Pieces to Her Heart

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A poem about a person's life.

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



The Sun falls on the beach
A new little soul is here
The black little creature krept, a leach
To see the little baby appear

The sun beams on the little tot
The first laughs are caught
Stepping on the beach laughing all day
Is there anything else to say

Reaching city limits to shop
Looking for a bright pink dress
With a laugh and hop
To see her feeling press

She lives with her aunts
All the time but summer
She gets to wear her pants
Playing with the local drummer

Thirteen, rolls around
The smiles start to come
A teenager is bound
Highschool and then some

With a lot of hard work
Graduation comes with a perk
Summer rolls around again
There is too much rain

At twenty, she leaves for the city
To earn a degree in zoology
She learned the fun of freedom
Whereever she is she is welcome

She owns a piece of land
True loves follows her here
Where he finally took her hand
Her name is now as it appear

Two little ones, two boys
She is happy
SHe becomes a spy, a decoy
Her marriage ends crappy

Things seem to fail
THirty five rolls around
Her kids play with the pail
THe house is fill with sound

Fourty soon fins its way
In her heart she will say
The sound of keeping still
SHe searches for the pill

Years go by inside and out
Fifty soon finds her way there
Wantin people to hear her pout
Her too grown sons haven't seen her here

Her hair is grey
As it begans to fray
Sixty years, ans she sees
That life has it fees

She is happy again at seventy
Her life is just getting back on track
The same as it will be at eighty
She begans to pack

She finds the pieces to her heart
Ninety comes, her life is coming to part
Spends her last days in bed
Machine, as she is fed

One hundred and one
the family gatheres around
to see the passing of someone
That someone is her as the final sound

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