the pressure & videos that can assist my faster writing for bruno could be weighed if w/o mood alongside light leafs

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trying to give a rainy thought but some of it is just surreal cloud but of such genre

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



the chia was on top of the rice
and it wasn't able to ferment it
like my galvanizing of adrenaline for bruno mars
that is supposed to gel
to his good song for dance sometimes can't
because burried in notebook for bruno mars
or worried strobe for how to start it so fluffed with bruno mars,

and bruno mars' feelings
that are inplicative to create emotions
can fall apart when not paired as his 'It Will Rain,'
and the volume that was resonating to react
expanding to recognizing that song of bruno's
was weighed too low to feel it
as instantly smooth & known with bruno mars
though i still knew it was soft
like the grain
but not pushing my arms up
out to excitement with bruno mars there,

and my stress relieved with bruno mars choosingly
(as not to scratch standard's surface)
in how he could calm to reduce
temptation to pick skin as vague habit
could flatten it when too heavy
with Daddy's watch
that just makes me want to enjoy the gel dance with bruno,

and the expectation for groove for bruno mars
that could facilitate flourishing with bruno
could be dampened without time flexibility,
and bruno mars' delicateness that's supposed
to turn his voice oily and made well
could be too gravitated
if bruno's lyric isn't roomy with simple melody
  (yet plugged with the outer quality
  loved of bruno mars and that soaks well,)

and as my poems get more beautiful for bruno mars
that should precede into me falling
into slowing down sensing bruno mars extra
and yet if i pre-occupy pattern
that glues away from guideline
hit in response with bruno mars,

yet a larva escaped falling into big tumble
of dangerous not (soft) nourishing nuts
and on Mamma's leg like bruno's simple melody
when of liquid studio creation
can fall & escape hurtful lyrics
when shells would bruise his tender crawling microphone
and he can arrive on my radio knob
where i would turn to
after all that turning
scared hoping he was on at right time & basics

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