be traveling to Ghana tomorrow and I will be back in the next three days, when I return, we will discuss how to get you back on your feet; on Monday morning, come here to see me so we can discuss further”

Tunde’s mother was very happy, she knelt down to thank him but he took her up and told her that he would do anything in his power to help her because her late husband was very good to him.

She thanked him again and he told her that he was already late for work; they immediately left the parlour with Mr. Dotun leading the way. When they got to his car park, he offered to give her a ride and she agreed. Ten minutes later, he gently stopped the car at her nearest bus stop, she thanked him again and gently alighted, and he smiled and zoomed off.

Tunde’s mother was very happy, she gave thanks to God remembering her and her son; she began to sing a song of worship to God. She quickly remembered that it was Friday and Tunde would either be on his way home or would already be at home because schools close by 12pm on Fridays. She increased her footsteps and soon, she was at home and as she predicted, she met Tunde at the door, trying to open the padlock, she happily called him “Tunde my son”, Tunde turned back and replied “mummy! Good afternoon ma,” he hugged her and she said “Good afternoon, my dear son”

Tunde noticed that she was very happy and he said “Mummy, you sound very happy, what happened?” she happily replied “let’s go inside, I will tell you”. She pushed the door open and sat on the bed; Tunde sat on the bed too and looked at her with so much attention. She told Tunde how Mr Dotun gave her twenty thousand naira and promised to help her get on her feet when he returns from his trip. Tunde was glad; he said “Mummy, does it mean that you will pay for my common entrance examination?” She replied “Yes my son”. Tunde began to dance the popular azonto dance and his mother laughed as she watched him.

Tunde remembered that he was hungry, he stopped dancing and told his mother, she replied “me too, take off your school uniform, have your bath, while I go out to buy some foodstuffs”, Tunde quickly said “Mummy don’t forget that there is no kerosene”, she replied “Thank you so much my son, you really have a good memory”, Tunde winked at her and smiled.

She took some money from the envelope, took a nylon bag and the plastic keg for kerosene and went out.



Three days later, on a Monday morning, Tunde had just left for school and his mother had dressed up, getting ready to see Mr Dotun, she wore her clothes, took some money from the brown envelope; she intended to use the money she took to pay for the common entrance examination of Tunde.

She said a quick prayer, girded her wrapper properly and set out. Few minutes later, she had gotten to Tunde’s school “Achievers Nursery and Primary school”, went straight to the headmaster’s office and met the headmaster, Mr. Koffi, an elderly Ghanaian man. He welcomed her, shook her hand and offered her a seat. She thanked him for the high educational standard in the school and also told him that her son’s speech and academics had greatly improved.

He smiled and said “Thank you very much; it is the least we can do to impart positively on the minds and lives of these young ones. Tunde’s mother replied “Thank you sir, I am here to pay for the common entrance examination of my son, Tunde”. She brought out four crisp notes of the one thousand naira denomination from a tied side of her wrapper and handed them over to him.

Mr Koffi gently received the money and said “ooh! I must commend your efforts towards the academics of your son,Tunde, may God strengthen you and bless you”.

Tunde’s mother was happy with his statement and replied “Thank you once again, I have to take my leave now, I need to see someone urgently”. Mr. Koffi said “Alright madam, I wish you the very best.”

Tunde’s mother quickly stood up, waved at Mr. Koffi and left the office. She wanted to go to Tunde’s class to see him but she decided not to go because she felt that she would waste time because Tunde would want to spend some time with her so she quickly left.

She headed for Mr Dotun’s house, twenty five minutes later, she was at the gate of Mr Dotun’s residence she pressed the bell switch outside the gate, the gateman immediately came out and she greeted him “Good morning baba, please I would want to see Mr Dotun, he asked me to see him today”. The gateman replied “Good morning to you too, I have seen your face before, were you the woman who was here few days back and I had an argument with?” Tunde’s mother smiled and said“yes sir, I am the woman, I hope you are not still angry with me?” Bala the gateman began to smile, exposing a set of brown teeth and replied “No, I am not angry with you”

Tunde’s mother said “Thank you sir, please I have an appointment with Mr Dotun, he asked me to see him this morning” Bala the gateman replied “Alright, you can see him, but first, I have to inform him that you are around, come inside and seat there”, he pointed to a chair near his duty post. Tunde’s mother thanked him very much and had her seat while the gateman went into the main building to inform Mr Dotun that he had a guest.

Few minutes later, the gateman returned and said to Tunde’s mother “You can go in to see him”, Tunde’s mother replied “thank you very much, I am grateful,”, she immediately walked into the building, it led her straight to the sitting room where she met Mr Dotun calmly seated, reading a newspaper.

She greeted him and he replied “Oh! I have told you before not to kneel down before me, Tunde’s mother said “I am simply showing my respect for you.” Mr Dotun laughed and replied “Okay, there is no problem, how are you? You can have a seat”. Tunde’s mother sat down and Mr Dotun quickly added “how is Tunde faring, I only saw him when he was still a very little child,I know he must be very grown now”. Tunde’s mother said “Tunde is still a child but has the behavior of a mature adult, he comforts me and advices me, that boy means the world to me.” Mr Dotun was touched by her words and he replied“That is very good; you can bring him along when next you come”. Tunde’s mother said “That would be nice, he would be very happy to meet you, do you know that he was the one that even reminded me of Uncle Dotun”

Mr Dotun was very surprised and he gave a brisk laughter and replied “wow! So he still remembers me, that boy must have a super brain! So much intelligence for a little boy, sorry, a little man”, they both erupted in loud laughter. Mr Dotun interrupted the laughing galore when he said “You are welcome once again to my home, what do I offer you?” Tunde’s mother replied “a cold soft drink will be okay.” Mr Dotun replied “nice choice, give me a minute”, he stood up to get a bottle of soft drink and returned some seconds later with a bottle of chilled coke, he opened the cork with a cork opener and gave the bottle to her”

Tunde’s mother thanked him for the drink and said “Mr Dotun, I have been longing to ask you, are you not married? I was expecting to see your wife and kids” Mr Dotun smiled and replied “I am not married yet” Tunde’s mother expressed shock; she said slowly “Do you mean that you are not married?” Mr Dotun replied “I am serious about what I said, I am not married, and I am not prepared for the trouble of a woman”

Tunde’s mother laughed and said “Do you mean that women are troublesome? Men are also troublesome that is why some women are unmarried till now”. Mr Dotun replied “I disagree with that, most women that choose to be unmarried, single ladies mostly, are like that because they are wayward and won’t want to enter into marriage because they don’t want to be controlled by one man”. They both laughed and continued arguing in as friendly manner, then Mr Dotun said “I give up you win!” Tunde’s mother replied “Yes, I won!” They continued laughing.

Mr Dotun said “I have not been happy in a very long time, thanks for making me laugh really hard. Tunde’s mother replied “Thank you too for making me laugh this much, the only time I laughed this much was when my husband was alive”

She immediately became sad and tears rolled down her eyes, Mr Dotun slowly went to her, brought out his handkerchief and dried her face with it, he said “I understand how you feel, don’t worry, it will be fine, I am going to stand by you”. Tunde’s mother tearfully replied “Thank you. I am grateful” Mr Dotun cleared his throat and said“I am going to help you establish a business so that you can be independent and take care of your needs.” Tunde’s mother opened her eyes and mouth wide in sheer amazement, she happily replied “Thank you very much sir! God will bless you sir! I am very grateful” she tried to kneel down to thank him, he quickly prevented her and said gently“I have told you not to kneel down to show me gratitude, okay?” she nodded her head in sheepish affirmation like a scolded child.

Mr Dotun asked her “What kind of business do you want to go into?”, she waited for some seconds and replied “I have always wanted to go into textile business”, Mr Dotun said “I have a friend who imports textile materials into the country, I will simply go to him, pay for some bulk of textile materials and deliver them to you, if you impress me with good sales, I will order for a container of textile materials”

Tunde’s mother was very happy and tears of joy ran down her eyes, she began to remember how she suffered after her husband’s death, how she and her son were maltreated by her late husband’s relatives and thrown out of the house. She replied “Thank you very much sir, I am remembering how I was maltreated by my husband’s relatives and all the suffering my son and I have been going through, God has used you to dry away the tears of my son and I” Mr Dotun said “You can say that again, I am also going to give you some money buy a big shop so you can start off the business immediately. He added “Give me the address of where you stay so I can send the delivery truck to bring the goods to you, you may also join the driver of the truck in taking them to the shop”

Tunde’s mother replied “That is very kind of you, May God bless you sir, there is big shop close to my house that is up for sale, I will make enquires about it and get back to you as soon as possible.” A thought came into Mr Dotun’s mind and he curiously asked “Do you have a telephone?” Tunde’s mother replied “No, I had one, it fell into the water and got spoilt, that after the death of my husband, I have not been able to afford another one”.

Mr. Dotun said“I asked you because I wouldn’t want you to stress yourself with coming here regularly to see me, with a phone, you can contact me so that we can fix a nearer place for us to see, don’t get me wrong”. Tunde’s mother smiled and replied “Oh! I understand you very well; I know that you are not a promiscuous man.” Mr. Dotun laughed and said “I am going to give you a portable telephone with a sim card with more than enough airtime.”

Tunde’s mother happily replied “I just can’t thank you enough, what have I done to deserve these blessings”. Mr. Dotun laughed and said “One good turn deserves another, your late husband was my good friend, may his soul rest in perfect peace, he was a very good friend to me, and he helped me when I was down and out.” Tunde’s mother replied “Thank you so much sir”. He told her to hold on while went inside to get the phone; he gently stood up and went inside a room.

Tunde’s mother was beaming with smiles, she looked up and thanked God; she looked round the house and was impressed with the interior decorations, they were very beautiful and she began to wonder the kind of job that he did, she made up her mind to ask him.

Mr Dotun came out of the room with a new phone carton and handed it over to her, he said “open it”, she opened it and saw a new phone in it, she held it and looked at its features: it was a camera phone with a sleek frame”. Mr. Dotun said “The phone has a sim card in it which as I told you has more than enough airtime, it was given to me as a gift by the telecommunication company that my interior decoration company worked for”

Her heart was relieved because she knew the kind of that Mr. Dotun did, so she didn’t bother asking him again, she replied “That is a good reward, your company must have done perfect job for them, no wonder your house is looking very perfect too” Mr. Dotun said with a big grin “That is really nice of you, thanks for the compliment”

Tunde’s mother was beginning to like Mr. Dotun because he was very caring and kind like her late husband, she began to wish that her husband hadn’t died because she was already getting attracted to him. Mr. Dotun possessed almost all the qualities of her late husband, little wonder they were good friends, perhaps because they shared similar qualities, as the popular saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together”

Meanwhile, Mr. Dotun too was already getting attracted to Tunde’s mother because she had all the qualities he wanted in a wife, he perceived that she was humble, beautiful, and very respectful and also had a sense of humour. He thought of telling her of the feelings he had for her but he restrained himself because he thought that she would see him as a man who wanted to take advantage of his kindness to her, he never knew that she had feelings for him too. He wished he could see her every time because he was beginning to fall in love with her .He thought of  telling her to come to live with him but he didn’t know how she was going to react, he summoned courage and said “I have been thinking of something, I want you and Tunde to come and live with me because I want two of you to be in a perfect environment where there will be peace of mind, serenity and conduciveness.

Tunde’s mother was very happy in her heart but didn’t show it, she didn’t want to accept the offer very quickly without a good reason. Almost immediately, the thought of Tunde’s common entrance examination and her new business came to her memory and she replied” That is very kind of you, Tunde’s common entrance examination is approaching , thus he needs a perfect environment like this to read and focus, also, the new business which you want to help me with? I will like to do it in this environment because I can see that it is very business friendly”

Mr. Dotun was very elated and he said “That is very true, Tunde needs a cool environment as this to prepare for his examination and this environment is very good to do business because it is a commercial centre; I will get a big van so that tomorrow, the relocation can take place, also during the weekend, I will get you a very big shop around here so you can start off right away, okay?”




Six months later, Tunde’s mother had already settled down as a business woman who sold textile materials. She lived with Mr. Dotun in his big compound, though separately. Tunde had passed the common entrance examination and was admitted at Sunrise Secondary school.

It was a cool evening, Mr. Dotun just drove in from work, he alighted from his car and met Tunde’s mother in the sitting room enjoying a television program, she didn’t notice him enter as she was busy laughing and enjoying the comedy show. Mr Dotun looked at her in admiration; he cleared his throat intentionally just to get her attention. She slowly turned around and saw him, she smiled and said “Good evening sir, sorry I didn’t see you come in, I was busy enjoying the comedy show”, he replied “Good evening to you too, it is a pleasure seeing you happy, that is what I have been longing for,”. She blushed and said “Thank you sir, how was work today?” he heaved a sigh and replied “fine and stressful”.

She immediately told him that she had already made some water for him to take his bath. He thanked her graciously and enquired about Tunde, she told him that he was busy reading, she further explained to him that he had been putting more effort in studying so that he could properly understand the new subjects he was been taught.

Mr Dotun was impressed and replied “Tunde is very disciplined and committed to his academics, I will ensure that he continues his education up to the masters degree level”. Tunde’s mother was almost moved to tears and said “Thank you sir, I don’t know how many times I have told you thank you, God bless you sir”, she tried to kneel down to show her gratitude, he immediately beckoned to her not to kneel down, she jokingly replied “yes sir!” and  gave him a salute.

They both laughed and stared at each other, they had passions running through their veins and the love they had for each other burned in their eyes, they just didn’t know how to tell each other. Mr. Dotun braced himself and said “I have wanted to tell you something”, he paused, looked into her eyes softly and continued “I love you so much and I would want to make you my wife”. Tunde’s mother couldn’t hide her emotions again, she smiled like a young woman who had just fallen in love and replied “I love you too”

Butterflies began to rumble in the belly of Mr. Dotun , he came closer to Tunde’s mother, held her hands gently and said“ will you marry me?”. Tunde’s mother couldn’t believe what she heard, she was so happy because she craved for remarriage and Mr. Dotun appeared be the perfect man for her to get remarried to because he possessed the qualities of a good husband; his humility and diligence stood out among the various qualities and virtues he possessed.

Several thoughts raced in her head, she thought of how her family was going to react to her remarriage plans and how her late husband’s family might begin to make insinuations that she may have been flirting with Mr. Dotun while her late husband was alive and months after his death, wanted to marry Mr. Dotun.

A striking thought that made so much meaning to her was the thought that her happiness and joy was of utmost importance to her and Mr. Dotun seemed to have provided her with much more than joy and happiness. Slowly, the sulky feelings were replaced with a more soothing one way feeling of love and admiration for Mr. Dotun, she replied” Yes, I will marry you.”

Strong emotions began to erupt; tears rolled down her eyes gently and she smiled. Mr. Dotun held her close, slowly wiped her face with a handkerchief and hugged her. He stroked her hair gently and took her head off his shoulder in a soft way, he looked at her with so much affection and said “Am very grateful for giving me the chance to be your man, I promise to never to hurt you or make you sad.”

Tunde’s mother was very shy to respond; she simply nodded her head in affirmation and smiled. Mr. Dotun smiled too and said “So when do I see your parents?” Tunde’s mother opened her mouth in disbelief and stammered a reply “Ehm-ehm, so soon?” he replied slowly “Am I too fast?” she said“I just want you to be very sure if this is what you want”. Mr. Dotun replied reassuringly “Yes, this is what I want, Linda, I love you do much and I want to get married to you”.

Tunde’s mother couldn’t control her emotions again, she started sobbing. Mr. Dotun held her close again and patted her back softly.



Four days later, Tunde’s mother and her son were in their room, Tunde was busy watching his favourite cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. He was enjoying the funny scenes and seemed to follow every action with his body movements; he laughed loudly and was glued to the television screen. Mrs. Tunde looked at her son with great admiration; she loved him so much and his entire personality. She began to think of her late husband and his semblance with Tunde, tears rolled down her eyes and she sobbed silently. She quickly wiped her tears with a cloth; she didn’t want Tunde to start asking her questions. She thought of how Mr. Dotun came to their rescue and helped them out of their plight and presented them with a good life. She also thought of how Mr. Dotun slowly warmed his way into her heart and made her fall in love with him, how he cared for them and showed them love, she began to smile; she thought of how she was going to tell her parents of her plans to remarry and how they would receive the news, she also thought of how she was going to tell her son, Tunde. She decided to tell him, she cleared her throat and called him tenderly “Tunde, Tunde”. Tunde didn’t hear her because he was deeply engrossed in the cartoon he was watching. She smiled mischievously to herself and pinched him.

Tunde turned sharply and gave her a feigned angry look, she laughed and said “I called your name severally but you didn’t hear me so decided to pinch you”. Tunde replied “That was painful mum!” she smiled and replied “Sorry my baby, come here, mummy wants to feed you with breast milk”. Tunde laughed wildly and she joined him too.

She broke the bout of laughter with a deep sigh and said “Tunde, seriously, I want to discuss something very important with you”. Tunde replied “Okay mummy, I am listening to you”. She proceeded to tell him of her decision to marry Mr. Dotun, she explained that she wanted him, Tunde to have a sense of belonging and have another taste of fatherly care and love. Tunde listened attentively and replied “Okay mummy, I support you, Mr. Dotun is a good man”

Tunde’s mother was very happy with his response and thanked him for his support and gave him a big hug. Tunde quickly said “Mummy, can I continue watching my cartoon?” she happily replied” Yes my dear son, you can!”

Tunde quickly turned his gaze from his mother to the television and was lost in the in the excitement of the cartoon, once more. Tunde’s mother looked at him with so much love in her eyes, she was happy that Tunde understood her very well.



The next day, Mr. Dotun and Tunde’s mother were in the sitting room watching a television program, Mr. Dotun seemed to be struggling with thought; he was uneasy and moved his hands and legs nervously, then he turned to Tunde’s mother and said “Ehm, can I have a conversation with you?”, he moved his eyelids quickly.

Tunde’s mother replied” Yes, you can”, she saw from the look on his face that he was troubled and she quickly added “Is anything the problem?” Mr. Dotun cleared his throat, paused and said “I will want to see your parents in respect of my decision to marry you.” Tunde’s mother took a deep breath and replied “That is very good to hear, but there is a little problem.”

Mr. Dotun asked her what the problem was and she told him that since her late husband died, her parents neglected her because they had warned her against marrying her late husband but she refused and married him. She also explained to him that when he died, they refused to help her on the ground that she was stubborn and also told him that her late husband’s relatives took all the property that she and her husband had and threw her and her son out of the house.

Mr. Dotun shook his head in pity and replied “You have told me of the story of how you were treated badly by your husband’s relatives, but this story you just told of your own parents neglecting you is a very sad one and heart breaking. He went closer to her, held her hands passionately and said “You are indeed a very strong woman, an epitome of strength, perseverance and rare courage, I am wondering how you coped through these hard times”

Tunde’s mother smiled and replied “Thank you very much for helping us out and giving us a new ray of hope. I am eternally grateful”. She moved closer to him and said “Thank you very much for making me fall in love with you”. Mr. Dotun’s heart skipped a beat, he hadn’t seen her talk with so much passion, in a twinkle of an eye, and they were locked in a hot kiss. Tunde’s mother quickly regained composure and stopped kissing him abruptly; she breathed heavily and replied “Sorry, I was too forward, I couldn’t control myself”, she bent down her head in shame and regret.

Mr. Dotun smiled, held her hands once more and replied “I understand how you feel, it shows how much you love me, there is no need to bow your head in shame, you are a wonderful woman, the woman of my life, you should be proud of yourself” Tunde’s mother smiled like a young girl who just fell in love, raised her bowed head, slowly and looked at him with little shyness. Mr. Dotun said “We will be visiting your parents next week to inform them of my intention to marry you and also use the opportunity to have you reunited with them”.

Dotun’s mother forced a smile while Mr. Dotun looked at her steadily; she forced another wider smile but couldn’t sustain it for so long because despair was written all over her face.



A week later, Mr Dotun alongside Tunde’s mother and Tunde were on their way to visit her parents in ondo state. As the car sped normally on the beautiful  roads of Owo, Tunde’s mother was lost in a deep war of thoughts, she was worried about so many things; she was skeptical about the way her parents were going to receive them, especially Mr Dotun. She Turned to Mr Dotun and said desperately“I think we should go back, I am very worried about how my parents will react to seeing me, let alone, receive the news of your intention to marry me”Mr Dotun smiled warmly and replied“My dear, don’t worry, everything will be fine, God is in control of everything”, she shook her head in doubt and returned to her thoughts.

Few hours later, they were in the hometown of Tunde’s mother, the road leading to the village was very dusty as green leaves and shrubs littered the road and made it look like a  path. The car strolled gently down the road because the villagers were passing by and the children played carelessly too. Fifteen minutes later,the car took a gentle halt near the entrance of the compound of Tunde’s mother.

Tunde’s mother was visibly shaken and sore afraid, she thought that her parents would be hostile to them; Mr Dotun calmed her again, turned off the ignition and gently stepped out of the car and moved to the other side to open the door for her and proceeded to the passengers side to open the door for Tunde who was quietly seated. Tunde and his mother alightedslowly and Mr Dotun led them to the door of the house, he knocked on the door and after some minutes, an old woman opened the door. It was the mother of Tunde’s mother who opened the door; she opened her mouth in shock as she saw her daughter and her grandson because she hadn’t seen them in such a long time, tears rolled down her eyes as she smiled.

Tunde’s mother was lost in a wave of emotions too as tears streamed down her eyes too; her body and legs shook greatly. Her mother beckoned on her to come and immediately like an attracted magnet, Tunde’s mother quickly walked to where her mother was and hugged her; two of them cried like babies and mama said to her “I am very sorry my daughter, we have wronged you, forgive us”, she continued sobbing. Tunde’s mother tearfully replied“I have forgiven you mama” Mr Dotun smiled alongside tuned, they were happy with the peaceful reconciliation; Mr Dotun looked up in the sky and thanked God.

Mama gently disengaged from the hug and looked at Tunde and said“Come here my grandson, see how big you’ve grown”, Tunde walked slowly to her and as he got to where she was, she bent down to hug him. She tried lifting him but Tunde said“Mama, I am not a baby, you cannot carry me”, they all laughed and mama replied “Let us all go inside”

They were all seated in the parlour, Mama wiped her sweaty face with her wrapper, turned to her daughter with a smile on her face and said“My daughter, who is this young woman?”. Tunde’s mother happily replied“He is the man who God sent to save us from all our problems; he gave us a new life and helped us find our feet again”.

Mr Dotun smiled and said“Good afternoon mama”, he prostrated before mama who beckoned on him to stand up. Mama replied “How are you my son?”, he replied“ I am fine mama, you are looking  very fresh and healthy”. As he was about creating a full conversation, tunde’s mother quickly interrupted them out of curiosity when she said “Mama, where is papa?”

Immediately, mama’s head drooped in sorrow, she shook her head uneasily in sorrow and grief, Tunde’s mother became very nervous and she asked mama “What is the problem, talk to me”, she stood up and began to pant heavily, she screamed “Mama! What is it?”

Mama raised her face filled with tears and replied “He died few months ago, he was very sick, he even requested to see you before he died but we could not reach you, he said we should ask you for forgiveness on his behalf” Tunde’s mother threw herself on the ground and cried loudly, Mr Dotun tried to console her but she continued crying. The atmosphere was that of pain and sorrow.

Mama looked up, shook her head and sighed severally. Mr. Dotun wore a pitiful face as he held Tunde’s mother close as she sobbed on his shoulders, she tugged at her hair carelessly and started to laugh hysterically. She began to soloquise “My husband died and now, papa, what have I done to deserve this sadness”. She cleaned her face with her head- tie and said “Am okay! Am okay!” she smiled like a lunatic.

Mr Dotun noticed that there was something wrong with the smile but he kept it to himself. Tunde’s mother turned to mama and said“Mama, I am very hungry, any food in the kitchen?” Mama was surprised at her sudden change of attitude and replied “My daughter, are you okay?” Tunde’s mother replied with feigned happiness “I am okay mama, is there any food in the kitchen?”

Mama looked at her carefully for some seconds, took a deep breath and replied “There is some food in the kitchen, but don’t worry, I will dish it for you”, mama stood up to head to the kitchen, tunde’s mother quickly stopped her and said with a fake smile “Don’t worry mama, I will get it”. Tunde’s mother smiled at Mr Dotun and said “Baby! Baby! Let me get you something to eat”. Mr. Dotun sensed that her senses were lost and he felt like stopping her but he thought that it was going to be embarrassing and he didn’t want to create a scene, so he watched her go into the kitchen.

Mama and Mr Dotun were greatly disturbed, they looked at each other furtively. Tunde too was looking very disturbed and like a wild lion, he charged from his seat and shouted “Mummy! Mummy! ” Mama and Mr. Dotun looked at each other once more and this time around, it was a horrified look and as mama shifted her gaze from Mr Dotun to calm Tunde down, Tunde’s mother shouted from the kitchen.

Mama rushed to the kitchen with Mr Dotun following her but Mr. Dotun who was visibly shaken beckoned on Tunde with a stern look to go back to the parlour. Mama got into the kitchen and saw her daughter with a knife in her stomach, drowned in a pool of her own blood, mama fainted. Mr Dotun stood motionless.

Tunde woke up from the dream, he was panting and sweating heavily, he looked at the wall clock that hanged on the wall of his room, it was 6:30am. He quickly said his morning prayers, washed his face and went straight into his parents room, still panting; he switched on the light. His panting reduced when he saw his dad open his his eyes and his mum following suit as a result of the brightness of the light.

Tunde’s father yawned heavily, rubbed his eyes and said“Tunde, what is the problem?, why are you panting like a pregnant woman about to give birth?”. Tunde’s mother said to Tunde“Come here my son, what is the problem?”. He sat on the bedside and narrated the dream to them. Tunde’s father said“This is a very serious dream, we have to pray and cancel it”. Three of them held their hands and tunde’s father led the prayer session“In the mighty name of Jesus, we cancel this dream, I shall not die and no member of my family or friends will die, in Jesus name I pray”, Tunde and his mother chorused a loud amen.

















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