A tale of a queen and a soldier

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Neither a Queen changes nor her rule.Only the "citizens" of her kingdom changes with the passage of time.My story is imaginative in nature but I have written it from a real life experience faced by a person.If you find any error, please comment. I would love to read your criticism, which is one of my assets.

Her dark eyes are showing the toughness of a Lady that can not be believed. She looks much like a strong lady, certainly a lady who is the Queen of the AMMO kingdom. She has the magic of power game and the credence to treat people by her way. Her obsession starts with “Her Majesty”; a group of her followers, love to die for her cause. Her kingdom does not run on emotional fantasy of fellow men and women. Nowadays, it’s a place of aspiration and a place of an ardent love for wealth gathering. The Queen heads cavalry units who fight for other emperors in exchange of corundum gems to the queen.

The Queen has entered into a covenant with a new emperor to fight against the unknown enemy. Her cavalry units are besieged as the fighting is going so badly and battle after battle is lost to the unknown enemy. Majority of her cavalry soldiers are blaming the Queen to presume her the cause of their loss of brothers in the battlefield. She is facing the swing in her mood-not has acquaintance to her inner self. She feels the darkness of a dead moon night, resembles to the dust storm in the desert which veil uncovered face with dirt and blind vision. Her mind occupies thinking, “no longer crying to my soldier’s pain, only favorable wins to my cavalry -I am a Queen, my tears has dried up since I am crowned for the kingdom. She is holding her breadth walking alone with a “rigor” into half of her heart to fight a new battle while the other half of her heart is trumpeting to melancholic tune to the families of slain soldiers. She is not alone on her way albeit there is a shortage of good soldier’s in her cavalry who are ready to stand with her at the time of winning a battle.

Mark, personally unknown to the Queen although a known face from her cavalry units; he wants to meet the Queen to let her know about the trouble in getting into enemy filled. He knows war is won by maneuvers and hit to kill capacity. He gets very upset with the second-in- command, a vintage warrior who is known as Samora. Mark has developed a perception about Samora,”This dumb fellow does not understand what war means to others”, he is delighted with this fantasy, “war means, simply a game to win”, none of the other factors really matters a lot.

Mark is facing an unwanted apprehension from Samora as Mark’s body language shows negative reflections of his mind to carry out an order from Samora whenever he is being asked to do it. Mark is planning to leave Queen’s cavalry unit as he fights for money, neither by the feelings of oneness to the kingdom nor to the Queen. He is one of those thousand soldiers who are bought here by money. With the passage of time, he develops an inner bonding with the kingdom which he does not want to show off. He is aware of the fact that “in a war, emotional fools die hundred times before they reach their age to die”. In a wild of deceptiveness, a fox plays well than a lion. Oops, my mind should not occupy dull thoughts without having a conversation with the Queen; he gets a flash of hope in his mind. Someone says “nine soldiers out of ten are born fools? I do believe I am the smartest one; I will meet the Queen at any cost.

On a beautiful sunny day, he travels two miles to reach to the Queen’s palace. He is chased and challenged by a messenger of the queen.

Hey, soldier, halt, where are you roaming? Do you know this is placed is restricted?

Mark replies to him,” Messenger, my name is Mark, I am a soldier from her cavalry units; “I want to meet our Queen?”

Messenger said to him, Mark, perhaps, you don’t know; Queen does not meet anyone unless he/she has obtained a permission form her first man-in-command. This is an old age custom of our kingdom. Do you have permission?

Permission, are you insane? Do I need permission? I am a soldier from her cavalry units, I do not believe in taking permission. I do not feel good to talk to my commander, Samora; so, I want to speak to the Queen.

Well, soldier; I will not let you go inside until you have an invitation either from the Queen or permission from the first man-in-command. We are supposed not to disobey the custom of our kingdom because we are the soldiers; messenger replies quietly to Mark.

Ego is the deadliest aspect of human nature; it has started overruling Mark’s true facet as an obedient soldier to a born fool. His blood has started boiling to the temperature similar to a half boiled egg which looks icy cool from outside but it burns our fingers, if the egg is not handled carefully. He says to the massager, oh dear, I feel sorry for you, in a group of ten soldiers, I am the only smartest one. I know nine out of them are born fools. Possibly, you are the one of those fools. Do whatever you can? I ain’t going anywhere.

The messenger feels this man is a nerd, may be war trauma have dried his brain’s nerve cells. Our Queen is a great soul; let me inform her about Mark’s presence. He says to Mark, wait here, I am going to let the Queen knows, you are here.

Messenger Knocks at the Queen’s door; get in, calm and deep sincere voice breaks the silence. Your majesty, a cavalry man from one of your units is waiting outside to meet you. He is broken and shaggy, not ready to follow the custom of your kingdom, messenger says to the Queen with a low voice. The Queen replies to the messenger, ask him to obtain permission from my first man-in-command, it falls into his area of responsibility, I will be happy to welcome him to my palace to answer his questions.

Mark has started showing a distance from the kingdom since the messenger informs him about the order of the Queen. Everyday, he looks into the mirror without realizing his own foolishness and says the Queen is a witch who does not have a heart; she only runs by self propeled ego and dominance over her men and women in uniform. He comes to know that a new kingdom, Beeta is building up hundred miles away. He goes there to get hired as a warrior. On his first day of training, he challenges the guerilla trainer that his training is inadequate to train soldiers become one of the “fastest warriors”. His knowledge is irrelevant to the cause of new kingdom’s course of action. In fact, it’s soldiers fight for small territories, not a full scale war in comparison to his ex Queen’s Cavalry. His level of dissatisfactions is raising high with every new day. He is finding fault at everything.

He is realizing the Queen is better than the new emperor. With a hope of coming back to the Queen’s cavalry, he sends a letter of apology to the Queen for the mistakes he has done. The letter is titled as “Your Majesty, pleads from a soldier”. Massager keeps the letter to the Queen’s desk, she smirks and says hand it over to my first man-in-command.

Submitted: July 10, 2011

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Mon, July 11th, 2011 1:51pm


Hi my friend, thanks for the invite. I can swear, this is billion times a superb story.... The plotline is universal. It fits even to this era.

You've misspelled messenger (at two or three places) to massager.

In deception, a fox plays better than a lion - Hail you my dear friend. Though it's an age-old stereotype, it has been used very shrewdly...

9 out of 10 are fools. Yes it's true. Not only here. It fits in here also. In real world. A personal experience - in my class too, when our lecturer tells anything, most of us (including me) will do it blindly, whereas only a two or three will be researching on it. Why should it happen? What if not etc, yes, you're brilliant that you used it here.

Ego is the deadliest aspect of human nature. I agree to you, yes it is... And, it is vanity's father. Once vanity enters a human's mind, that human is doomed to become nothing...

This story's plot is exhilarating. It appears to me that the theme is about life - life is a circle. You'll end up where you start. It's so true. The one in top will come to bottom and the one in bottom will ascend to top. It's fascinating...

I freaking love it. It's all beautiful. I'm going to recommend this to my friends... You rock!

Your friend, Arun...:)

Mon, July 11th, 2011 1:51pm


Hi Arun- I have no words to express my feelings after reading your comments.I will try to write something better than this one. "Possibility is less but trying at it's best".((::)). Your fried and brother-Sovan

Mon, July 11th, 2011 4:04pm


I have to agree with Arun, this explored in-depth the characters of a Queen and a Soldier. The distinct contrast and exchanges are indeed, exquisite.
Ego, ego, is most certainly a baneful, ruthless aspect! If man could put aside his pride then I dare say we are capable of world peace at the most.
Wonderful writing. :)

Mon, July 11th, 2011 2:15pm


Thank you very much Khano.I have gone through your writings,truely you are an excellent writer.This is my pride(not ego) that you have commented on my story. Cheers.

Mon, July 11th, 2011 3:56pm

Serenade Willie

Its awesome!!!! Simple words have been carves very intelligently in sentences. How could you do this? Hats off!!!

Continue the good work.

Serenade Willie.

Tue, July 12th, 2011 12:59pm


Thank you Serenade for your inspiration.I must say,I do not have very strong vocabulary like other writers use in their writing.So I use simple words.The most important thing is to make my writings as simple as possible, so everyone can understand what I am writing.Keep me posted about your new work, so I can learn something from you.- Sovan

Tue, July 12th, 2011 5:40pm

Serenade Willie

Sorry for the mistake - CARVED it was meant to be.
Sorry yet again

Serenade Willie

Wed, July 13th, 2011 11:20am



Thu, July 21st, 2011 8:46am

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