The Winged Beast and Fair Lady

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The lost prince still in search of life stumbles upon a mysterious beautiful woman and must rescue her from danger and herself

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



Ferociously the winged beast dove toward us attempting to capture us in its razor talons. I easily escaped every attempt, but the woman who escaped my questioning was growing weaker in her attempts to flee.  She was like a wounded animal afraid of me and of the flying beast.  Her beauty was breath taking as her long ravenous black hair flowed out of her like a mountain spring over smooth rock.  Her fair skin was hidden by dirt and ash that had been accumulating since she had left her people.  She was small and slender yet I could sense her strength.  None could have survived alone in this region without some cunning.  Regardless of her strength I had to ensure the beast did not make a meal out of her or me. 

“Do not flee me”, I yelled at the mysterious woman.  “I will not harm you, but the bird of death smells your fear” I screamed will running after her.  She suddenly paused and turned toward me as if something I said resonated deep in her.  Before I could hear the sound she was about to utter a swooping wind began to push her forward and the claws of the beast latched onto her robe and her feet began to leave the earth.  Instinct led to my reaction and in a second I hurled my long sword toward the beast and woman.At the last possible moment the sword spinning in the air adjusted it path away from the fair lady’s head and upward toward the beast severing its foot and a few strands of dark hair.  Her face was painted with shock and then anger at me for risking her beautiful head and costing her some hair.  I was absorbed in a moment of humor as I reacted to her expressions.  This distracted me from the beast that I noticed within arms reach of me.  “What a fool” I whispered to myself as I narrowly jumped and landed on the beast back.  I quickly scrambled to grab hold of something to keep me aboard the beast as he flew upward.

I held tightly to both sides of the ancient lizards elongated head.  Fearing my chances if we were to go higher I forced my fingers in its eyes sockets and pressed with all my might and pulled back.  The beast began to fly upward and the force of my grasp pulled the beast backwards toward the rock laden land.  As we crashed I drove the beast head into the ground before I was ejected to the ground rolling. Stunned and in a daze I saw the beast slowly rise.  Suddenly I heard a grunt and with the slash of mighty axed god the Beast’s head left its body.  The fair lady proved my initial instinct correct.  Before I could brag of my intuition she flung my lost sword toward me with the handle and pommel hitting me in the head and knocking me to the ground. Her foot pressed on my throat and she reached down grabbed my hair and sliced off a few strands with a dagger she had concealed.  She smiled and said “now we are even, I seek life as well”.I smiled and grabbed the small foot and pulled it down and rolled top on her.  “Let our journey begin” I said as I wiped away month’s worth of shoot from her face and lifted her to her feet.  She sheathed her dagger and we headed north.

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