Dreaming through the eyes of a daughter

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This story is based on my experience after talking to a person who wants her daughter to get a decent job which he was not able to achieve.This is a short story about a dreaming father.

Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011



I am feeling tedious while sitting at my desk in a multi-storey building. My eyes are burning from low level radiations emitted by desktop monitor. I decide to go outside to buy a pack of fresh mint flavor chewing gum.

I say to my colleague, “hey prank, I need a break. Lock your computer; let’s go to the fresh mint shop. I want to discuss something important about our work.\" Both of us take the stairs instead of an elevator.

We walk approximately 500 meters before we reach to the fresh mint shop. On returning, we are in discussion for our next carrier growth at our office. Suddenly, I notice a middle-aged man coming in our direction with an inquisite look. My colleague gets a call from
his family. He operates his cell phone to speak. Meanwhile, I maintain a distance from him.

The man approaches me
with a question. “Sir, What is the qualification required to get a job at your office?\"

I look at him questionably. He is a guard at our office premises. Obviously, he is
not highly qualified person as I think. He may ask me questions which are irreverent. I do not want to
land at an embarrassing situation to disclose my salary, if he asks me. I maintain complete silence for a minute and wait if he is leaving the place. But he stands there.

So, I ask him, ”Are you looking for a job?”

He says to me, \"No sir, I am
not a qualified person. I am
thinking about my daughter’s future.\"

I am serious, as I saw his concern in his fading eyes which are now flashing with unfulfilled dreams throughout his life; flashing in a hope of getting it completed through the success of his daughter.

I mutter to myself, 'Sovan, you are not going to discourage this dreaming father who falls behind from the material success
of this world.'

Then, I ask him, “How old is she?”

He said to me, “She is 14 years old.”

I said to him, \"She is still a teenager; she needs to go
at least five more years from now to get a job here. She must be reading in class Xth, right?\"

He said, \"Yes.\"

\"Well, our company offers a job to a person who is at least graduated in commerce, business administration, arts etc. The person should speak English better than an average person because we deal with highly valued customers. Will you be able to help her to make her English strong?\" I wanted to let him remind his financial capability. Quality education is not free at all. Education becomes a business instead of lightening the soul and mind of a person. I know the days are very tough for a private security guard here. They work for 12 hours without any excellent salary package. They do not get weekly off. A portion of their salary is eaten by so called middlemen/vendors.

He replied to me slowly, \"I want her to do master’s level degree from a good institution. I am saving a little portion from my salary for her education. I want to say you she is a very bright student although she reads in a government funded school; I'm unable to provide her even tuition fees.\"

The word 'bright' makes me confident that she will do something excellent, not only to end herself to get a job. I am not a fortune teller, but I can predict these things from the lives of great men and women on this earth. These bigger brains always have faced financial and social difficulty with their education and careers. Till now, it is clear to me, that she does not have a private tutor but she is doing well in her education.

It indicates that her thought process must be clear. I'm mum for a moment and starts thinking what can be the best option for her to be an effective English communicator. She needs it to fulfill her basic financial necessity of life. I am not very optimistic, if her father will be able to provide support. She needs a job which can help her to complete higher education.

Oh, I remember my school days, how difficult it was to read Shakespeare's sonnets without availability of good teachers at my village. I had two dictionaries which were unable to provide me the meanings of English words from Elizabeth era.

I ask him to bring a pen and a piece of paper. I have written the name of a book which is less costly and available at the local market. It can help her to read and understand English very easily. I advised him to get her an admission to an English speaking course from non reputed institutions which are run by college students for their pocket money.

He says to me, \"I will do and thank you for your help.\"

I am felling better now at least I help the person today with my little brain. Something is occupying my mind. I believe in rebirth of human life on earth to fulfil the dream which was incomplete in the past life. This instance makes me think twice not everyone thinks the same ways as I believe.

Many individuals complete their dead dreams through the eyes of their loved ones. They take all the pains and return only achievements to their dear ones. I am not sure whether the girl will ever be able to realize the feelings of her father when she will grow up. In reality, her father has started dreaming through her eyes.

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