Chafe Induce

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Jacqueline Wood, is a single mother to her seventeen year old daughter. Despite, flash backs from her past, her past boyfriend resurfaces. Jacqueline never actually got over him. When he meets his daughter, a world of pain is revealed.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



Alone, in the hospital room. Jacqueline, scared, and upset sat on the bed. Cramps blistering her body. The lack of nurses, because of strike lure the hallways. A few vist every couple hours, but the insistance is bore. Jacqueline's boyfriend walks in.

"Hello, Jacqueline," he smiled

"Come, and sit down," she replied

"You feeling any better?" he asked

"Nope, the cramps are getting worse.

"Everything, will be alright." he said.

Jacqueline is brought back to reality, as the same thirty seven year woman, single with her daughter. She was hapy for a momet, remembering a fantastic moment in her life, the birth of her baby.

Jacqueline decided to go for a walk. SHe went over the crest of the hill. the breeze crowding over her head. She smiled when she reached the park. SHe seen a woman with her child. She once again flashed back, to the day her daughter was born.

"Mike, it is time." she cied,

"Relax, Jacqueline," the doctor advised.

"Jacqueline, are you sure you want to go through with the caesarean section?" he asked

"Yes, it is it's best chance,"

"If, you think so," he said, the next thing she remembered was walking through the hallways, to a large room. Jacqueline blacked out before returning to reality.

Jacqueline, some how returned back home. She sat on the couch, surprising her self with the fact, that it has been over seventeen years since she last saw Mike. She felt with her heart that he would return oneday, with that she pulled out the last letter he sent two months after he left. It was yellowing, and smearing. SOme of it wasn't legibal, anymore. SHe decided to read what she could out loud.


I don't know, what to say anymore my love.
Things, were left uneasy. Oneday, things will
Change. If not for me, for you. Don't give up.

THe rest of the letter was too hard to read. then thought back, to the day she and her daughter Connie were talking.

"You've got to let him go mom.' Connie stated

"He loves me Connie,"

"If he, loves you so much where is he?"

"He is confused, you see."

'How long is he confused for, sixteen years. Come on mom, he is not coming back and if he ever does it is not going to be for what you want."

"Before he left, his last words were. 'I love you: but things are forcing me to leave."

"He doesn't love you anymore.'

Jacqueline's flashback was interrupted by the doorbell, without thinking, shewent and opened the door. She looked in shock, her face pale.

"Hello Jacqueline,"

"Michael, is that really you?" Jacqueline asked,

"It's me, it's been a while," he replied

"What, are you doing here?"

"I heard from your mother, you turned down the opportunity to run, your family company. I was curious, and happen to be in town so, decided to come and find out why,"

"I don't want to be a executive. I'm happy with my life now,"

"You are stupid, you know that,"

"I guess, it's better to be stupid, then dolorous," Jacqueline said, "Michael, why did you actually show up?"

"I was talking, to your dad. He offered me, eighty thousand dollars, to make a visit to you." he replied

"Did he say what he wanted?"

"No, he just told me, make a visit, to you and he pay me." Michael said

"Stop lying to me," she snapped

"He wanted, me to convince you to come, and run the company."

"You didn't even have the decency to come on your own free will." Jacqueline cried

"I guess I should be going," he said, turning to leave. "I'm sorry Jacqueline, it has to be this way,"

"Maybe? One thing Mike," He turned to look at her. "Tell me something first,"

"What, Jacqueline?" he wanted to know,

"Did you ever really love me, or was it all just a way to have a son?"

"Jacqueline, I moved on. I have a new wife, and two sons," he paused, "We did share something, but it is a thing of the past,"

"What about the child we shared?"

"You knew how much I wanted a son,"

"So, you found a new woman. You using her, so you can have a son,"

"No, we share a bond that will never be broken. I love Jahana, she is my life,"

"Fine, go back to your wife," Jacqueline shouted, she turn around, facing the house. Mike stands there, before heading down the path. At that time, Constance drove up to the house. She got out, heading up the sidewalk, passing Michael.

"Mom, you didn't tell me you had company," she said

"Connie, he was unexpected." Jacqueline said, turning around. She saw Michael, just about to enter his car. She yelled across the yard. "Michael, be a man, and tell Connie, who you are." Mike, stopped to look at Jacqueline.

"Why, can't you let it be?" he said,

"What is wrong with me, knowing who you are?" Connie asked

"If you must know, I'm Michael Blake, your father," he said, quietly.

"My father," she said to herself quietly. She raised her voice slightly, "My good for nothing, father, the guy who disowned me, because I'm a girl."

"Connie, it is not like that," he tried to explain. SHe looekd at him for a moment.

"Then, how is it then?" she screamed

"I knew you would be better off without me. It was a difficult situation; I needed to make things easier on your mother and you," he said

"Your such a liar. You wanted, things easier for you. Your ego got the best of you. Instead of being a man, you chose to be a coward,"

Connie, looked at her father, her expression raged. Jacqueline from the sideline looked at the two of them. She noticed, how much Connie resembled Michael. She had his light brown hair, green eyes, and oval shape face. She had the same face as Mike when he was mad.

"I will make, it up to you Connie," Mike replied,

"It is too late. I'm better off without you, go back to where you came from."

"I'm sorry Connie; I'm your father, and that won't change," he said, then went to leave.

"Your, not my father, you are just a sperm donor," Connie snapped, Jacqueline saw the expression on Mike's face change. His was biting his lip, how Jacqueline remember he did, when he was hurt. She knew Connie hurt his ego.

"If you feel that way Connie, it is because your overwhelmed; I'll leave, because its obvious I'm not wanted here,"

"Michael, so you taking the coward way out." Jacqueline snapped. Mike continued to head for his car. "You ignoring me now, only a loser does that. I waited the last seventeen years of my life for you. I never got over you. I dreamed you would return and be a family, I never understood you. You choice to move on, because I was infertile. Was I property to you Mike? Tell me, was I trash?" Jacqueline cried. Michael stopped and turned around

"Jacqueline, why are you making this so hard? What do you want me to say? That I love you and want to be with you?" he asked

"Tell me, what I did wrong. Did I push you away? Was there more then you just wanting a son?"

"You didn't push me away, I was expected to have a son. I was the only son of the Blake Generation, and I needed to have a son, to pass on to generations ahead.,"

"One more thing; are you disapointed you had a daughter." Jacqueline

"I could never be dissapointed in having a daughter. Connie, is pretty, bright and brilliant. She has every right to be mad at me. One day I'll make it my priotory, to make it up to her."

"That is between you and Connie; I hope you too work out."

"We can start small, first I need to tell Jahana, and my sons, that I have a daughter." he said handing Jacqueline a business card, "If Connie, ever wants to call, even to tell me if she hates me, she is free too."

"I don't know if our relationship can be fixed," Connie interrupted, "I've been listening and i'm the one to tell you how it is. I was going to change my last name from, Blake to Wood, but changed my mind."

"You have the last name Blake?" Mike asked amazed.

"Doesn't a child, take after their father's last name?"

"Well, you not changing your last name, means a lot to me. Not that it matters."

"I'm willing to, give you a chance to make it up."

"I'd like that, well I got to go." he said and left. "I'll miss you..."

Connie, and Jacqueline walked inside. Connie went up to her room, and sat on the bed. She heared her mother crying from her bedroom: she felt bad, knowing her mom was looking forward to her and her dad's reunion. Jacqueline sat on her bed, she was looking at a old picture of her and Michael. She sat it down when Connie, came inside, several minutes later.

"Mom, I'm sorry about Mike,"

"I guess, he is over me," she cried

"I'm sorry, you got hurt," Connie tried to assure.

"I have my life; I'll have to move on,"

"Are you sure you'll be able to mov eon mom?" Connie asked
'Honestly, I don't know," she replied, "Our love was pure, if only you were their to witness it. You'd understand why I waited all these years,"

"Tell me, something from the past. A story or something so I can understand. I heard all these wonderful things about him, but no actual reason to believe it."

"Well, there was this one time. It was about three weeks after I found out I was pregnant with you," Jacqueline paused, "Your father and I went to the super market, to start browsing for baby stuff. He was looking at baby boy stuff and of course I was looking for both genders. After we went home. Some how, he sneaked out. When he got home he gave me, some flowers. A note was attached to the flowers. It said, 'to my lovely pregnant girfriend, I love you with all my heart.' The following months, he'd buy me many gifts, and we shared many romantic nights, and he always told me he loved me."

"The typical dream boyfriend, he seemed so nice. I don't understand why he would leave you for another woman,"

"I don't know Connie," she said, they sit quietly for a few moments, "Connie, if you don't mind. I'd like to be alone.

"Okay, mom if you want to be alone, I'll leave youa lone." Connie said then left.

Jacqueline sat their staring out the window,she flashback to a time with her and Mike. A time she wish she could forget

"Mike, come back," Jacqueline cried

"I can't be with you Jacqueline," Mike said quietly

"We have a baby. We have to care for,"

"She is going to die anyway. She is four month premature. You need to let it go,"

"You going to just leave, we both need you,"

"I need a son, Jacqueline. It is my duty. A family, I'm sorry but I need to leave and think about the future," he said and left,

"Mike, don't leave," Jacqueline blubbered,

Jacqueline, thinking back to present is crying slightly.

"Michael, I'm finished. I can't live, waiting for you,' she whispered to herself, "I should of listened to everyone, now I can move on," she said, leaving the room. Jacqueline and Connie later decided to go to a movie.

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