Shattering Lust

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Tuscany and Scott are in love. They soon learn there going to have a baby. Alternating between Tuscany's father's temper and Scott's mothers twisted mind, they aren't sure if there relationship will survive. Can Tuscany and Scott fight to stay together?

Submitted: February 01, 2007

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Submitted: February 01, 2007



Shattering Lust

 This is the story of a girl named Tuscany. Here's her story 

 My name is Tuscany (Patuski) Rice and here's my story. One day I was at home with my dad, my two younger siblings Brennan, and Rachel. Mom was visiting some friends. My dad was in a bad mood that day. I wasn't feeling good like I had the previous couple weeks. I went to see the a docter earlier that day. I was in shock when I found that I was pregnant. My dad already hated my boyfriend Scott's guts. It didn't even have the curouge to tell my dad but I knew I Had too.. I sat down on the couch a cross from him. He looked up at me.

 "So how you feeling?" He asked sharply. His voice sounded angey

"Still the same, but I went to see the doctor." I replied softly.

 "And what did the docter say." he said loudly

 "He said. um He said." I paused scared out of my mind. My dad's patiences were very slim and he yelled.

 "What did he damn well say.  Tuscany what the hell is wrong with you." My right hand went into my pocket and I took out a piece of paper that had my ultra sound of my  baby on it. I held it and my arm was shaking. My dad was very mad now.

 "What did the doctor  say  and what is that your holding."

 "Nothing." I said quickly

 "Don't tell me nothing Tuscany." he yelled. He grabbed my arm. He took the paper from my other hand.  He  glared at it. I stood there shaking.  He through it on the cofeee table. He grabbed my arm again. He was holding me tightly. He looked at me with angry eyes. This time he really scared me.

 "Don't tell me Scott is the father. Tell me you cheated him." I got defensive.

 "I'd never cheat on him. I don't care what you think about him. Yes I'm pregnant. He is the father of my baby." My dad let go of me and pushed me back." He went to my coat and took my car keys. He grabbed his keys to his truck.

 "I'll make sure Scott won't see tomorrow. He'll pay for getting you pregnant. I'll make sure he's pays. and Tuscany you can't stop me. I'm taking your car keys."

 "Dad don't." I cried

 "You are not to see that boy." He stormed out the door before I could say anything. Rachel walked in the room. I turned and looked at her.

 "What happened Tuscany? Why are you crying? Why did dad run out the door?" she asked worried.

 "He is pissed. He found out I'm pregnant so He went to see Scott. He took my car keys."

 "What are you going to do?"

 "Take his corvette. He can't honestly think I won't try to stop him." I ran upstairs. I grabbed his keys to his corvette that layed in his drawyer. Brennan saw me run out with them.

 "What are you doing with the keys to dads corvette."

 "I'm using his corvette since he took my keys. Ask Rachel for the rest of the story I got to go." I ran outside and in to the gradge. I slowly brought the car out. I suddenly giver it and shot at a hundred miles per hour out of the driveway. I never felt so scared in my life. I drove like I never did before. I took a back alley on to the next street over. I drove and soon I turned the corner on to scott's  street. I saw my dad's truck. I parked the car. I heared the sound of yelling in the back yard. I ran into scott's back yard. I saw my dad alternating between kicking and punching Scott. Scott's mother was panicking. She turned and looked at me. I ignored her and went and jumped at my dad's back. He reached back and striked me in the face and I fell backward. He turned to say something but stopped. He stopped attacking Scott. He looked at me.

"Tuscany how the hell did you get here?"

 "I took your car. You can't think I'd stay back and let u kill him did you." I said

 "You stole my keys. Do you know how much that car is worth?"

 "More then you'll ever be." I said and I turned to see Scott on the ground. He was bleeding. His face swollen  and face brusied. He had mulitple bruises. My dad grabbed my arms and pushed me up againts the deck. I was struggling. He yelled.

 "You good for nothing whore. You get your self pregnant and you have the nerve to insult me. Your my daughter and I won't allow you to disrespect me." A police officer came in and looked at my dad. He pointed his gun at him.

"Let go of the girl and put up your hands." My dad let go of me. He put his hands up. To my surprise Scott's mom added in.

"This crazy guy was attacking my son and his own pregnant daughter as you can see. My son is badly injured." She cried The officer looked at my dad.

 "You attacked a pregnant women. That's sick." He grabbed ahold of him and arrested him.  The officer looked at me.

 "Are you okay Mam. We need to get you check out."

 "No! I'm fine. He didn't do anything wrong. He was yelling at me."

 "So he didn't assault you."

 "Of course not." I said shaking heavy

 "So Why you shaking then Miss."

 "My boyfriend is pouring blood all over the side walk . Wouldn't you be freaking out if you were me his was your wife or girlfriend."
 The paramedic came from the ambulance and called.

 "Officer Birch Mr. Rice needs to have a word with you."

 "Officer Frank Keep an I on him and the girl."  The officer went into the abulance.

"So Mr. Rice What did you want to talk to me about."

"I don't want to press charges." he said weakly

 "What pocesses you to let the guy who almost killed you to let him go free."

 "I'm doing it for Tuscany's sake. I don't want anything to harm her and our baby.please Tell Tuscany to come to the hospital ."

 "If that's what you like. You got 48 hours to change your mind."  The officer left and went towards Officer Frank.

 "Release him at once. Mr. Rice said to drop the charges."

 "WHAT REASON DID HE GIVE." yelled Scott's mom.

 "I can't reveal that information and for you Miss Patuski ,Scott asked me to tell you he wants you to go the hospital and meet him there."

 "Okay I'll do that."

 "Have a good day folks and keep out of trouble that means you Mr.Patuski."
 I arrived home first. I went up to my bedroom. I grabbed a bag. I started throwing my clothes in it. I started a secind bag and started to put my valuebles. I paused when I came across a blue necklace. I looked at it for a second and  began to cry a little bit. I remember getting this on my 13th birthday. I put it around my neck with my six other necklaces.
 I picked up my bags and set it by my door. I left my room and saw my dad looking at me. I tried to walk past him. He put his arm around my chest. I stopped and then he let go. He stared at me.

 "What do you want?" I said vainly

 "To know what you were doing in there."

 "Packing my stuff."

 "You going somewhere. Going to see Scott"

 "You knew it was going to happen. I can't choose sides anymore."

 "What are you implying?"

 "I can't live with you any longer. I've been fighting you for too long. I still to  this day after almost 3 years don't understand you. I want to know why you hate Scott. I love him desperately. I don't get why you have to be this way. We both knew this would  happen. You lost your temper. It didn't just affect Scott, It affected me and my baby. I know that hurts you but I can't do this any more. I'm leaving and not looking back. your losing me and if you dont realize what you are doing your going to lose Brennan and Rachel to."

 " Your just in shock Tuscany."

 "Not anymore. By the way here." I ripped the blue necklace off my neck and gave it to him.

"Why can't you be more like when you gave that neckalce to me. I can't dwell on what I can't have any longer." I grabbed my bags from my room. I left down the hall downstairs and out the front door. I drove off and I went to the hospital. I asked the front desk where  Scott was. They said he was in room 1349 and said to make my visit brief because he is scheduled for surgery in 20 minutes. I went up to the room and I stood in the doorway staring at a man. This wasn't Scott was the first thing I thought. The man turned his eyes to look at me.

"Tuscany, Is that you." I finally realised it was him. He was in so bad of shape I couldn't tell who he was. I fell to the ground.

 I woke up in a hospital bed. A nurse came in. I screamed.

 "What's wrong with me."

 "You collapsed in Mr. Rice's room. We were worried. Its almost been  72 hours."

 "How's Scott. Oh and Is my baby okay."

 "Your baby is fine just relax."

 "How's Scott. He has to be okay." The nurse paused then said

 "He went into cardiact arrest."

 "He's dead. My worst nightmare came true."

 "Miss Patuski he isn't dead. He is in surgery to fix a part of his upper cheek bone ."

 "please tell me when he gets out of surgery."

 "I'll get someone to tell you when he's out."

 "thank you."

Meanwhile at my house or my old house since I don't live their anymore my mom and dad are fighting, my sister and brother are in the living room.

"She won't forgive you this time."

 "I have to get her away form Scott. He's ruining her life."

 "Just stop."

 "Your telling me to stop protecting my daughter. Well I can't do that."

 "She doesn't want your help. She wants to be with Scott. You almost go arrestted for attempted murder and assualt. What else can you do before you destroy what's left of your relationship with her."

 "One day She'll understand all I do for her is for her own good."

 "I doubt it. You almost killed her boyfriend. If she didn't show up you would have killed him. She will never forget this. She hasn't called in almost 72 hours."

 "That guy I refuse her to be with him. I should have broke them up a long time ago."

 "Its too late now. She is having a baby with the guy. I know you hate that fact. You have to accept it."

 "I'll never accept the fact."

 "Your going to have to eventually."

 "Listen Lacey. I HATE THE GUY and I'll do anything to get rid of him out of our daughter's life. He better take this last event seriously and dump Tuscany."

 "He won't. If he is smart he will get a restaining order."

 "Your enjoying this Lacey. I won't stand for it."

 "I'm not enjoying this. I think how you and Molly are reacting is ridiculous. You can't go on trying to break them apart. She isn't going to rest at this latest stunt you pulled."

 "She was defending Tuscany."

 "That's probably because she's pregnant. Tuscany is holding all the cards. This baby has her son's blood. How exactly was she defending her?"

 "After I assaulted Scott. The police came and she was freaking out over her son, and I had a grip on Tuscany yelling at her. Molly started saying I was assaulting a pregnant woman."

 "What did Tuscany say?"

 "She said that wasn't true."

 "So are you going to continue to try to break them apart?"

 "I won't rest until they are not together anymore."

 "Wait awhile."

 "Why should I. The longer she is involved with him the worse it gets."

 "Tuscany is pregnant. Do you really want to put her at risk to lose her baby. you know if that happens you will never get her back."

 "I never thought of that."

 "Think for the next time. For all we know something could of happen to her baby."

 "Why are you trying to make me feel guilty."

 "I'm just trying to get you to accept the fact. Tuscany is with Scott."

 "I'll stop, but if Scott or his mother pull anything to hurt Tuscany  I'll make it my life duty to bring them apart. This only while she's pregnant."

 "i guess that as good as im going to get from you"

 Meanwhile back at the hospital Molly is in the waiting room with her friend Jewels. There talking about Scott and Tuscany.

 "After I tried to be nice to Tuscany. How does she repay me. She takes her dad's side." Molly said angerly

 "What are you going to do Molly." Jewel's asked.

 "Make the bitch pay."

 "What you have in mind?"

 "I'll make sure she'll never see Scott or her baby again. SUre Scott will be mad but he'll get over it. He'll get full custody."

 "Do you think it will be that easy. Tuscany's parents won't rest until they get custody of the baby."

 "I'll get it before they will. Look what Kevein did to my son. They'll take that into consideration."

 "Molly, you wander why I have a nanny raising my child. YOu had three children."

 "Yes, Scott has been the worst yet."

 "Well when are you going to do this?"

 "As soon as Scott is out of the hospital and Tuscany is realised from the hospital. She needs to be at full health."


Meanwhile I was laying there when a nurse came in.


 "Tuscany. Scott had just woke up in the recovering room and was calling for you." I slowly got up and ran out. The nurse was calling me to stop but I already left. I went into the recovery room and I saw him. His face was swollen, but his side where they just operated on has a bandage over it. He looked at me and kind of smiled he spoke painfully.

 "How's my girl and my baby?"

 "I've been better. It's all about you. How are you feeling."

 "I'm feeling better. I'm all drugged up. They medicated me so I won't feel any pain.

 "I'm so sorry."

 'Sorry for what? You didn't attack me."

 "I didn't tell you about being pregnant sooner. I just found out myself. My dad was the first person I told. I didn't exactly tell him. He just found out. Well you found out by him."

 "It's not your fault."

 "My dad is going to look down on me now. I'm sorry I'm making this all about me."

"Why is he going to look down on you?"

 "Now that I'm pregnant. I won't finish highschool and won't get a college degree."

 "That's where your wrong? On monday your going to school."

 "I can't and leave you here. I'm not leaving this room."
 "Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm I'll tell nurse not to let you in."


 "Scott. You wouldn't."

 "Yes I would. As soon as I get out of here I'm going too. We are both going to graduate. When this baby is born your going to college. I'm getting a job to support us all. That's how its going to work. Your going to go live at home when I get out of the hospital. This isn't up for discussion."

 "Fine. If you weren't so critcal I would be fighting you on this. I'll will be coming here on my lunch hour. I'll call you every chance I get. You better pick up the phone or I'll get mad."

 "You better call. I'll be asking how my two favourite people are doing."

 "Scott. I love you."

 "I know. I love you double."

 "I can't agrue against that."
 and They hugged.


 2 days later. It is 8:00am. I woke up or Scott woke me up. I said groggly

 "Why you waking me up??"

 "You have school."

 "Oh I forgot. I'm going. First I need a hug. I also need to make sure your okay. Are you okay. I'm fine.our baby and I are going." I hugged him and i left.

 At the school my dad was talking to my calculas teacher.
 "Tuscany will drop to a 70% if she doesn't take this test."

 "Is there anything she can do to prevent this."

 "I'm afraid there isn't. This is a major test."  I turned the corner and saw them. The teacher saw me.

"Maybe there is something she can do. SHe can take the test right now." My dad turned and saw me. I walked slowly and passed my dad.

 "Tuscany. Your test is on the desk. Get started as soon as possible."

 "Okay!" I turned to walk but then she asked me.

 "Where's Scott! If you know where he is you should call him. He is on the border line of failing. He will be failing if he doesn't do this test"

 "He's in the hospital." I went to sit down. I staired at the paper. I picked up the pencil beside the paper. I stared at question one. It said describe how to solve this equaion and than show the work if lim f (x) = infinty. I put down on the paper "x is  close to x=a, f(x) = - infinty making the answer negative. I solved the equation.
1 hour later I only got done half the test since I knew only half the test. She said the test will be marked by the end of the day so I can come by and check if I please. I went to my next class wich was German 30. I had an assignment on translating words from german to english. I looked at the first word "Bereiten Sie vor" I put down "prepare". I had about 50 words. Soon the class was over. English went past quickly. I went to see Scott at lunch and than returned for 4th and 5th. I went to see the calculas teacher to get my test. I got my test and was shocked with my mark 29%. My mood changed when I reached the hospital. I saw Scott.
 5 days had passed and I heard Scott could be realised from the hospital. Scott then told me what I didn't want to here.

 "Tuscany go home i'll be have to take care of yourself and the baby. Monday I'm returning to school."

 "If you want me too. but You go home and get some rest to."
 Tuscany drove Scott home and Scott went inside. He was greeted by Molly and than out came his sister Sarah.

 "Hello Scott." said Sarah and then she said worriedly  "What happen to you?"

 "tuscany's dad attacked me."

 "You look horrible. Your face is swollen."

 "It's not as bad as it looks. You should of seen it before I reached the hospital."

 "What provoked him to do that Scott."

 "Tuscany is pregnant and he found out. Beside he doesn't like me and mom doesn't like him or Tuscany"

 "She must be stupid or something."

 "Tuscany is a genius. I'm going to call her shortly."

 "Weren't you just with her??"

 "Yes, but how can I stay away from her. I love her and she is going to have my baby .i cant help but worry about her."

 "it's so wierd im going to be an aunt."

 "More weird me a dad."

 "Stop mentioning her name." snapped Molly.

 "Oh mom! Be happy. This Tuscany person is having a baby with my little brother."

 "I'm happy for Scott not the SLut."

 "Mom shut up. Stop talking about her that way."

 "Scott, I tried to be nice to her."

 "She was scared. Her dad is scary even for me."
 "Why didn't you press charges hmm. Son tell me."


 "That would of made Tuscany upset." Scott snapped.

 "Who cares about her, its you were talking about."

 "If you haven't forgotton she's pregnant. I love her and I'd do anything to make her happy."

 "SHe is a slut." Scott slapped Molly. and he leaves the room.


Meanwhile I enterd in my front door. I saw my dad.

 "Tuscany, where you've been?" My dad asked

 "Hospital and School, and away from you."

 "Where's Scott?"

 "He's at home. He just got out of the hospital."

 "How'd he get there?"

 "I drove him ."

 "Want me to help you with ypur self."

 "No, but you can help me up the stairs, my back really hurts." My dad picked me up and carried me up the stairs and set me on the couch.

 "Your still mad at me arn't you sweet pea?"

 "Yes I am. You could have killed him dad."

 "Why don't you invite him over.

 "You really mean it. I need no stress. Oh yah the calculas test I took on Monday. I failed it. 29%. Don't get mad."

 "I won't accept that again. You need to get 80's and 90's."

 "I'm getting that. I'm calling Scott." I went ot the phone. I called him. 



 "Don't feel bad, but you will see how badly you atually hurt him."

 "I was mad."

 "That's an understatement since he went into cardiact arrest and had 2 surgery's. He is okay now."

 A half hour later I heard a knock on the door. I slowly went to the door. I saw Scott. My dad came out to the door way and looked at Scott. He noticed the damage he had done. He turned and went down the hall. He noticed the woman in the car. Scott looked at Tuscany.

 "That's my sister Sarah."

 "Oh, I never atucally seen her before."

 "Well anyway that Sarah."

 "So how are you feeling this morning?" I asked

 "Better, I have a bit of a headache and how about you? Your the one that has to stay healthy."

 "I'm fine, plus I love you.

 " I love you too."

 Scott and I continued to talk. My dad had to leave. Rachel and Brennan came home from there friends house.  Suddenly we heard a knock on the door.
Brennan answered it and it was a couple police officers.

 "Our dad isn't here right now." Brennan said.

 "Were looking for Tuscany Patuski."

 "Is she in trouble officer."

 "She is under arrest. Where is she?" Tuscany slowly got up and went for the door way with help from Scott.

 "I'm Tuscany and what is this your saying?" Tuscany made her way down the rest of the stairs . She stood there  breathing heavily. The officer grabbed slighty at her right arm.

 "Tuscany Patuski, your under arrest for destruction of personal property. You have the right to remain silent. ANy thing you say or do will be used againts you in the court of law. If you don't have a lawyer one will be appointed to you. DO you nderstand?" Tuscany stood there for a minute while they put cuff's on her.

 "Do you understand," the officer repeated

 "Yes." she said meekly. Scott came down the stairs.

 "You must be joking. WHen did this happen. SHe is not capale of dooing something like this.

DO you have soem kind of grudge?"

 "This occured 3 days ago."

 "Who called this in?"

 "That information can't be relised."

 "Scott, leave it alone."

 "Tusc I won't leave it alone. There accusing you and besides if they even hurt you a bit I'll  sue them."

 "Scott, I didn't do nothing and you know it. Just let me go. The longer I stand here the more my back continues to hurt."

 "WHat's wrong with your back." The officer asked.

 "I'm pregnant and the extra weight does hurt my back." The officer took me  to there car.
 Scott was inside freaking out. He went into my pocket and took my car keys. Brennan asked Scott.

 "What are you doing with her keys?"

 "I'm going to go get Tuscany out of jail." Scott waited until the police car was out of sight. He went to Tuscany's car and drove madly down the road. He soon reached the street to his house and he violently parked the car hitting the curb. He got out of my car and stormed into his house. He saw his mother at the top of the stairs. Scott went up the stairs and pushed her againts the wall. Sarah walked into the room.
 "Scott what is wrong with you? Leave her alone."

"What the fuck is wrong with you mom." he yelled

 "What do you mean Scott. What has gotten into you?"

 "What has gotten into me. You fucking got my girlfriend arrested. Don't try to deny it you fucking bitch."

 "You bet I got her aressted. I hate her, and now we can raise your child. We'll snatch it from the whore."

 "You'll never see my child. I'll kill you before I'll let you help me raise it."

 "You don't mean that sweetheart."

 "No wonder Michelle doesn't talk to you anymore."

 "Don't you dare bring her up."

 "She hates you for messing in her life and thats what I'm doing to you right now." He throws her to the ground and leaves the house.  Scott drove violently off.

"Is what he said true mom?"

"Yes, I lied to the police."

 "SO what are you going to do?"

 "What you mean?"

 "Do you really want Scott to despise you like Michelle?"

 "He'll get over it."

 "Are you sure mom. He will do anything for this Tuscany chick. He didn't press charges againts her dad. Oh yah, he can easily get her off. All he has to say he was with Tuscany when it happened. She'll get off and he'll never talk to you again."

"I didn't think of that."

 "That girl will always get what she wants."

 "So you going to drop the fake charges."


 Meanwhile I was at the station in a cell stairing at the walls. I saw my dad coming.


 "Before you say anything dad. I didn't do it. What did they say."

 "I heard, from Brennan. So wheres Scott? Brennan said he took your car and stormed off."

 "He is in no condition to be driving. Scott where are you?" Suddenly a officer came.

 "Miss Patuski. Your being realised. The applicant had dropped the charges. They let me go and my dad and I walked out of the station and I saw Scott. He handed me my keys.


 "You got realised."

 "Yes, Did you have some influence on that."

 "I just got pissed at my mom. I knew it was her. Well I must of freaked her out."

 "I love you."

 "I love you too." He hugged me. We went back to my house. My dad left me to be with Scott. Scott soon returned and he got into a fight with his mother. Soon 5 months had passed and I was really starting to show. My stomache was huge. The docters said my baby was bigger then most baby's at this age. I was waiting for Scott to get out of the docter office. In the doctor office Scott and the docter were discussing.

 "Mr. Rice your face is healing amazingly well. The swelling went down tremendimously. There is still some bruising my the eye and a little by the nose but beside that your healing well. I'll see you in 2 weeks for a checkup."
 "Okay thanks."  Scott left the room. I asked him.
 "What did he say?"
 "He said I was doing remarkily well and the swelling had went down."
 "Thats good Scott. I'm finished with the ultra sound. He said our baby is doing well. I know the gender of the baby."
 "What is it? Tell me Tusc."
 "Guess? Guess Scott."
 "Um a girl. That must be it."
 "Yes it is. Arn't you excited. I'm excited."
 "That's wonderful."
 "I know." said Scott amazed that he was going to have a baby girl.
 We went to the elavator. The door closed and we went down and a few minutes later the elevator froze and the electricty went out.
 "Tusc come here." Scott brought me closer to him. A couple hours had gone by. The emegency button was broken. I was feeling some pain.
 "Tuscany whats wrong?" Scott asked worrily
 "nothing." She paused then she felt a jolt of pain. She froze.  I kept feeling pain for a half hour or so. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain. and I felt my water break.
 "WHat's wrong Tuscany." Scott asked worriedly. In agony I replied crying out in pain.
 "My water broke."
 "WHat do you mean?" Scott asked worried
 "I think I'm going into labour." I cried
 "It's too soon." Scott cried
 "What should we do Scott."
 "We need to get out of this elavater." He went to check the elevator'a emegency's button. The alarm went off.  I was still in pain. I could feel the contractions growing closer. Scott sat down beside me and he held my hand. I was trying hard to stay calm.  A few minutes later the door open and we saw a technition. I saw Scott freaking out at the technition.

 "Can we get out of this fucking elevator now. We have a  woman  in labour."
 "Scott, relax." I cried. One of the technitions called on their radeo
 "Pregnant woman in labour elevator 4 north of floor 3." A few minutes later docters arrived. soon I found my self in the labour room.  The doctors were checking me over and they said I was too far along to stop the contractions. What seemed like forever was passing. Scott was holding my hand. I was still crying in pain. Scott was feeling upset and scared and I was was just plain terrified. The contractions went on for a couple hours until I was fully dialated and I then I heard the docters telling me to push. I did just that. There was equipment all around. Scott was holding onto my hand. Soon I could see my baby coming out. I almost fell in shock. It was tiny. The docter quickly took it away.
 "WHere are you taking my baby." I cried
 "To Icu." they said quietly. Scott said calmly.
 "Tusc everything will be okay."
 "Will our baby be okay?"
 "She will Tusc, she will." he said almost calmly. Soon we were all alone in the room.
 "Scott!" I said
 "yes honey." he said sadly
 "What is our baby's name going to be?"
 "I don't know. Lets go see her then decide."
 "Okay, lets go." Scott helped me up and we left  the room to go to the icu. We soons saw ourselves staring at her. SHe laid there helplessly and we couldn't do anything. Scott broke our scilence,
 "SHe is beautiful just like her mother."
 "HE looks like her dad, sexy ."
 "She looks like a Tuscany 2."
 "Well she has to have her own name. How about Sarah, or Jane."
 "I like those name,but she looks like a Ashley."
 "Ashley.  I love that name Scott.:
 "Then what do you say Ashley. You like that name."
 "Ashley is her name offically." said Tuscany sweetly
 "How about a middle name?"
 "Umm. How about we name her after your sister Michelle."
 'You would really do that."
 "So her name is Ashley Michelle Rice."
 "Your giving her my last name. We aren't married."
 "Your her father."
 "I love you. I know one day we will be one true family " said Scott.
 "We are one. One day we will get married."
 "I'd like that."
 "Besides, We need to tell everyone about Ashley." I said cheerfully
 "Lets do that in a bit. We want to enjoy the arrival of our daughter first."
 "Your right." I said. Scott and I spent the rest of the day with our baby. At 3 am I called my parents. My dad picked up the phone
 "Hello!" said my dad tiredly
 "Guess what dad?" I said scardly
 "What is it sweetheart?"
 "Something happened earlier today."
 "What happened" he asked wonderfuly
 "I went into premature labor."
 "Your joking."
 "Do you think I'd really wake you up to tell you I went into labor if it wasn't true?"
 "How you holding up."
 "Okay, why don't you come to the hospital and see your grandaughter."
 "You think of a name."
 "Scott and I thought of the perfect name. Ashley Michelle Rice."
 "Thats, wonderful honey. We'll be over in a bit. I have to get everyone up." I hanged up. Scott called his mom. Soon everyone was at the hospital surronding Ashley. Ashley had small fingers and small toes. Her lips were small and curvey. She looked  very homely  but I thought she was simply gorgeous. I think Scott thinks she is a princess.
 For the next 3 days I didn't leave Ashley's side. I only had a orange and a bottle of water. Scott only to get me things I needed. We both stayed by Ashley's side. Every minute Ashley was getting stronger.  3 months past and Ashley was healthy enough to go home. 
 Scott and I took her over to my house. It was turning out to be a good month. In 3 days its Scott's birthday and he's turning 20.  Scott and I are sitting down talking about what we do next.

 "We need to discuss our future Tuscany. We've been stalling and now it comes down to the truth. We need to do some kind of planning."
 "We need to find a place for our self's and ashley. Ashley, you and I all deserve it,wouldn't you say."
 "Yes I do believe that. I've been looking in the classifies for a couple day now. I called some of the cheaper ads. Theres an ad in their for a 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, and double attached garage, $1200.00 a month including utilities. There was a trailor in there 2 bedrooms, $700.00 a month plus utilities."
 "What did the owner tell you about the house for $1200.00 a month? That sounds cheap." I asked
 "They told me its 1200 sq ft. and needs painting, the carpet is worn and needs some work in the yard. Besides that its livable."
 "What about the trailor?"
 "That one just had a paint job, new flooring, and new appliances. But it is only 500 sqft. Its sounds kind of cozy.
 "500 sq ft. That's small."
 "We should keep looking."
 "Yes I agree." I said
 "We need to do some budgeting. I make $20.00 an hour at my job. 10 hours a day 5 days a week. So after all the deductions are tooken off I make about about $2800.00 a month."
 "I need to get a job."
 "Tuscany we discussed this already. Your starting college in the fall. I'll work and support my two girls."
 "We need more money."
 "Your going. You need to do what your destined to do." Scott said firmly
 "I want to spend time with Ashley. I can"t do that if I'm in collage."
 "You need to go to college so you can get a good job. You know I'll be stuck with this low pay job."
 "I'll feel guilty." I cried
 "Tuscany. Don't feel bad. You derserve better. Ashley needs you to do this for her. Don't you want to have money to put in her college account."
 "I understand where your coming from. Fine I'd like some extra money."
 "Okay," We continued to talk but was interrupted many of times by Ashley. It was about 9:00 pm at night and I was breast feeding Ashley. I was just settling her down. Scott came through the front door holding a bag. He came and handed it to me. I pulled out a pink baby blanket and a teddy bear. I used it cover up Ashley and I set the teddy bear beside her in the crib. Scott and I stared at her for a minute. Scott looked at me.
 "You looked tired."
 "I'm beat, its been a long day. Having a baby is tiresome."
 "Why don't you ask your mom and dad to watch Ashley and I'll take you out to a romantic place."
 "A night away wouldn't be too much." I asked my dad and he gratefully said yes. Scott took me to the Travelodge. I ordered a salad and Scott of course had to order steak. We ate and talked flirty.

 "You look sexy." Scott said
 "Yah with my extra 15 pounds of pregnancy fat."
 "You are very attractive." about 1 hour later Scott took me up to the hotel room he booked. He got me to sit on th bed. He stared at me for a moment. He stared at me and said.
 "I love you very much Tuscany." He held my hand for a moment then set it down."
 "I love you too Scott." I said cheerfully. I picked up Scott's hand then set it down. Scott looked at me and then smiled. He held my hand again and then kissed it. I felt a sense of joy.  He set out a box of choclates in the middle of the bed and I pigged out on them. He then gave me a wrapped gift. I opened it and it was a blue dress. He told me to go put it on. 3 minutes later I returned and I saw Scott changed into a suit. I was flattered. I came towards him. He looked at me grinning.
 "Sit down Tuscany." he said lovingly but calmly. I did just that. He took a step back and took out something out of his pocket. He held out a ring as he bent on  one knee. He spoke sweetly.
 "We've been dating for almost 3 years now. I've been priveliged to be able to date you. I love your sweetness, your beauty, your personality but most of all you,being who you are. I feel so lucky to be the father of our daughter. I feel I have the duty to protect you and love you for the rest of your life. Please give me that privelage. Tuscany Patuski will you make me the happiest man on this earth ,will you marry me?" I looked at him and burst into to tears. I said softly.
 "Of course Scott. I'll marry you." Scott got up from his knee and went up to me and put the ring on my finger. I stared at it for a second. It was a diamond. I looked up at Scott and I burst into more tears. He took my hand in his and I looked at him and he hugged me. He had tears in his eyes.  We hugged for a couple minutes now. I felt so happy at this moment. I could see this was the best day of Scott's life besides the day when Ashley was born.

 "How long have you had this planned?"
 "A couple days."
 "You did this all for me."
 "I love you Tusc. I love you and Ashley and we are going to be a family."  he said joyfully. I bursted into tears again. We spent the rest of the night together. Scott woke up the next day and he woke me up. I noticed the ring on my finger and I remembered Scott's proposal. I suddenly gave him a hug.
 "I love you Scott."
 "I love you too, and do you know what we should do?" said Scott cheerfully
 "What?"I said happily
 "We should go see our daughter and tell her about our engagement." he said and I smiled at him. We went back to my house and Scott said he'd be back in 30 minutes. I walked inside and I saw my mother, my brother, and my dad all up. My dad was holding Ashley. She looked alert. My dad notice my eyes were a little red.
 "You've  been crying. WHat happened?" he asked. I burst out crying again quieter this time.
 "Scott proposed to me last night and I accept. I'm engaged to be married." My dad stood their for a second and said indiffrently "Thats great honey." My mom was smiling, and my brother looked at me strangly. My dad looked at me and then rushed my mom out of the room. They went to their bedroom. My dad closed the door and said firmly.
 "What are we suppose to do?"
 "What do you mean Kev?"
 "About stopping Tuscany from marrying Scott. Ashley was born and now I'm back to trying to break them up."
 "Why don't you just let her be happy?"
 "She can be, just not with him."
 "Don't do this Kev. You just getting her trust  back. Don't make her mad at you again. This time she won't even talk to you."
 "I don't like him Lacey."
 "Well its not your call to make. Tuscany made her decision. He treats her good and makes her happy. That's all that matters."
 "Wait until Molly heres about her son's engagement to Tuscany."
 "She won't like that. She's been good so far."
 "I still don't trust her."
 "Well lets just let it go. Tuscany and Scott had planned their future together. She is getting everything she wants."
 "Fine, I'll let it go. But I'll never like it. Women I don't know what sweetness they have over me."
 "But theres one thing you'll need to do."
 "What do I need to do Lace?"
 "Walk Tuscany down the aisle." Kevin paused for a second.
 "That's what my duty as her father is. Giving my daughter over to the scum bag. It makes me quiver. But I love my daughter enough to trust her instincts." Lacey looked at my dad sweetly. 
Meanwhile, Brennan and I were  talkin.

 "So you'r engaged to be married."
 "Yes and I have it all planned. Rachel is going to be my brides made. Libby is going to be my maid of honer. Oh I can't wait to tell her." I looked around and I saw Rachel.
 "Tuscany, what did you say about me?" she asked me sternly.
 "You are going to be my bridesmade at my wedding." I said
 "Your getting married."
 "Yes its wonderful. Scott proposed to me last night.  Anyway like I was saying. Your my brides made, Libby is my maid of honor. Ashley is going to be my flower girl and I think I'm going to mention to Scott about letting his sister Michelle be some how involved. Scott best man and grooms men he has to still figure out. Brennan I haven't figured out where you fit in yet. Theres going to be flowers and lots of things. Oh and I'm going to ask mom if I can wear her wedding dress and dad is going to walk me down the aisle. Yes. I'm so excited."
 "You better tell these plans to Scott." said Rachel. Suddenly Scott creaped up on me. I turned and he handed me some flowers. I smiled.
 "Scott I love you very much."
 "So what were you talking about?"
 "Our wedding. This is how its going to be. . My bridesmate is going to be Rachel, my maid of honer is going to be Libby.  Ashley is going to be our flower girl. You have to pick your own best man and grooms man.  Brennan I haven't figured in yet. Anyway. Our parents are involved. I'm going to ask my mom if I can use her wedding dress. My dad is going to walk me down the aisle. Oh and one more thing Scott. I need to ask you something."
 "Anything you like."
 "How would you feel about having Michelle involved?"
 "My mom wouldn;t like that and Michelle wouldn't ethier ."
 "It isn't about them its about you , me and ashly. Its our day."
 "I'd like that. I don't know what to say."
 "So everything sound okay .'
 'Your ideas are perfect."
 "Date. Thats the next thing."
 "How about the 23th of this month." Scott suggested
 "That's in 2 weeks. That is perfect."  I went to talk to my dad and my mom. I did major planning. Scott let me do most of the planning. On the 20th Scott had the courage to tell his mom about the engagement and wedding. the next day 2 days before the wedding Scott did the hardest thing calling Michelle the first time in 4 years. Michelle answered the phone.
 'Hello," she said
 "Hello Michelle." Scott said seriously
 "Whoes calling?" Michelle asked
 "Scott." he said
 "Scott is that really you?" she said loudly
 "Yes your brother. Yes its me." Scott said happily.
 "Its so nice to hear from you."
 "You too, so how you've been?"
 "Okay. Few issues but over all good. So what brings you too call me."
 " I need to ask you a very important question."
 "Anything Scott. Just name it."
 "I'm getting married in 2 days and I want you part of my wedding."
 "Your getting married. Your not serious. Oh my god."
 "So what do you say will you come?"
  'Of course I will." she said happily
 "One more thing you must know and it might change your mind." Scott said meekly
 "What?" she asked
 'Mom and Sarah are going to be there." Michelle's voive grew low
 "I'll come for you. This day will only come once. So where am I suppose to sit and Where is this thing going to be."
 "First of all your going to help Ashley walk down the aisle."
 "Whoes Ashley?"
 "My daughter with Tuscany. She is going to be my flower girl but she needs some influence."
 "I'd like to do that Scott."
 "Thanks Michelle. I'll make this up too you."
 "WHat does your future wife like? I'm going to get you a present."
 "Choclate, and anything basically."
 "Okay, where you living?"
 "We haven't found a place yet."
 "Okay I'll let you go."
 "See you in two days at the besbrough hotel at 4:00 pm."  Scott hung up the phone.  The next two days went by farely fast. Soon it was 3:45 pm on the 23rd. I was getting the final touches down on my dress and hair. My mom was crying even before the cermony even started. Libby was helping Rachel put on her dress. Scott was at the alter with Molly, and Sarah. Suddenly Scott saw Michelle entering the room. Molly and Michelle joined eyes.  Michelle said tensely
 "Hello mom,". My dad walked in and stood there. He was staring right at Michelle.
 "Hello Michelle." she said quietly and then she said loudly "What you doing here your unwanted?" Scott instantaly interrupted. "She is very much wanted. I invited her and if you don't like it you can leave." Scott went up to Michelle and gave her a big hug. Michelle smiled. Scott took a hold of Michelle's arm and lead her to the flower girl room and there sat Ashley. He put flowers around Ashley's neck then Michelles.
 "You'll enter first, then Dean will, then Rachel will. Rachel is Tuscany's sister, then Libby will enter then Tuscany will. DO you understand."
 "I do Scott. You get out there and get ready to be married." Scott smiled and then looked at Ashley
 "Soon your mommy and I will be married and we can be a family. You be a good girl until then." He left the room and waited at the alter. 4:00pm arrived. Everyone is seated and ready to start the cermony. The music began to play. Molly was staring sadly at Scott. Michelle came slowly out holding Ashley. Scott was smiling. She went and stood beside Scott. Scott's best man Dean followed, and then RAchel followed. My mom was smiling at Rachel as she entered. Rachel stood beside Michelle. soon after Libby came in and stood beside Rachel and Dean sneaked on the other side of Scott. Then came my dad walking me down the aisle. I saw Scott smiling at me. When I reached him. My dad kissed my hand and went to sit down beside my mom and brother.

 The priest said " Everyone thank you for coming. I like to annouced the wedding granted for Tuscany Patuski and Scott Rice this evenings.  We liked to acknowlege these to in front of god in this holy church. Scott please repeat after me. I Scott."
 "I Scott,"
 "Take you Tuscany Patuski."
 "Take you Tuscany Patuski"
 "To be my wife."
 "To be my wife."
 "In sickness and health"
 "In sickness and health."
 "Tuscany repeat after me. I Tuscany."
 "I Tuscany." I said
 "Take You Scott Rice."
 "Take you Scott Rice."
 "To be my husband."
 "To be my husband."
 "In sickness and health."
 "In sickness and health." I said almost in tears.
 "Scott do you take Tuscany do be your lawfully wedded wife."
 "I do." he said happily
 "Tuscany do you take Scott to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
 "I do." I said
 "I'd like to intorduce for the first time every Mr.and Mrs. Scott Rice. Scott you may kiss the bride."  Suddenly we see a man walk in. Molly turned and her eyes grew angry. Sarah did as well. Michelle just stood there with glowing eyes. Scott grew angry. I was staring at Scott.
 "Scott who is this?" I asked scared
 "It's my dad. My son of a bitch dad who abandon Michelle and I 6 years ago. What a nerve he has showing up here. He is an ass whole. Don't worry Tuscany we can get rid of him."
 "So my son got married to the dirty indian slut." Scott was so mad he knocked his dad right in the face.
 "Get the fuck out of here and if you ever call my wife a dirty indian slut again I'll kill you."
 "You have guts Scott. I heard you had a daughter with your wife. Let me see her."
 "i don't think so." Scott's dad looked at Michelle holding Ashley.
 "I presume thats her. Michelle hand her over."
 "No, I won't." Michelle snapped
 "Give me the child." I felt so threatened by this guy.
 "There is no way your touching my baby." I cried
 "Shut up lady." Scott's dad said. That made my dad snapped
 "You don't fucking tell my daughter to shut up." My dad knocked him out. Scott in the meantime took Ashley from Michelle and is holding her. He went up to me and put his left arm around me while his other arm held Ashley. Ashley was crying. Molly got up and was yelling.
 "You fucking basterd. You abandon your family then you feel you have the right to show up. Your useless trash." Suddenly the police  showed up.
 Scott looked at me and asked. "Who called the police." Th officer said
 "I got a complaint that some guy that is unwanted ."
 "Yes that guy." Molly said pointing at Scott's dad.
 "Okay we need a statement from a Rachel Patuski. SHe is the one who called in." After Rachel and everyone gave a statement. Scott's dad was removed.
 "Tuscany, are you alright?" Scott asked me
 "Now that he's gone yes. I'm hungry."
 "Lets go and eat."
  After that everyone sat down to eat. After our meal we played a game where everyone that wanted to tell a embarressing story about ethier the groom or the bride then they would kiss. Libby started
 "First for anyone who doesn't know me. I'm Libby. Tuscany and I have been friends since we were in grade 1. I'd like to share the incident that happen in 6th grade."
 "Tuscany had this crush on a guy name Elliot Yuli. That year she got Elliot for secret santa at christmas. She yelled out loud because she was so excited that she loved Elliot. SO Elliot sent her note saying that he was not intrested in her. The worst part is this happened in front of the whole class and half the 7th grade class."
 "Libby you'll pay for this." I said than Scott and I kissed. Dean was the next to tell a story.
 "Yup Scott and I have been buds since grade 6. I remember the time when he was in grade 10 when he first laid eyes on Tuscany here. He would drool over her. He even wrote her secret notes. Then Tuscany found out and she being Tuscany was so upset she through icing at him in the cafeteria. 2 weeks later they started dating."  Scott smiled and then he and I kissed. Next I saw my mom whispering something in my dad's ear. My dad showed me his wicked smile. I gave him a beware smile. He got up.

 "For all you who don't know me I'm Tuscany's father. I'd like to share one of Tuscany's most embarressing moments."
 "Don't you dare. I'll throw something at you dad." I yelled.
 "Anyway, it happened when she was 9 years old. It was christmas time. Tuscany thought it would be funny to put a dead mouse in her mothers soup. Most of us know how much Lacey hates mice. So she did. LAcey screamed when she noticed this. To get revenge on Tuscany LAcey put hot chili in Tuscany's pumpkin pie. Tuscany hates chili. When she ate she freaked out and cake went everywhere mostly on her. She then said Mommy I won't put no more dead mice in your soup."
 "Dad you'll get it for this. I gave Scott a quick kiss."
 "Someone give Scott a juicy story. That story was not fair."  After about a hour of stories it was about 6:30 pm. I went up to give a speech.

 "Hello, as all you know I'm Mrs. Tuscany Rice. I'd like to thank you all  for coming. Espically you mom and dad. I'd like to thank my sister Rachel for being my brides made,and my friend Libby for being my maid of honer. I'd like to to thank Michelle Scott's siter for showing up and accepting me as your sister in law. I'd like to thank my brother Brennan for attending this importanmt day. I'd  like to thank my mom and dad. This day wouldn't of happend with out your support. I'd never would of met my true love if you did't adopt me. For that I'm forever grateful and finally Scott, I feel honered to be married to you and to share a child with you." I cried. Scott hugged me. After Scott stood up and said his speach.

 "I'm Scott Rice. I'd like to thank all of you for coming. Thanks Michelle for coming. Mom, Sarah I'm glad you came. I'd like to thank my sister and brother in law Rachel and Brennan. To my father in law Kevin. I know we had our ups and downs but maybe one day you can accpet the fact taht I'm married to your daughter. To my mother in law Lacey. Finally to my Tuscany. From the moment I saw you I knew you were the one. I love you with all my heart. I can't imagine living without you or our daughter. I'll always protect you and honer you . I'll love you right to  the very end. Thanks for agreeing to be my wife." Scott said  I hugged him. Next my dad make his speach.

 "To my eldest daughter Tuscany. I felt privileged to be your dad. From the moment I first laid eyes on you I fell in love with you. As you grew older you grew into the beautiful  smart young woman your are today. I like to say to Scott if you treat my daughter badly you'll have to hear from me."  Molly's other got up next to say a speech

 "Congraduation to my son in the hands of marriage. You've been the best son to me. I love you and I hope you have a good marriage. You derserve to be happy and I hope you live all your life dreams. Tuscany a  thanks to you as well. I hope everyone here accepts there wedding."

 After all the speeches were done it was time for the first dance. Everyone watch as Scott and I danced. We were dancing very closely. AS the song went on we got closer and closer. I had a wonderful feeling. When the dance ended our dj play another slow dance so Scott and I could dance with  our parents.I walked up to my dad and asked him to join me. He took me to the dance floor. Scott did the same with his mother. The song went on.  After the song. People joined in for a third slow dance. After that their were fast and slow and  jazz, rap, and classical music.
 At 2:00 am the wedding was over. Michelle left with Ashley about 11:00am since Michelle was getting tired and Ashley cranky. Scott and i went to the travelodge. The next day we woke up. Scott woke me up.
 "Mrs. Rice, wake up." he said. I woke up and smiled at him.
 "Hello to the newly married Mr. Rice."
 "Should Mr. and Mrs. Rice go and pick up Miss Rice now and go for breakfast."
 "First should we change?"
 "Yes I think so Mrs. Rice."
 "I think so too Mr. Rice."
 Scott and I spent the rest of the day with Ashley. At the end of the day Scott told me he had to tell me something. He sounded serious but calm.
 "Tuscany I put a down payment on the house you wanted for us. The three of us are going to start moving out soon."
 "You can't be serious." I said happily.
 "In about 10 years we'll own the house. I did this when you were planning the wedding."
 "This is great."
 "I know, I knew you'd be happy." The day eventually came when Scott, Ashley and I moved in to our house. It about a month to be exact. It was a great feeling. I could see my dad wasn't over all happy.  Later that day my mom and dad were talking about me. I didn't find out until the next day what theywere talking about. Well anyway my dad has accepted my marriage to Scott. It didn't take very long for Scott and I too move sdice se had barely any thing to move.
 We were settled in the house for a couple of months. Everything was going good until one day when I went to wake up Ashley. She was greyish color and she was gasping. I panicked.
 "Scott!" I yelled. Scott came running in.
 "Scott something wrong with Ashley. She looks sick."
 'Don't worry Tuscany." He picks her up and wraps her in the balnkets. He pulled on me to come. We found ourselves a hour in the waiting room at the hospital. It was killing me not to know how my daughter was. Scott had his arm wrapped around me and he said.
 "Don't worry honey. SHe'll be fine just trust me." I looked at him and tried to smile. 2 more hours has went by but felt like forever. A docter came in. They told me they need to talk to us in private. We followed the docter into a small room.
 "I'm sorry to tell you. Your daughter is having  liver failure. She has about 16 hours to live. I just began to cry. Scott asked  "Is there anything you can do to save her?"
 "SHe'll need to have a transplant within the next 4 hours."
 "Is there anything else you can do."
 "I'm afraid not."
 "How long until she gets a transplant."
 "Most likey she won;t get one on time. We have only one option for a transplant."
 "Well what is it tell us."
 "Ethier you or Mrs Rice can give her a portion of your liver. Its a very risky precedure. Its a last resort."
 "How long can we do that. I can't wait and see my daughetr die."
 "I'll let you and your wife discuss it for a few minutes and call me when your ready."
 "Lets do it Tuscany. Lets give her a part of my liver."
 "No let me do it. You need to contunue to support her."
 "Tuscany. You need to care for her. I don't know how to care for a child. You have to be the surviving parent for her." We talked about it for a while. We told the docter

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