The Gamekeeper and the Princess

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This short story is a tale of how I met and went on my first date with my girlfriend with a fairy tale twist.

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



The Gamekeeper and the Princess

By: Austin Turner


Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there was a beautiful princess and a peasant gamekeeper. These two had met briefly in the market square many years ago when they were younger; however, they had not taken notice of each other as possible companions.

As a child, the princess had been locked away from society by the queen so she would not become corrupted by the vulgar society they lived in. Due to this lack of interaction, the princess would not recognize the courting rituals the gamekeeper would later implement.

As the years progressed, the gamekeeper became more and more lonesome, so he decided that it was time to find a girlfriend. Over this period of time he asked countless wenches to court. However, every single one of them denied the lonely gamekeeper. After these many rejections, he decided to become the gamekeeper of the palace.

Three years later, the gamekeeper and the princess had become friends. He then decided to attempt to court the princess. First he asked her to assist him with a project he had decided to try which she could help him with. However, she said no.

After several weeks had passed, he decided to try again. This time he asked her to accompany him to a play. Once again, she said no, for she had to paint her bedroom. This rejection had convinced the gamekeeper that he had no chance with the princess, so he had given up on courting the princess.

Then one day, the gamekeeper heard a knock at his cottage door. He opened it and to his surprise there stood a royal courier. This man quickly handed the gamekeeper a letter and was on his way. He quickly recognized the princess’s seal on the letter, so he hastily tore the letter open to read the message within. The letter inside revealed that the princess requested the gamekeeper’s presence on a date. This excited the gamekeeper immensely, so he immediately began to prepare.

Before he could take the princess on their date, he had to repair his carriage. After reattaching the door, cleaning the inside, and washing the carriage, it was fit to escort the princess. However, there was one slight problem: because he was still a peasant he did not own horses which could pull the carriage. In order to compensate, the gamekeeper decided to use another animal which he had an abundance of- turtles.

The next day, the gamekeeper drove his carriage up to the castle gates. The guards were expecting him, so they promptly raised the gates and let the gamekeeper in. Once inside, he met the queen. Although she did not enjoy allowing the princess to go on a date, she allowed him to escort the princess to his carriage.

They then proceeded to the pond the gamekeeper maintained. Once they arrived, they decided to go fishing. The princess had never attempted the filthy hobby, but the gamekeeper had been fishing since he was a small child. Despite the difference in experience, the princess was more successful than the gamekeeper by catching two fish. When it started to get late, they decided to go to the nearest tavern and have a bite to eat.

After a few drinks and some fish and chips, they decided to bring the night to an end. They took the carriage back to the castle and said their good byes. On the ride home, the gamekeeper regretted not giving her a good night kiss; however, he would have many more opportunities to do so.

From this point on, the two would accompany each other to the weekly jousts; however, the season quickly ended and they were forced to find a new Friday night activity. In place of jousting, they began to attend dinners and entertain themselves with court jester performances.

As the months progressed, the couple became more and more in love and continued to live and love happily ever after.  

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