Soul's journey to the earth.

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World is moving faster,so our expectations.My story is imaginative in nature which does not seems to be fitted for all but it's a truth of human life.My colleague and friend Anil has forwarded me a sms which was the source of inspiration to write it......pls feel free to comment on my errors.

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011



Believers say thousand miles away above the skyline of the brightest stars, there is a beautiful home, the home is known as the gateway to heaven. The gateway to heaven is an abeyance of every believer’s choice of destiny after death from the earth. The heavenly creatures mainly consist of insatiable souls who want rebirth on the earth to fulfill their aspiration from past life. The souls go there by their good deeds during past earthly life, but their expectations never die. The words expectation and aspiration is engraved in the soul to the insatiable souls.

God has created a hanging garden with one hall room which is named as “Your Place”. Nowadays, Your Place is crammed with new comers. Population of this world has increased tremendously; birth and death numbers are higher than earlier.. God’s personal secretary Chitragupta is having a difficult time to manage the souls; he is getting trained on communication skills by Goddess Saraswati, the mother of all art and knowledge. Chitragupta is astounded on the thinking of the souls who return from the earth due to death. Prior to globalization, Chitragupata asks a simple question to every soul,” Do you want to choose a religious scholar parents or to a non-religious rich parents?” The answers are as alike from majority of respondents; souls want a rebirth to a religious scholar parents.

Things have changed now; the world is a pocket sized territory. Internet is the first love of human life; anyone can view the Broadway of New York City from New Delhi through google earth. Aspirations are more important than religion and honesty to becoming a successful person. Dissatisfaction, poverty, worries, war have changed human genetics to a mutant. Some of us act as men/women during sunlight and animals during night after becoming addicted to exciting tonic of individual aspiration and expectation from others. Contemporary souls have started crying to Chitragupta,”I want to take rebirth to become a famous personality”. My family’s expectations should be high, so I can get whatever I want to achieve. My parents should be very rich to provide me supports to lead my life”.

Goddess Saraswati, the mother of imagination and knowledge has advised Chitragupta to learn internet. She thinks internet can resolve the problem of Chitragupta’s designation as a personal secretary to God. Life on earth is very fast as the earth has started moving faster than 5000 year’s back. So every living soul is smarter than earlier.

Chitragupta is in a dilemma, he is thinking,” how am I going to stop these souls to choose ambitious parents?” Ambitious parents have specific choice of their baby’s sex identity. He can send a soul to earth but their sex will be decided by X chromosome and Y chromosome of their parents. As a God’s personal secretary, he has nothing to do with it. A soul does not show a sex indicator, it is lighter than water, it can not be burnt by fire, a freezing wind can not take it away against it’s own will”.

While searching through the internet, Chitragupta gets an idea to start a competition for those souls who want to choose their ambitious parents. ”X” factor is very popular among the new generation on earth. He thinks of a new name,” earth factors” for the winner souls who will rebirth on the earth. Winners will have a choice to choose their own parents. Chitragupta decides a 15 days training programme and certification for those selected from preliminary round of,” earth factors”. The certification was very tough and a true copy of trainings to the US navy seals.

Two souls Tammi and Nammi have gotten through the selection process. They are certified with “go on earth by your choice”, winners of “earth factors”. Chitragupta says to the souls” dear Tammi and Nammi, make your wish for rebirth, I am here to bless you both”. You are the souls who will act against my desire. But I am happy to see your braveries. You will see the sunlight from the earth after the beginning of next year”. Tammi wants to be a highly intellectual, so it decides to take birth to a home of a religious scholar parents and Nammi wants to be a rich and powerful individual so it decides to take birth to a home of a non-religious rich parents. On hearing to their wish, Chitragupta says “Tathastu” to them.

Tammi and Nammi are very happy as they are going on earth to fulfill their dreams from past life. Tammy says to Nammi, “The world has changed, human are faster than earlier. They have everything to their reach; I am thrilled to see the new face of the world. I want to sing,” “ Wow! ,I am here waiting for you my earth, give me hug, give me love, give me shelter after I will take birth.”

Nammi replies,” Honey poets have a big problem as you guys sing a song either for a broken heart or to an alien dream. What do you get by these feelings? I do not like this emotional and touchy nature. I have a dream to be crowned. I will rule with an iron rod in my hand, so I have decided to take birth to a rich family. Money is the most important factor to flex muscles. It is time to go to the earth. Let’s take a drive from the gateway of heaven”.

Other souls have wished Tammi and Nammi good luck. The surrounding area of the gateway of heaven has turned into a place of falling stars as they start their journey. After flying through the asteroids and negative matter, they have entered into the earth atmosphere without any obersativation by the Hubble telescope.

Tammi and Nammi have started growing inside their mother’s wombs. They have started telepathy to know each other’s condition.Tammi’s dad is a religious scholar and an honest man who loves his family and shows respect to everything. Nammi’s dad is a business tycoon and a powerful man. His fortune is well known by others. Every night, Nammi’s father does parties. He goes to the foreign land to spend vacation. Nammi is gratified to the feat of it’s father as a money magnet.

Till now, Tammi and Nammi have not shown any indication of their sex identification as it will take another 16 weeks for them to show sex indication. They are making plan to do the things on the earth. Tammi’s father is happy with his life and says to his wife, “I want to see my child a religious and good human being. I do not have any problem if I have a baby boy or a baby girl. I will provider him/her supports from all aspects of life. May God bless my family.

Nammi’s dad is worried if he is going to be a father of a girl child. He asks his wife to go for ultra sound scans after 16 weeks. Doctor says, “Congratulation, a little angel is coming to your home”. Nammi’s dad is thwarted to become a father of a baby girl. He wants only a male child to take care his reputation and wealth. So, he fixed an appointment with his wife’s gynecologist to abort Nammi as his daughter.

Nammi is sleeping with her dreams of life; suddenly, she feels pressure is mounting on her ribcage to squeeze her lungs. Her mouth is not open; but she is groaning, mom, mom, wake up. I am having breathing problem; I do not want to die. She is unable to understand, her mom’s silence. The pressure has started risen; her heart has started leaking blood. She is lying on a pool of blood. She is waiting for her mom, when she will come. Her mind is still active with a hope,” she has gone through “earth factors” in the gateway to heaven. She is not going to die easily. She is listening to her heart beats as these are slowing down. Gradually, the heart stops beating.

Nammi is a free soul now; she is again lighter than water and faster than wind. She takes her journey to the gateway to heaven by cosmic rays.Chitragupata has learnt many things about human nature. He asks to Nammi, “Hey why you are here?” Nammi says to him,” I believe this place is safer than earth.” I am a backdated soul, now I realize human beings are out of God’s reach. They have developed ultrasonography which is better than any predications by an Angel. An Angel can predict the future by a magic crystal ball, but human beings can decide the fate of an unborn girl child after images are taken by ultrasonography.


Chitragupata is a male associate of Hindu God,”Yama”. Chitragupta decides whether a person will go to heaven or hell. Yama is responsible for death.

Goddess Saraswati:- Hindu female God who is known as the source of literature, music and knowledge. Without her blessings, no one can get mastery of an art.

Tathastu- A Sanskrit word utters by Hindu God, it means, “it shall be so as you wish”. This is a common word in Hindu Puranas.

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