bruno is not a bruise

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my mind wasn't, isn't, too windy to blow away what's perennial

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



the early tree blooms are partially expanded but not fluffed out
like Bruno Mars has half-downy curls which gives him style
like his music can't be defined as hip-hop pop or 80's,
only at the dock of everything
and it can be compared to the air before the rain,
but it's not that genre,

as his beautiful tunes are like a sunset that goes on and on
and needs the clouds & obstacles in life
that normally darken the sun's cheer if mid-day,
yet his mind begins at the horizon,
musical category, & typical viewpoint,
and then like with the sky his imagination zig-zags endlessly

as well as my building of ideas is no longer hueless
in the degree of blue atmosphere and dusk's dust
but keeps extending across the air
as far as bruno mars can stretch beauty artistically
in my clouds w/o changing the molecules i'm made of
like he took a tape and just patched imagery
into all that it was swayed of w/o ripping it apart,
even if it arched all the way over like a full rainbow
opens you up to the complete richness
like i don't feel trapped in a faint delight with Bruno
as it's the highest of smiles now
at least in bright altitude,
& sometimes the twilight of longing
not only reached the whole atmosphere
but i wish litterally far away yet connected,
where he would be,

because the gaps are only of thought not color,
although a little baby blue in-between
gives it texture like a plaid
like on the types of shirts bruno wears,
often that pattern like i hardly  mention "he/him/his"
when referring to him but i love using bruno's name,
at times along with his last name
like plaid, clouds, catchy natural tunes such as some sewn bruno's songs,
and twilight vary from thick to thin entertainment

and the leaf blossums are like moults
ready for the next prettiness "just the way it is,"
[and you usually don't see that of an insect
nor my confidence layer, except by comparitive bloom of bruno in that lyric]
like BBBruno Mars is never the same
in each song or even covering,
almost also like a passed on seed of his species
where every song & tree is restricted
or either reaching in height of voice,
but it's still him not genetically modified,

when he does versions of other people's songs
it's as dandelion seeds blown
and yet it grows just as well
in a new environment of vocal
because he doesn't damage the rhythm
or (natural) seeds of the initial beat
(of growth, in the soil and of our heart's grounding
with listening to the wind melody bring in relaxation)

and the flowers on the twigs
aren't bleeding in struggle
to show even though they're white,
because of being just born and yet without life as well,
like Bruno Mars pushes the extreme of feeling new buds,
and yet like rollers when they finally bloom out,
they fluff back to balance,
& he's got the treasure that older music gave,
and yet he's modern & fresh
like some young ones have shiny near-white hair
without losing minerals or being aged
because you have a tinge of blonde
& well-eating, health, that separates

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