In the light of Perfection

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This one is written for those who try to find perfection in everything. A true story indeed and I made some changes in the plot to keep the story alive.Criticisms are most welcome.

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



A successful man’s fame needs a beautiful wife and an Independent woman needs a handsome husband, the new concept of a marriage besides well off family upbringings of a bride and a bridegroom. Also, nobody knows if this is indisputable truth or a half lie in life except those who believe in their insightful acknowledgement of happy married life, they bolster with their better half. A new-fangled relation after marriage is enormously common. Undeniably trustworthy companions are always there although they appear in all forms and shapes, setting aside their outer shell to bear out the two words, beautiful for a woman and handsome for a man. A man and a woman spend decades in relation with each other but still lie while standing next to each other. It may not be true for everyone as our state of affairs help us to linger anonymous to each other; a drawback to our knowledge to carry out loyalty between delineate mindsets “You are mine and I am yours.”

Amisha, a city girl of twenty six year olds, is a cause to trouble her ageing father Mr. Dave, a shop owner of sports goods, and he desires to see Amisha is happily married before heading towards grave. He is ascertained to find apposite match for her. Keeping an eye on Matrimonial services on different newspapers; whenever Mr. Dave finds the best match for her, he insists Amisha to think about his finding as a perfect partner for her but Amisha is from new genre, she refuses it by her own viewpoints of the male partners as some of them are dark in complexion, and someone of them don’t earn well; while some of them are not smarts. As a man with limited knowledge about the highly educated generation, Mr. Dave is anxious with the refusal of her daughter and contemplates her to decide her own fate but he always wants to follow her like a shadow because she is the only child for him.

Amisha, Mr. Dave verbalizes to his daughter, what have you decided about your marriage this time?

Something amazing, you will be happy this time dad, she responds, I am finding out my way to get married to someone who can be my dream partner.

Mr. Dave keeps his silence thinking that her daughter is a well educated and sincere girl; she must be alright to her decision about getting married.

How are you going to find Mr. Perfect and Handsome? Her dad questions with eyes astonishing. I should have an acquaintance to it after all I am your dad.

Well, dad, you possibly don’t have a good idea about, Getting Married within a fortnight, an online portal for unmarried. Amisha avers that the online portal is a perfect place for finding her dream partner and it only charges a one time fee to supply information about male partner.

Excellent! My dear, I am happy if you are happy as my happiness surrounds you, Mr. Dave states this to his daughter.

Since, the industrial revolution in 18th century and invention of commercial usage of internet in late 80’s made our life much faster and tend ourselves to get everything within a minute at any cost. A Pizza can be delivered within 30 minutes and a bucket of flowers can be handed over to impress someone by a phone call only. The true fact is that the private organizations know the value of the time and the commitment, and these organizations are able to catch the nerves of every generation. The new venture, Get married within a fortnight, finds a new way to complete ourselves to be socialized. It could be a responsibility of any parents to see their daughter or their son is getting married on their desires. The days have gone when a child really wants social marriage. Love marriage is the first preference as trust and knowing a person is more important than blindly get married to someone. The new culture to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend has an important aspect to describe individuality of a person. Our society is more liberal than earlier. Everyday, Amisha comes back from her work and switch on her laptop to find a suitable match for her.

By looking at her daughter’s smiling face while she is logging on to her marriage portal profile, Mr. Dave addresses his daughter:

I am keen to know if you have found the dream man, Amisha.

I am in a way to let you know whom I really have chosen, said Amisha with her conscience, I am planning to meet him on this Sunday. His mom is also coming. How about accompany my dad at his family gathering? I have informed him, you’ll be there on my side.

I am glad to know your decision. I do have faith on your judgment. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed for your future, what will happen? If I am not there, says Mr. Dave to Amisha.

It is goanna be alright, now forget all your worries and prepare yourself for a new phase of your life when I have planned to do it as you always want me to go for it.

On October 23rd, 2011, she dresses up in yellow ethnic Indian dress and sits next her dad’s driving seat to go to the local restaurant to meet the person. Amisha works with a big corporation as a middle management staff. She earns pretty well, and today she is dressed up with something, she doesn’t wear at her office. Due to her body masses, she is looking much heavier today in ethnic Indian suit.

At 4:30 PM in the evening, Amisha receive a SMS on her cell phone from the man; I am on my way to the restaurant, searching for ways to come quickly. She smiles and replies back, it is alright. I am sitting in the corner of first floor with my dad. I am dressed in yellow suit. She remains talking to her day about her future plans, and around 15 minute later a man, wearing blue jeans and tee-shirt, storming the silence with a heavy sound of boot. He walks few steps and goes straight to the Amisha who was sitting on a couch in the corner. A lady, looks like over fifty years follows the footsteps of the man. Her eyes stuck at Amisha, watching her slowly and carefully from her face to her toe. The young man pretends to cough with his senses and raises a question to Amisha.

Hello, are you Amisha?

Yes. Hey, you are Raul, right? Amisha returns a courtesy.

Yup, that’s correct. I’m sorry for getting late; I have jam-packed at the traffic on AIIMS flyover for half an hour. Traffic. Traffic. My beloved country is really shinning? All lies. The rock star looking man mourned with shaking his head while looking at the floor unknowingly.

Why? Isn’t it common part of our life? We don’t have discretion on traffic and the word country has nothing to do it. We are still developing country. Amisha slightly become sentimental.

It is a kind of truth to console our heart. I ain’t goanna remind it. All are craps. Oh, I’ve forgotten to ask you. How long have you been waiting here? The man changed the conversation to put a focus on different things.

It is all right. Let me order a mock tail for you. What would you’ve to be likening to have? What is about your Mom? She turns to the middle aged lady and passes a careful gesture.

Berry frosty, I’m a little thirsty. Wait. Wait. I need a cup of coffee. I woke up from my bed after your ring and came here to meet you. Hey mom, I think you need a glass of lemon water, it is very hot outside. The man turns to his mom to say.

No. only a glass of water is absolutely fine for me, the middle aged lady replies slowly but surely.

Amisha places her order to the waiter who has been standing silently to take order from her. The waiter serves a glass of water to Raul’s mom and walks down to bring the order.

Amisha turns her face down to Raul for a careful look. Raul says to her, I haven’t slept well last night. I am dealing with a new client. So, I have been working till 5’O clock this morning before I get a change to go to my bed at 8’O clock.

Ok. This is my dad. Amisha signals to the man who was sitting on the couch at left side.

Her dad, Mr. Dave, a shop owner of sports goods from east Delhi, good at basic conversations in English as he deals with high valued customers. He says, hi to Raul as courteousness. His knowledge about business is rich in 30 years of experience, dealing with customers. He can guess the demand of a customer by a simple look at the face and eye. Mr. Dave is skeptical to the answer Raul has given for his eyes are looking red. He is planning to check his profile again to verify if he has filled the option drinking habits. Mr. Dave is looking for an honest man for his daughter as he has a strong financial background. Now, he makes an excuse to leave the place for few minutes and asks Amisha to call him on his cell phone whenever she is ready to go home. So, Amisha and Raul can ask pertinent questions about marriage. Raul’s mom also leaves the place to take a look outside of the restaurant.

Where do you work? You must be holding a good position, isn’t it true? How many years have you been working? Raul asks these questions curiously to Amisha.

Amisha raises her voice a bit to this question to answer, I work with one of the best research consultants in India and I’m a manager for last two years and it has been 5 years since, I am into consulting job.

How became you are a manager within 5 years? Isn’t it too early to be a manager? My logic says at least you should have 7 years of work experience to be a manager as I have done my regular MBA in HR and most of the organizations who are into consulting business, are following the same pattern because the experience and the maturity of a person play a critical role for consulting business due to the fact; that you work with the best analytical minds from the job market. Raul’s bright eyes sparkle like cat’s eyes when it silently walks for hunting a rat during the night.

It could vary on the hypothesis of someone’s mind’s neurons while it may not be true in all cases. I’m not only the one who is the best from the corporate world. I know it since I have entered into my profession but I work for 15 hours in a day on several occasions while managing my projects. Amisha counters with a cool head to nag Raul.

It is very interesting listening to you, Raul rejoins to Amisha.

What is your favorite place to spend weekend? Raul sharply put the ball towards Amisha’s court. He is searching for miss bright, beautiful, and honest, the rarest gift to common individuals. He wants to check Amisha is really true on whatever she states while Amisha is trying to find her dream companion. Both of them have started searching for bookish concept; that dream companion changes a tale to a fairy tale.

I rarely go outside during my weekends. I’m busy in learning about the behaviors of people at corporate level. I want to be the best mind, managing people at any level because my new learning is if people are with you, you’ve everything. Better of the best resource is our people. This concept has given me my success at the early stage of my profession.

I am not able it to perceive it as a normal person. How could you spend all the time thinking only? You don’t go outside. Doesn’t it sound different than your statement? You manage people and it is people who have helped you to gain success. Dave’s inquisitive mind again questioned the girl by knowing the truth she is very strong by her mind, not like any go-getter who can be made off with simply questioning.

Hamm. It can remain different for some of us as the word says possibilities of possible remains intact in impossible. Amisha again controls her voice replying to Raul.

Superb! Especially the line you make known to me, possibilities of possible remains intact in impossible. I believe in it. I must admit, we have already spent more than an hour, talking to each other. It is time for me to take a decision. I need to talk to my mom personally as she is around. She will let your dad know about our decision. Raul smiles and shakes his hand with Amisha before leaving the place.

Amisha liked the man’s sharpness of mind; she is waiting for a call from Raul and instigates her father to call to him again. Her father talk to Raul’s mom and said ok.

Mr. Dave has shown growing wrinkles on his forehead from recent conversation with Raul’s mom. He is again tedious to think about Amisha’s future but these bowed lines on his forehead are showing the new light of wisdom for contemporary lifestyle demand. He calls for his teenage employee to buy gifts for Amisha. After returning from his shop, he slowly goes to his daughter’s room and keeps the packet inside. Amisha doesn’t understand what her dad wants to say to her. She, walks quickly to her dad’s shop. Everything is the same as earlier but only changes she notices a new banner, “Be slim and trim to give your hand to someone who needs you than you need someone.”

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