it's just difficult picking intrigue and time to write a new thought after tiredness, i can remember the rest

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everybody likely even just whispers to the moon in delight even without thinking about it

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011




i can't believe the vastness by bruno for what to visualize
[not just at my chair or emptiness]
i'm hearing early-bird instruments
as "talking to the moon" tonight,
when it's three times
i know it's not just coincidence
but i'm really thinking about it,
like once i thought of saying "i love you" for bruno
and that didn't happen right away,
initially immediately after
hearing bruno mars the croon himself
i could just name that tune
of amazement with him right on,
then i knew i was focussed on something to see,

but just as i had to figure out
i was in <i>need</i> of talking to the moon
looking for my lost poem all day,
so did i conclude in an honesty with myself
that i was really searching for a doll
of not just tally but love's feeling with bruno mars

like it was JUST one poem
i put all my stress and yet caring heart
to needing to recall that unwritten one
like yes it was also aching at me
until i did a reality check in many marks
that i was falling in love with bruno mars in some features
but more importantly it was a soft skein
with wondering how to brush this

for viewing it as how to disgard old forgotten balad or as urgent perquisition
of recollection
[because it is new]

(and i look back to that
because i still have questions
as to lyrics or my yielding to stiffening to those
in valleying values in order for my crush
to not be in vain
veiled from the sweetness i need to get to,
and yet even those burning flames of wonder with verse and such
only turn ripping when i let them catch fire
with the wrong embers,
they really are delicate embers)

new length of hair
that i already sort of thought i knew with michael
but also just as your hair
grows with your age
so does your texture
like with the waviness more so with bruno mars
but it's also the naturalness with him
& elementing of my hair
(and my part of crush)
that makes the distinction,

and also it's hard to continue
the same mis-hearing of all songs as one
because of one correlating connection mood
and it's not easy to keep the exact
mishearing of all probings in life
as one person such as bruno mars,

so i have to put my effort consistantly
at embossing the lyric standards
in my head to keep going after bruno's smooth sides
as for who i will spend my treasuring most on,
like giving your all to keep connecting
why a certain song went
not just through your brain
but through your conscious
listening of instruments [tied]

like awake falling for bruno mars
with all my contemplations to make content
but yes it is a dream of replay
and how bruno mars didn't just enter
in and out my ears
even with soft journey there
but also my poetry,

and that's why we have to pick
which song intensity
abstractly accords to your broken string of heart
or if it's just a bad [mood] in approximately perfect day
as you can't pick on every mistake
as a sign to emotion [though some road is needed]
even bruno Mars would nudge
not to change to every impulse of that

nor can we pull on every guy
when they hit a soft needy overlap to us,
are they the forever piano
as all three songs sounding like the moon
one began with those keys [like orbit orbing,]

and yes bruno is a consistent instrument,
but it's not uncommon
for others to have constant overlaps
and for our mishearing to be as an issue
we've been hissing about,

yet similarly there's not enough energy
to give your heart out
to pushing past easiness to every guy
while they're more than stuck in your head
but the full excitement
when other things come on
because there's one adrenaline
and only one art we can salvage that
for that we're supposed to by what's supply supported

and i'm so appeased giddy
(no irony or doubt, tanta-mount,)
the rest of it is for saving people we love
in hard emergencies,
and for grasping the hold of not letting
lyric fall into giving up standard
it needs the backing up of loving what's right
not making it feel empty (eclipsed with no color.)








it's a beautiful song about a beautiful object in nature, in an inspiring objectiveness, otherwise i like subjects, but i'll go for standards when it's nature and natural with bruno mars.........................................!

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