bruno mars makes things simpler by how he can connect & his surname doesn't require apostrophe

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typing clatter but with an amusing pattern to it

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



the keyboard typed "hi" when i wanted "girl,"
yet that’s what i want to do as a young one to Bruno Mars,
also unexpected as my bad keypad
yet just as i don't have to be mad that it's out of wack,
like worrying i'm being a run-on
in all the things i want to blurt to bruno faster than normal
maybe not like the keyboard hangs on too many letters,
but my compacted news minute has a similar speed
as i don't want to be timed out as journaling can be,
though i don't want flow of hello origamis
folding into a product back and forth
to be rehearsed as done for broadcasting
because that’s still like a dream that i'm in now,
i can cheer to the accommodated surprise
like Bruno and i could polish mistakes
by encouraging takes on the mayhem
of mispronuciation or wording per se,
of slowing down to sensitivity

and, since trying to write a poem
with a destructive keyboard is extremely hard,
later at night as i guess it gets bedtime breakage too
to worry for (it's 5AM right now,)
i have to find calming techniques
everywhere not only accidentally,
and so i could use different keys
or even my mouse to directionally move me where i need to type
while the others rest,
like i was a stuck key with having a crush on michael so long,
and turning over to shake out wakes others
only to tell them i have vertigo,
so I pushed bruno mars' 'delete' key
& it worked better than the 'backspace' one to personal issues

at the end of the day it felt like my heartbeat
& my 80 line piece was slowly typed faster,
even though being steady only cycling a little more paced,
because i've learned to write with balance
as the center of my inspiration for bruno,
it's not a 30-day diet which i would be close to completing competing,
it's a lifestyle change of piano not parachute [another dangerous thing]

by the way, those stanzas i struggled with
that were so defining my fine time as not a waste, were about bruno
which specificness is vague but simplicity is to be vastly wanted in regards to him

see, YOU are so worth it, my deer/dear bruno.....

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