the degree went one down in a minute, yet mood notched up with bruno, subtle temp but noticeable

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there could be transition beautifully in many things

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



the static simply of the old record
sounds like a drum
like bruno mars' lyric may not be scratching
yet bruno's impression on me
is phonetically like my strummed pen for him
but live while bruno's song is playing
like the CD scrapes were
while the tune was

and when off radio static it's much clearer
like when standards are with bruno mars
the squeaks of my laugh for bruno
fit in not lines over-noising,
and even my poems for bruno are short blips
through the blips enough where he's joyful,

and it doesn't look long enough
to be the new feeling with bruno mars
with link pasted over other activities
yet with bruno it's got to be all
steps of dance and thoroughness with him,

while an SUV pulled in sideways
but to a carport
not on the street
like bruno's groove and yet just in his basic verse part,
to close notebook off in sheltered surrealness with bruno,

and a bright truck
can have it be two-toned white from snow
like bruno mars can have his fun contrasts
just from his fundamentalness
not shoveled off other than where he had to see
but bruno's lyrics don't need painted un-natural,
[nor my reminiscing]

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