I Wish You Could Have Waited A Little More

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This poem says about a wish to your ex that if he/she had waited a little more.

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



I wish you could have waited a little more,
And would have taken time to forget what happened before,
I wish you could have thought about my heart which is completely sore
And stopped before saying those words which divided it into four……………

Do you remember the day, when you knocked on my heart's door?
Or the day when you parked your boat on my heart's shore?
What happened suddenly so that you threw me from heavens to floor?
Oh God is it truth that you now see me and simply ignore?

Oh God, please tell her that it's only her whom I love and adore,
She is the only one across my heart from its sides to core,
Please let her see the love of mine which is so pure,
Oh God if you can undo these things and restore…………

My sweetheart, please take another chance to explore,
Think one more time before you pour,
Oil to the fire that is burning my feeling's store,
Last opportunity before pushing me into moor……………

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