for when it's not stealing, it's just the moment

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got to remember the summary isn't the whole poem, even i had to when copying

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Grandma always asks to hold onto something
even when being rolled to the car
& in and out of it in her wheelchair [to soften long events]
because of being used to that secure feel translates
that keeps her brain able to walk
even when she can't physically [as much,]
by a ride of health & for it
as she can still be a pedestrian slowly
but the seat Daddy would wear roller skates behind is a sacrifice ~

and if Bruno would still grasp the fullness
of every vital word to be said
even when in the stroller of laid back personality
of not making a mean setting or brutal conversation,
[because it's wonderful being the dubbed 'nice boy'
yet we don't always have to 'stand up' to warm up
for what's right so much it intimidates, just need chillin' balance]
like somebody barging versus tender creeping up into the parking space
of a family still packing food into their car
with doors open not on the side of it

like he could've found concealment under an oak,
than even more inward once the wife
was closing her hinge
like the tick-tock rubbed in more
as of an un unmuffled motor,

then his heart could be more
than just settled in the direction of sweetness as he already is,
but upkept really like an engine of a car
because choice of words
are the toddler's first and primary vehicle through life
like 'my first books' collectively drive absorbing long-term
on different routes of topics to sprout…

and then lovely bruno really would be like taking
someone else's camera from the audience
to record his moment
because what you put out in influence or accentuation
either makes it extra special or disrespectful
of taking from others' borrowed devices
& upbuilding film and time,

because many might think facile affection
or someone else's using up
the excitement of your guided videoing is a waste of thrill,
like filler lines can have an effect though be seen as cliché,
although you would already not be taking
visual memories of YOURSELF but the singer,

and when they dominate it,
like mars or anyone,
it's only a fuller close-up
and can only be more lively [lovely] with his extra smile narrowed,
like friendship isn't selfish but accomodated
to bringing out the style of both sides when we let them
because they're having a chance to interpret our personality
rather than just do something for us,
and thus nothing can be shrugged
to being "just a musician"
when life is full of unknown color,
not to be shadowed with slowed mis-aim,

like Bruno volunteers to please the whole crowd
yet when making a scene of a moment
not just after the show but within
with using one's media
lets him be able to smilewhile having serious effort still
because he's honoring not just feeling honored,

and as it should be clarified to how you can count on me,
we have to back up as 4, 3, 2
[though if in clean rhythm after check,
we can click back to flow such as 4, 2, 3]
in humbleness to hope we will get returned turns of gratitude
because we have climbed
the simplicity of love known as 1, 2, 3

or a time for human understanding
more than mechanichal expectation of 7 things
that we can or are expected to remember at a time,
unless it's 7 minutes to wait
on someone else's neighborly right
or a 7-year-minimum duration between children's spacings…

and we can always retract our speed of life
to be able to count on reliability of ourselves
of what language & thoughts can tie us in well
like amigos of conscience,
which can be like screening something from way back,
in life enclosing guilt and distance,
but zooming in can turn our weak state
into cleaning the haze

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