there's a quote that remember always that the wind would love to play with your hair

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written in april but still my raw apron now, for looks,
like style of crush without the dehydrator of standard

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Mamma wants to actually feel the air coming
& not just be told the velocity
if she can sense it [coming] with logic
or even scattered sand seen, felt placid, at that moment in garage,

like yes i'm aware you can live a good life
even one that i do
of intense ten steps of dance to twirling-but-well music,
yet i long for the breeze
that lets the wind's power be able to crush on you,
like when Bruno politely became the whirl
& the hand [all at once] that opened our radio knob
from being sticky like stuck shudders
either by rules to follow such
or a crammed ramp of slivered steps~

and, even more, when sweltering
& wanting the house heater less to cool off,
we get categorized as what would hurt someone else
by our request 'because we've been grooving,'
like my daddy took heat to an even higher serious level
to blame the raised mind sweat
from being entertained too much
that makes me 'get stuck in a groove'
of having my heart set on bruno like a porch swing
always moving checks even without sit,
like he has it set on a song to sing
so it does its job of inspiring more than his [need for] smiling,
like if i were slowing down on my pairing of feelings for him
it would become tantamount to artificial,
at least to pretend it's more surpassing than median appreciation,
though that's why we skip
non-unique cliched musicians/songs,
rather than just giving me the honor
of not shutting the youtube doors of bruno
at least for me even if he doesn't need it for mars sars ~

but, no, the rest of the home's residents
represents 'normal,'
determining if we can save costs for closing like a store,
of expensive laughs too i guess…

though mamma uses our mamma-daughter
time during the day
to let the whole house inhale and exhale
more than only our noses
like letting me in-take the whole frame
of bruno's sweetness in and out,
of what is a molecule enough to pass through guidelines

he does let me listen & watch cute bruno mars,
yet that's like only trying
using one side of your nose
when it's automatic for both,
so it'd almost be easier
to tuck in my panting painting
as well as the delight around him
than impersonate the lesser emotion,
because i'm only good at thinking a hilarious action
is worth imitating

but, i know, he has a crush on building a greenhouse
and yet i always butt in attempting to diminish
his thrill in essence
because i keep telling him to level out
his pointing fingers at faults of other houses,
while meanwhile yes i try hard not to criticise
the various decent singers
that pitch my day of singing
& it does bother me if he's appalled
at how some liveable homes could be such,
but it's like the backup coral singing
is harmonious as well as the front people are,
but some fit on the puzzle in bigger pieces,
like i may contrast artists
to my Bruno who's on my mind
not to put them down,
but to show my exuberance

so he has a dream house
and i've a dream guy of meeting
(though he hasn't sought the land
of also good deal for yet
like i haven't found the easiest
and litterally cheapest free area
to run into Bruno Mars with/o traveling too far
for that would defeat the savings, of song choice too,
like paying more to build than for property)
but we both yack and hack our 'extremes,'
though i thought if those happen during r.e.m. it's cool

i guess it's not when with a new connotation
like i no longer think of sleep for one second,
except now, with r.e.m. the band for blink mention not bling

daddy does like to sort out
what's the best in strength and practicality
of building materials though,
like i still have to choose the good tunes of Bruno.











I went and re-found the quote used partially for my title, a beautiful one with resonance and was once featured on another site I believe when they used to have the 'message of the day' :

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair" - Kahlil Gibran

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