A Hologram

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Love is poetry always and in all ages.

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Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012




He was sitting there with cold toes  in darkness 
an old man in his grey and blue  loneliness
watching his old videos 
and picking up his pictures
one by one with eyes in tears

The ligh like flashlight in his memories
haunt back his wife like horror movies zombies.
he sit there pictures in his hand
and all come back like she him close will stand

Look there she was in her wedding gown among her friends
Oh God when this pain and ache will stop and ends
And there she is smiling among her morning roses
oh God i must take my painkillers almost in overdoses

This  i remember was from our  long trip to China wall
oh God why she not comeback from death even i so much her daily call
There  she is sitting on the beach of sand 
she was scared because could not in big waves stand
Oh God why i can not anymore reach her hand

Look there she is dancing with me somewhere
Oh God  i dont Remember  and i dont care
why she die and leave me here
and old man in his anger rise from his old chair there

Then he open computer and old emails there
and find they mails,messengers and netlog where
and again and again he read that all
and he moarn and moarn and he her call

She had collected all they story to one program
there was all her  teasings and her joke
and suddenly he hear her like she could spoke
the old love story and collected program
gave him her back like a hologram

Oh God thank you there up You there
now i can see her she is everywhere
and smiling after long hours looking he to his bed goes 
with steps so light with and warm toes

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A Hologram

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