Dreams (an Alex Constancio love story)

Dreams (an Alex Constancio love story) Dreams (an Alex Constancio love story)

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Deidra Mellannie is 16 when she moves to San Antonio from Boston. But she has had some trouble fitting in. It took her five months to make her best friend, Austin Mahone, and her boyfriend, Alex Constancio. Alex and Deidra are so in love, but their relationship is no exception to a normal relationship. They've had their obstacles. Hopefully they can face them…
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Deidra Mellannie is 16 when she moves to San Antonio from Boston. But she has had some trouble fitting in. It took her five months to make her best friend, Austin Mahone, and her boyfriend, Alex Constancio. Alex and Deidra are so in love, but their relationship is no exception to a normal relationship. They've had their obstacles. Hopefully they can face them…

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dreams (an Alex Constancio love story)

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Deidra Mellannie is 16 when she moves to San Antonio from Boston. But she has had some trouble fitting in. It took her five months to make her best friend, Austin Mahone, and her boyfriend, Alex Constancio. Alex and Deidra are so in love, but their relationship is no exception to a normal relationship. They've had their obstacles. Hopefully they can face them…

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 18, 2013




"Deidra sweety, are you ready to go?" My mother called.  

I took one last look at my room that I've lived in for like, forever. I'm going to miss this room. Tell me again why I have to move? Oh yeah. Because I'm only 16, and I'm not allowed to move out yet. I never wanted to move from Boston to San Antonio. But I have to. 

I take a deep breath and call, "Coming mom!" 

I turned around and shut the door to my room. 

I hopped in the van with my brothers, Julian, Zach, and sister, Emery. Julian and Zach are both older then me, but Emery is 1 year younger. 

Emery was bouncing in her seat. "Oh my gosh I can't wait!" She squealed. 

I rolled my eyes and put my headphones in. The song that played was Wish U Were Here, by Cody Simpson. If you don't know me, when I'm extremely upset, I'll put my headphones in and block everything out. No one can get to me when that happens. The car started and Zach and Julian started chattering in the back seat. 

I lay back in the seat and prepared for the who knows how long car ride to San Antonio. 


I finished unpacking the last of my belongings and stared at my new room. I am actually quite satisfied with it, despite not wanting to move here in the first place. I sighed and put the radio on to my new local station. The song that came on was this song called Say Something, but someone called Austin Mahone. Have I ever heard of him? Ummm... nope.  

"Burn it up burn it up show them what you got yeah you got it baby let is show, uh huh, 

Lets turn it up turn it up let me know what's up don't just stand there girl I gotta know." 

I listened to the song in silence. It was ok. I put my iPod on my docking station and listened to my music instead. Loud, by R5 came on. I love R5, especially Ross. Ross is so cute. I always watch his show too, called Austin & Ally. I like a lot of other singers too. Like, One Direction (DUH!), Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber (A/N: Ew no, I hate Justin Bieber, just saying), Mitchel Musso, etc. I like mainly guy singers, but I love girl singers too. I love Little Mix Girl's music, Victoria Duffield, Victoria Justice etc. See? I like a variety.  

Back to the point. My first boyfriend sang the song Loud to me to ask me out. That's why this song is extremely special. I still love him like crazy, but I had to break up with him because of the move. Another reason to hate the move. We're still friends. But I miss him. Listening to Loud made me think of him.  

Who was my boyfriend? You don't know him. His name is Luca Smith. He's a year older then me, and a brilliant singer. I love him so much. Wait... I already said that. 

"Deidra?" Julian's voice called. "Time to get ready for bed!" 

I stretched. "Alright!" I got dressed and fell asleep in my bed almost instantly.


Chapter 1

-Sept 1st- 

I wake up to the warm San Antonio sun shining through my window. I yawned, stretched and stood up. I squinted against the sun and groaned. I stood up and slowly made my way downstairs. I have school today. Perfect.  

"Hi darling," my mum smiled. "How was your sleep?" 

"Terrible." I muttered. 

"Sweety I know you didn't want to move here but you'll make new friends. It's not bad down here. It's a lot warmer here then it was in Boston-" 

"Mom you said I'd make new friends soon five months ago. I don't HAVE any friends yet in case you haven't noticed." 

"Deidra, you have to try. Promise me you'll try to make new friends today?" 

I shrugged. "Whatever mum." I stood up and grabbed an apple. I raced to my room so I could get changed. I slipped on a long sleeved checkered blouse, jeans, and some braided sandals. I trudged down the stairs eating my apple. It was the first day of school and I was not looking forward to it. School, is horror. "Bye mom!" I called and slammed the front door closed. 


I now sat in Mr. Martin's homeroom class. I took a seat and waited for class to start.  

A guy about my age with chocolate brown hair that was styled like Justin Bieber's hair. I sort of liked it. 

I watched as he placed his bag beside the desk and turned to me. "You're new aren't you?" He asked. 

I opened my mouth to reply, when the bell rang and the teacher came in. "Hello class," he said. "I am Mr. Martin, as you all should know. Today, we are going to welcome a new student to the school. Welcome Deidra Mellannie. I hope you enjoy your few years here." 

I nod sort of embarrassed. I could feel a bunch of eyes on me as the homeroom dragged on. 

I couldn't have been happier to hear that bell ring... ever. 


I took my tray to the nearest table and sat down. I looked uncomfortably around the cafeteria and silently began eating my lunch, trying hard not to gag on it. It was gross. 

Finally, I was finished my lunch and decided to head for the bathroom. 

I got to the girls bathroom and checked my reflection in the mirror. I looked fine.  

I turned when I heard two girls giggling in the corner. I saw them pointing at me and laughing uncontrollably. I shot them a glare and stalked out of the bathroom.  


Everywhere I went that day, I was laughed at. "That girl is new." "That girl has no friends." "That girl isn't like us." Ugg! I was sick of it.  

That's why, when school let out, I darted to my locker and snatched my things. I slammed my locker closed and turned, bumping right into the boy from homeroom.  

I let out a gasp as I dropped all my books. The homeroom boy bent down to help me pick my things up. He handed them to me and smiled. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." 

I smiled nervously. "Nor did I." I said. 

"I'm Alex." He stuck out his hand.  

"I'm Deidra." 

"I heard. Do you need a ride?" 

I shook my head. "No I'm fine." 

He shrugged. "Alright. I'll see you in class tomorrow." Then he walked off. 

In a huff I made my way out of the school and down the street. As soon as I got out of sight of the school, it started raining. "Great." I muttered as I made a desperate attempt to keep dry, which I failed miserably at. 

Just them I heard someone call out to me. "Hey, need a ride?"

Chapter 2

-Sept 1st-

I looked at the person who called out. It was a guy with short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. His hair wasn't as dark as Alex's, but it was still pretty dark. He had a snapback on, and he looked about my age, but I didn't recognize him from school. I shook my head, as I did to Alex. "No, I'm fine."

"No, it's raining, and you'll get sick. Come on, I've seen you before, I know where you live."

I shook my head again. "No, I'm walking."

"Jeez," he muttered. "Do you want to get sick?"

I hesitantly shook my head.

"Then come on. You're going to get sick."

I reluctantly agreed, and got in his car. I buckled up and looked at him. "Thanks."

"No prob," he said cheerfully. "I'm Austin Mahone."

My eyes widen. "You sing Say Something don't you?"

"You bet. What's your name?"

"I'm Deidra Mellannie."

"Cool. You're new here?"

I nodded. "I moved here five months ago with my brothers, sister, and parents. I come from Boston."

Austin nodded. "Sweet. So, was this your first day at school or..."

I nodded. "Yes, it was my first day."

Austin pulled into my drive way. "I'll talk to you later Deidra," he said. "You have a phone?"


"Can I have your number?"


I listed my number and got out. "Thanks again Austin."

He smiled. "See ya." Then he drove off.


I was eating dinner when Austin texted me.

Austin: Hey Deidra, wanna hang out sometime?"

Me: Uhhhh... sure, but not right now, I'm having dinner.

Austin: Oh, ok. Can you come over in an hour? I'll text you my address.

Me: Sure.

He texted me his address and I put my phone away. I finished my ham and put my plate in the sink. "I'm going over to a friend's house in a half hour okay?"

Mum smiled. "You've made a friend?"

I shrugged. "Sort of. He drove me home today."

Zach smirked. "Did he flirt?"

I smacked him. "Zach!"

Zach shrugged. "Sorry. Just wondering."

I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs to change.


A half hour later I was standing in front of Austin's door. I knocked and Austin answered. "Hey Deidra."

"Hi." I smiled.

"Come on in," he said. I stepped inside and he continued. "I have my friend over, is that ok?"

I nodded. "Should be fine."

Austin lead me upstairs, where I immediately saw someone I recognized from school. Alex. "Hey Alex." I waved politely.

Alex turned to Austin. "I didn't know you knew Deidra."

"I didn't till this afternoon." Austin responded. "You know her?"

"We're in homeroom together." I informed him.

"And english and science." Alex added.

I looked at him surprised. "Really?"

"I tried waving, but you didn't answer," Alex admitted. "I nearly got detention for making loud noises."

I blushed. "Sorry." I apologized.

He shook his head. "No, it's not a problem."

I nodded. "Ok."

We all looked at each other awkwardly. "Soooo..." Austin said. "How do you like San Antonio?"

I shrugged. "It's so so," I admitted. "I had a boyfriend back home that I had to break up with because of this stupid move."

Alex nods. "Sorry."

Why is he apologizing? I turned to Austin. "I didn't see you in school. You must have different classes then me or else-"

Austin laughed. "One, I'm a year younger then you," he told me. "And two, I'm homeschooled, because of my fame."

"Oh." I said awkwardly.

Alex laughs. "Yeah, probably should have told her that huh?"

I glared at Alex.

I was going to have a great year being friends with these guys.

Chapter 3

-Sept 2nd-

The next day when I was about to sit at the table I had sat at yesterday, I heard someone calling me. I turned to see three girls glaring at me. "Excuse me slut," the most slender of the three snapped meanly. "That's our seat. Now move it!"

I glared at them, one, for calling me a slut, and two, because this isn't exactly their table, it's the school's. "Why should I?" I smirked.

"Because. That's. Our. Seat." She hissed. "And we don't want a SLUT sitting here."

"What makes you think I'm a slut?" I shot back.

She sent me a icy cold stare. "Everyone says that you've slept with all the boys at your old school. That means you're a slut." She stated.

I glared at her. "And how do you know I even did that?" I snapped. Of course I didn't sleep with all the boys in my old school. I'm still a virgin!

"It's called knowing the difference between someone who sleeps with any boy she can get," she said calmly. "And someone who is waiting for the right guy. It's obvious you've slept with a TON of guys."

I clench my fists in anger. How dare she! I stood up and looked her in the eye. "You know what? I have no clue who you are, but you don't know who I am. So before judging someone, investigate first. It's called being careful with other people's feelings!" And with that, I turned around and ran to the front entrance of the school. I couldn't fight back the tears. I ran out of the school without my bags and ran in a random direction.

After I was pretty sure that I was well away from the school, I collapsed on the curb. I put my face in my hands and cried.

~Alex's P.O.V~

As soon as I saw Deidra run out of the school, I knew I had to do something. I whipped out my phone, and sent Austin a quick text. Then I ran after her.

Austin met me at my house, which was just around the corner from the school. I lunged into Austin's car and we drove off in search of Deidra. "Deidra!" I called out the window.

Austin kept his worried gaze on the road, but still kept an eye out for her. "Deidra!"

We were about to lose hope when I saw a familiar figure sitting on the curb. "Austin!" I gasped. I pointed at her and Austin pulled over. I raced out of the car and towards her. "Deidra!" I said quietly.

Austin came out after me. "Deidra, what happened?"

Deidra shook her head. She was choking on her own tears. She was pretty upset. "Deidra what happened?" I whispered gently, giving her a comforting hug.

She just shook her head again without looking up.

Austin sat down beside her and began rubbing circles on her back. "Deidra, please talk to us." He begged her.

Deidra looked up slightly and squeezed her eyes shut.

Austin and I exchanged a glance. 'What are we going to do?' I mouthed to him.

He just shrugged.

Suddenly I had an idea. I began humming softly to her. I hummed the song, You'll Be In My Heart.

Then I began singing softly.

"Go stop your crying, it'll be alright.

Just take my hand, hold it tight."

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. Deidra looked up at me and I could barely see a tiny smile on her fave, one that you could barely see.

"I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don't you cry.

For one so small, you seem so strong.

My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm.

This bond between us, can't be broken.

I will be here don't you cry."

I felt strange when I held Deidra's hand. I felt... different. In a good way. The only thing I could think about was cheering Deidra up.

"Cause you'll be in my heart.

Yes you'll be in my heart.

From this day on, now and forever more.

You'll be in my heart.

No matter what they say.

You'll be here in my heart.


Why can't they understand the way we feel?

They just don't trust, but they can't explain.

I know we're different, but deep inside us,

We're not that different at all."

Deidra leaned her head on my shoulder as I sang quietly. Honestly, Austin is the better singer, but as I said before, I'd do anything to make her happy again. Wait why am I talking like- oh no I'm not... yes I am. I'm beginning to like Deidra.

Chapter 4

-Sept 2nd- 

~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

As Alex finished singing, I stopped crying. Alex wiped the last tear from my face gently, which startled me. I blinked up at him. "Thanks." I croaked. 

Alex smiles. God his smile. I love it so- wait... I'd better not be- I am aren't I? I'm starting to like Alex. This can't be good. Can it? 

I looked away from Alex and towards Austin. "Why did you come after me?" I asked hoarsely.  

Alex and Austin both blinked in surprise. "Well because you're our friend." Austin replied. 

I looked at the ground. "You probably think I'm some slut too? Huh?" 

"WHAT?!" Alex cried. "Of course not! What made you think like- oh..." 

I blinked back tears as I remember what happened in the cafeteria. "They all called me a slut. Those freakishly skinny perfections." 

"Ohhhhh..." Alex repeated. "You mean Roberta, Amber, and Riley. They always go around calling the new girls sluts. Don't worry about it. You're not a slut." 

"But no one likes me." I said glumly. 

"I like you!" Alex said immediately. 

I flashed him a startled glance, and Austin's face looked exactly like mine. Alex looked nervous. "I mean... in the friend sort of way. Not the other way." 

I'm pretty sure my disappointment showed. See? Even more a reason not to like Alex. He wouldn't like me back. "Ok." 

Austin studied my face carefully. "Do you want to go back to-" 

"NO!" I yelped. "No I don't want to go back." 

Alex smiled sympathetically. "That's ok. You can come to my home and meet my brother." 

I nodded. "Thanks Alex." I whispered. 

He nodded and helped me to my feet. He and Austin wrap me up in a big bear hug before leading me towards Austin's car.  


"Mom!" Alex called. "I'm home!" 

"Hello Alex- oh hello. Alex who is this?" 

"Mum this is Deidra. She's new, and a little upset. We're not going back to school." 

"Alright. Deidra, what's wrong?" 

I shook my head. "It's nothing." 

Alex gives me a comforting hug. "Mum is Andrew still here?" 

Alex's mum nodded. "He's in his room." 

"Thanks mum!" Alex called and led Austin and I up the stairs.  

Alex knocked on a bedroom door. "Andrew? It's Alex and Austin!" 

"Come in!" A voice called. 

Alex opened the door and we all walked in. I saw someone who I presumed to be Andrew, Alex's little brother. 

Andrew turned around. "Hey guys. Whose the girl?" 

"I'm Deidra." I said. 

Andrew smiled. "Hey Deidra. Nice to meet you. Are you new?" 

I nodded. "Moved here 5 months ago." 

He nodded. "Cool. You here for a particular reason?" 

I rolled my eyes. "Getting away from down there." I pointed at the ground.  

Andrew laughed. "School? You ditched?" 

I nodded. 


We talked for a little bit until Andrew asked Alex a question.  

"Alex, what happened to your girlfriend?" 

Alex didn't respond. He was staring at something.  

"Alex?" Andrew repeated.  

Alex still didn't blink. 

I rolled my eyes and clapped my hands in front of Alex's nose. "Dude!" I exclaimed. "Your little bro is asking you a question!" 

"Hmmm? What?" Alex hummed. "Yes Andrew?" 

Andrew smirked. "You like Deidra don't you?"

Chapter 5

-Sept 2nd- 

"You like Deidra don't you?" 

Alex's eyes flew wide open with shock, as did mine. "No!" He protested. 

"Alex, you're acting like you would if your crush was in the same room, and Deidra is the only girl in the room!" Andrew laughed. 

I looked at Alex. Does Alex really like me? "A-Alex?" I questioned nervously. 

Alex looks at me and then down at the ground, then sighs. He nods slightly. 

My breath is caught in my throat. Alex... likes me? My head becomes dizzy, my vision becomes blurry, and my stomach begins to hurt. What the heck is happening?!  

"Deidra?" Alex asked worriedly. "You're becoming extremely pale. Are you alright?" 

Austin, who hadn't said a word about the whole thing, came towards me. "He's right," he agreed. "Here, lets lay you down on Andrew's bed." 

I began shaking my head and I stood up. I darted out of the room and out of Alex's house. I ran and ran until I reached my house. I sat on my porch and gasped for breath. God, I think I'm hyperventilating. I think it's because I'm overwhelmed. 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

I watched her run away and I panicked. Is she hyperventilating? Did I cause this by telling her I liked her? I hope not. I exchange a worried glance with Austin and dart after her.  

I ran onto the streets and called out her name. "Deidra!"  

I desperately listened for her reply. But it never came. "Deidra!" I cupped my hands over my mouth to call her name. 

My phone buzzed. I have a text from Austin. I whip my phone out. 

Austin: Dude, she's at her home. 

Me: Thanks man. 

I shove my phone in my back pocket and ran in the direction of her home.  

"Deidra!" I called again. "Deidra please answer me!" 

That's when I saw her on a porch. Her porch I'm assuming.  

She looked up and then back down at the ground. 

I ran up to her. "Deidra?" I said. 

She peeked up at me. "I-I'm sorry," She whispered. "I'm just shocked, that's all. Do you really like me?" 

I sighed and nodded. "Yeah." 

Deidra took a deep breath in and looked away. "Can I tell you something?" She asks. 

I sat down next to her. "Yeah." I repeated. 

She looked at me, her brown eyes staring unblinkingly into mine. Then she looks away. "I-I kind if like you too." She whispered. 

My heart swelled to hear this. She likes me too! I smiled weakly at her. "You do?" I said wanting to confirm. 

Deidra nodded. "But I thought you wouldn't feel that way about me." 

~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

Alex searched through my brown eyes with his own. "Deidra, your gorgeous, smart, talented, you respect yourself, and that's what I like about you, plus more. You're perfect in your own away, and it's no wonder that I like you. It's a surprise that no one has asked you out yet. Yeah, I've only known you for two days, but it seems like I've known you all my life. I REALLY care about you Deidra. Please, let me love you." 

I feel the tears beginning to stream down my face. Alex is so sweet, I'm glad that he is. I pulled away from his gaze. 


I turned around, and, before I could stop myself, I threw my arms around him and give him a huge hug. I cried into his chest. "Thank you Alex." I whispered. 

Alex smiled and hugged me back. "And one more thing." 

I looked up at him expectantly.  

"You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." He whispered into my ears. 

I nodded. 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

"You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." 

She nodded.  

Without thinking, I leaned in and...

Chapter 6

-Sept 2nd- 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

And before I could think about it, I leaned in... 

And kissed her.  

Deidra seemed surprised at first, but then she kissed me back.  

I helped her to stand up with me without breaking the kiss. I pulled Deidra close to me until the gap between us was no more.  

Deidra's hands were around my neck and playing with my hair.  

I moved my right hand from her waist and put it on her cheek.  

Reluctantly, I pulled away. Because I kind of need to breath to stay alive. 

Deidra looked at me with a small smile on her lips.  

I stared into her eyes before asking her the big question. "Deidra?" 

"Yes?" She said quietly. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" 

For a second, it looked like she was going to say no. I could feel my disappointment already, but then she hugged me. "Yes." She whispered. 

My heart swelled as I heard her answer. She said yes. I gently wrapped my arms around her waists and hugged her back. "Thank you," I whispered. "I don't know what I would do if you said no." 

She pulled away and smiled. "You wouldn't have given up." She told me. 

I laughed. "Probably." I agreed. 

Deidra giggled and planted a kiss on my cheek before grabbing my hand and tugging me into her house. "Mom?" She called. "Daddy?" 

"Hello Deidra. Shouldn't you be at school?" A man about in his mid-thirties asked coming to the door. 

Deidra shrugged. "I'm having a bit of trouble at school." 

Her dad became worried. "Is it your grades or your friends?" He asked. 

Deidra dismissed the question. "It's nothing dad." She said with the wave of her hand. 

Her dad looked at me suspiciously. "Deed whose this?" He asked. 

I held my hand out. "Alex Constancio sir." I said. "I'm Deidra's-" 

"New friend." Deidra interrupted. I gazed at her surprised. What was that all about? Deidra gave me an "I'll tell you later" look. I nodded as she continued. "It's nothing dad. We're going to go to my room ok?" 

He nodded without taking his gaze off of me. "Alright. Behave!" He said while stalking off. 

I held back a snort as Deidra led me to her room. "My dad's overprotective." Deidra explained once in her room. "He doesn't exactly trust a lot of boys he doesn't know. He has a rule that he has to know the boy before they ask me out." 

I grinned. "Oh I've got a bad girl on my hands now do I?" I teased. 

She gently slapped me. "Shut up Alex!" She laughed. 

I shuffled closer to her and wrapped an arm around her. "Don't worry. I'll win your father's trust." I whispered seductively into her ear. 

She giggled and pushed me away. "No way Alex. I'm not falling for that!" 

"Well you fell for me pretty easily." I teased. 

She gasped. "Would you rather I not?" 

I kissed her nose and grinned cheekily. "Nope." 

"Good." She said and kisses my nose as well. 

"Deidra!" A male voice called.  

Deidra groaned and pulled away from me. "Yes Julian?" 

A guy a bit older then Deidra and I came in. "Hey you're-" he looks at me. "Who are you?" 

I smiled politely. "I'm Alex Constancio. Deidra's new..." I looked at Deidra and she nodded slightly, giving me the ok. "I'm Deidra's new boyfriend." 

Julian smiled. "Oh Deidra, you've finally gotten over Luca! Nice to meet you. I'm Julian. Deidra's OLDER BROTHER." He gave me a warning look. I'm guessing that he's thinking this: 

If I break Deidra's heart, he'll break my face. 

I think I got the message. I gave him a tiny nod and he smiled. "Does dad know?" Julian asked Deidra. 

Deidra shakes her head. "He thinks he's a friend." She explained. 

Julian nods. "I won't tell. Promise." 

"Thanks Jul."  

"No prob Deed." 

I smiled at Deidra's nickname. Deed. But she's a princess. MY princess.

Chapter 7

-Sept 2nd- 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

"Mom!" Deidra called. "I'm staying the night at a friend's house, ok?" 

"Ok!" A feminine voice called out.  

Deidra grabbed her laptop and duffel bag and we ran to my house.  

Austin was sitting and chatting with Andrew. "There you are!" He complained. "I've been waiting for you for like, ever!" 

Deidra giggled. "Sorry Austin." 

Andrew smirked. "Any changes?" 

I exchanged a glance with Deidra. Her eyes twinkled and she reached up to kiss me. I gave her a quick peck on the lips and smiled. 

"WOOO!" Austin crowed. "Love on the camera!" 

"Austin!" Deidra laughed. "You jerk, you did NOT just video tape us kissing!" 

"No," Austin smirked. "It's on Ustream." 

My eyes flew open. "AUSTIN!" 

Austin laughed. "And that was romance between Alex Constancio, and Deidra Mellannie. Told ya." 

Andrew laughed. 

I went up to Austin and slapped his face. "You jerk! Ask us first!" 

"Can you kiss for the Ustream?" Austin gasped for breath. 

I glared at him.  

"C'mon, you have to admit, that was pretty funny." Andrew said. 

"So you're a couple?" Austin asked. "The Acons are asking." 

I sighed. "Yes." 

"YAY!" Andrew cheered. "DEIDRALEX LIVES!" 

"Deidralex?" Laughed Deidra. 

"It's your couple name." Austin announced. 

I rolled my eyes and groaned. I stared at the computer screen. There was a bunch of questions about Deidra and I on the screen. Questions like: "How long have you known her?" "How long have you been dating?" "What's she like?" And "How do you spell her name?" 

I laughed. "Deidra, how do you spell your name?" 

"What?" She exclaimed with a smile on her face. She read the question and laughed. "My name is spelled, D-E-I-D-R-A. Ok?" 

I patted my lap and she sat down on it. I began playing with her beautiful dark brown hair. I just love her hair.  

"Deidra, what's your Twitter?" Austin suddenly asked. 

"@ddDra148. D-D-D-R-A148." She said blankly, resting her head tiredly on my shoulder. I guess today tired her out.  

Deidra closed her eyes and yawned. 

"Hey princess," I whispered into her ear. "Are you tired?" 

She just nodded her head without opening her eyes. "Come on Deed. You can sleep in my bed tonight." 

She blinked her eyes open and nodded. 

I gently picked her up in my arms and said goodnight to Austin and Andrew, before taking her to my room. 

I quietly shut my door and placed Deidra on my bed. I rummaged around in my closet for something that she could wear. I finally picked out a loose sweatshirt and sweatpants and placed them next to her. "Do you need help changing or..." I trailed off. 

Deidra shook her head. "No I can do it." She said tiredly. 

I nodded and went to go change in my closet. I came out and found her asleep in my bed. Or at least I THOUGHT she was asleep. 

I began tip-toeing towards the door and right when I put my hand on the door handle, Deidra spoke up. "Alex?" 

I turned to see her eyes barely open. I came and sat on the edge of the bed and put my hand on hers. "Yes princess?"  

Deidra smiled. "Can you stay here... with me?" 

I smiled and slid under the covers with her. "Of course." I whispered stroking her hair. 

Deidra smiled happily and her eyes fluttered closed. She shuffled closer to me and pressed herself against my body.  

As if on instinct, I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her forehead. I'm glad I met Deidra. She's really special. I love everything about her, her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her ability to be extremely nice, but her sassiness was attractive as well. I loved the way she could make me blush, or vice versa. The way her hands fit in mine, her humour, her style of clothing, the way her hair could fall perfectly without her even trying. Her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining. She's so beautiful, and I'll make sure to tell her that every day. And I hope she knows she's beautiful. Because it'd be sad to think that she doesn't see what I see when I look at her. 

So basically, I love her. But I can't tell her that now. I don't want to freak her out.  

I sighed. I just want to be with her forever. I love Deidra, and everything about her.

Chapter 8

-Sept 3rd- 

~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

I woke up with Alex's arms around me. I smiled as I remembered last night. Should I wake him up? He looks so adorable like that, his lips slightly parted in a soft smile, his eyes peacefully closed, his chocolate brown hair all over the place, the rise and fall of his chest against mine, and... marker? What the heck?!  

It was all over his face. Someone had drawn a moustache on his face, a goatee, lines under his eyes, and the words, "Kiss Me" on his cheeks. The "Kiss Me's" had an arrow beside it pointing at his lips. 

I had an idea and slowly and carefully wiggled out of his grasp. I tip-toed to see Austin and Andrew awake. Austin looked at me. "Have you seen Alex?" He whispered.  

I grinned and nodded. "Get your camera's ready. This is gunna be funny." Then I tip-toed to go get a portable mirror.  

I waited until Austin and Andrew were ready, then went to Alex, placed the mirror right in front of his face, and kissed his lips. 

Alex smiled into the kiss as he kissed back. He opened his eyes. "Good mor-AAA!" He screamed bolting upright. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE?!" 

He snatched the mirror from my hands and rubbed at the marker.  

Austin, Andrew, and I were laughing SO hard. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I sat beside Alex and hugged him. "I'm sorry, I just had the idea and thought it would be hilarious." I apologized through my tears. 

Alex grumbled. "You put MARKER on my face?" 

I shook my head. "I didn't. They did." 

Alex glared at them. "Thanks guys," he said sarcastically. "Note sarcasm." 

Andrew was the first to regain his composure. "Don't worry bro, it's washable." 

"It'd better be." Alex said holding back a smirk.  

Even HE thinks it was funny.  

Austin and Andrew left, because they couldn't stop laughing, leaving Alex and I by ourselves. 

I giggled a little every time I saw his face. It was just so flipping hilarious.  

Alex rolls his eyes. "Deidra, quit laughing at me." 

"I'm not laughing at you," I stated. "I'm laughing at your face." 

Alex playfully narrows his eyes at me. He poked me right in the side. I squirmed because it tickled. A LOT. 

Alex grinned and poked me again. I squirmed again.  


Squirm. Laugh. 


Squirm. Explosion of giggles. 

"ALEX PLEASE STOP!" I giggled. 

"Nope," Alex replied, coming closer and closer, now not just poking my sides, her was full on tickling me. "This is for laughing at my face." 

I finally wiggled out of his grip and rolled off the bed. I caught my breath. Just as Alex leaned over the side to look at me, I decided to pull a prank on him. I closed my eyes and became as limp as I possibly could, while holding back my laughter. 

"Deidra," Alex said. I could hear him shuffle to the very edge. "Deidra." 

When I don't respond, Alex gets off the bed and stands above me. "Deidra?" I think he's becoming worried. Should I get up? Nah. 

"Deidra!" He said. I heard him bend down. Just a little bit closer. "Deidra, please get up. Please get up to say your not pulling my leg." Alex pleaded. Too bad Alex. I'll pull at your leg all I want... literally. 

"Deidra, please, please answer me." Alex got closer to me. 

Finally, he was close enough. I kicked at his leg with mine, and he collapsed with a cry, onto me. 

"Oof!" I gasped. Probably should have thought that through more. 

"Deidra!" He cried. "God, don't scare me like that EVER again!"  

I grinned. "Payback." 

He raised an eyebrow confused. "For what?" 

I raised my head a little so that my nose was touching his. "Tickling me." I replied simply. 

He grinned and pushed his lips to mine roughly. I love it when he's like this, all rough. Sure, his gentle kisses were brilliant, but his rough ones were even better. I roughly kissed him back, for about a minute, before pulling apart for air.  

"Andrew and Austin would freak if they caught us in this position." Alex gasped for breath. 

I grinned trying to catch my breath too. "No kidding."

Chapter 9

-Sept 3rd- 

Alex rolled off me and propped himself up with his elbows. "Deidra?" He said. 

"Mmhmm?" I said quietly, brushing my finger over his chest, drawing random shapes on them. 

"I'm glad you came into my life," he whispered softly. "You're like a dream come true." 

I smiled. "Thanks Alex." I whispered. 

He bent down and kissed me. I smiled into the soft and gentle kiss.  

Without warning, Alex pulled away. "Do you smell that?" He asked. 

I was about to reply when an earsplitting beeping noise began to fill the house.  

My heart rate increased as Alex and I scramble to our feet. "There's a fire!" I wailed.  

Alex took my hand in his and gently felt the door with the back of his hand. His eyes widen in alarm and he looks at me. "The fire is right outside our door..." he whispered.  

I let out a small sob and press myself closer to Alex. I'm so scared right now. Never before have I been more frightened. "Alex what are we going to do?" I whimpered pressing my cheek against his chest. 

I felt him kiss the top of my head. "We have to wait here. I hope the others got out safely." 

I felt Alex wrap both his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. 

After about five minutes, I heard a creaking noise underneath me. Alex tightened his grip on me as we felt the flames getting hotter and hotter. Just then, the floor I was standing on collapsed, and sent me plummeting to the main floor, screaming.  

"ALEX!" I shrieked in pain and fear as I landed hard on a flame. I looked up and saw Alex looking at me with fear in his eyes. I could barely see him through the smoke though.  

Suddenly, my head became woozy, and the last thing I saw and heard... 

Was Alex. 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

"DEIDRA!" I wailed as she collapsed on the ground. She has passed out. Oh God no. No no this can't be happening. "DEIDRA!"  

She didn't move, and I heard the ceiling above me starting to crumble. I panicked and raced out of my room, wincing at the pain as I ran strait through a flame. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs, and searched for Deidra. I barely spotted her through the thick, black smoke. I raced to her and scooped her up. I heard her moan as I dodged flames. I ran into a few, and burned myself a tiny bit, but I'm not burned as bad as Deidra is. The only thing that matters to me right now, is to get her out of here safely. I finally made it out of the house and went strait into my mother's awaiting arms. My mum hugged me and I sobbed into her arms. "Alex where's Andrew?" Mum says.  

Andrew! I looked up. "He's not with me! I had to save Deidra!" 

Mum's eyes looked panicky. "ANDREW!" She shrieked.  

An ambulance FINALLY came and so did a fire truck. Soon enough, the fire was put out, and Andrew was found, but he was seriously burned and he was passed out, like Deidra. The ambulance took Deidra, Andrew and I to the hospital, where our injuries would be treated. 


Andrew had woken up 10 minutes after we got to the hospital, but Deidra was still passed out. I winced as I felt my t-shirt rub against my burns. I looked at my passed out girlfriend, and wished she would awaken soon. 

"Alex?" My mum said from the doorway. 

I turned to face her. "Hi mum." I croaked. 

Mum sighed. "We're going to have to call Deidra's parents." She pointed out. 

I reluctantly nodded. I hate to think that Deidra was passed out and hurt because I couldn't save her on time. I pulled out my phone and dialled Deidra's home number.  

A male picked up. "Yello?" 

"Who is this I'm speaking to?" I asked. 

"This is Julian speaking." The voice answered. 

I sighed with relief. "Julian, it's Alex." 

"Hey Alex," Julian said warmly. "What's up?" 

"Umm..." I hesitated. "There was a fire at my house this morning..." 

"Oh, I'm so- wait, was Deidra with you?" 


"Is she alright?!" 

"She's passed out in the hospital. You should come right away." 

There was silence at first. "Alright I'm on my way."

Chapter 10

-Sept 3rd- 

Julian arrived at the hospital in 10 minutes max. "Alex?" He said rushing into the room. 

I turned my tear stained face towards him. "I'm so sorry Julian, I tried to save her, but she fell through the floor and-" I found myself rambling on. I am so scared that I'm going to lose Deidra, due to my incapability to save her.  

"Alex," Julian said firmly. "It's not your fault." 

"DEIDRA!" A male's voice shouted so loud I had to cover my ears. 

In came Deidra's father. Oh crud... "Hey..." I said nervously. 

"What..." he started. "Did you do to my daughter?!" 

"Nothing!" I stood up.  

"How do I know that?! She was with you, how do I not know you started the fire to harm her?!" 

"I wouldn't do anything to harm Deidra!" I exclaimed. 

"Yes you would! How do you explain this?! Why do you keep insisting that you would never harm her?!" 


Everything was silent for a moment.  


~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

I blinked open my eyes to see Alex arguing with my dad. Or... should I say, I HEARD them arguing. I had just open my mouth to say something, when something unexpected happens.  

"How do I know you mean it when you say you'd never harm her?!" 

"Because I love her!" 

My breath got caught in my throat. He-he loves me? "Alex?" 

Alex spun around and I saw his tear-stained face. "Deidra!"  He came towards me and bent over at the side of my bed sobbing. "I'm so glad you're awake, I thought I was gunna lose you." 

"Alex?" I repeated. 

He looks into my eyes. "Yes princess?" 

"Did you-" 

"Get... Out!" My daddy snapped. 

Alex turned to my dad, his face showing that he was frightened. "But-" 

"NOW!" My dad roared. 

"Daddy, please. Let him-" 

"No Deidra!" He whirled on me. "I forbid you from seeing him anymore. He nearly got you KILLED. If that's the type of person he is, then you are to not hang around him anymore. Now go!" 

The tears stream down my face. "Dad!" I wailed. "You can't do that!" 

"Yes I can!" My dad yelled back. "Go!" He roared at Alex. 

Alex gave me one last longing look before scurrying out of the hospital room.  I struggled to sit up, but my burns hurt. "He didn't set the fire dad! He was with me the entire time!" 

"Deidra, you disobeyed me. You know that you're only allowed to date people who I know properly. When you get home, you're grounded, no laptop, cell phone, iPod, MP3, or music for three months. I will have to pick you're friends out from now on, because CLEARLY, you pick bad influences!" 

"DAD!" I screamed. "DON'T DO THIS TO ME!" 

"You shouldn't care about that kid Deidra! He's NOTHING!" 

"He's not nothing dad!" I cried. 

"What is he then?!" 

"He's my everything dad, I LOVE him. If you loved me, you wouldn't do this to me, you'd accept the people I love, the people who are my friends!" 

"Dad, listen to her. She's right. Alex isn't a bad kid, I can honestly tell he would never do anything to harm her." Julian said to dad. 

"Deidra, you don't know what you're saying. You don't love, what's-his-face, you love Luca." 

"Yes dad, I know what I'm saying!" I sobbed into my hands, choking on my tears. "Dad, why won't you give him a chance?!" 

"But he almost killed you!" 

"It's not his fault dad! I love Alex, so just freaking accept it already! I'm not going to change my mind!" 

Dad blinked. "Do you really love him?" He whispered.  

I found myself nodding violently. 

I heard my dad sigh. "Fine. But I have to get to know him first," he pointed at me as I looked up at him. "You're still grounded missy." 

I nodded my head and a smile approached on my face. "Thank you daddy." I said reaching out to him for a hug. 

Dad laughed and bent down to hug me. "Now," he declared. "It is time for me to get to know your boyfriend... wish me luck." 

I giggled as he marched out of the room. "I think Alex is the one who needs luck..." I said to Julian, which earned me an eye-roll. 

"No kidding. I felt really bad for you when dad was shouting." Julian admitted.  

I nodded. "I'm so glad that we convinced him though," I said. "I truly do love him, and hope he feels the same way about me." 

Julian's eyes met mine. "He does." 

I blinked pretending to be surprised. "He does?" 

Julian laughed. "Quit you're acting, I know, you know that he loves you. I'm pretty sure that's why you said his name." 

I blushed. "Yeah, but I'm still getting used to it." 

Julian gently punched my arm. "You'd better."

Chapter 11

-Sept 3rd- 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

I sat in the hallway, my back against the wall, head in my hands, and crying my eyes out. I blew it, I didn't get her out of that fire in time, and now, Deidra isn't allowed to see me anymore. I hope she heard me when I told her dad that I loved her.  

I heard the door open then shut. I don't look up and someone settles down next to me. "So... I promised Deidra I would get to know you before making my decision." 

I looked up surprised. It was Deidra's dad. "Umm..." 

"I'm Daniel. And I assume you're Alex?" 

I nodded. "Yes. I am." 

"What do you hope to be when you grow up?" 

I thought for a moment. "An actor." 

Daniel nodded. "What is you're lowest mark in school?" 

"Uhh, a B?" 



"What extra curricular activities do you do?" 

"I play basketball, I sing occasionally, I help my best friend Austin Mahone make covers on YouTube." I responded. 

"Have you ever been suspended from school?" 


"What are your intentions for my daughter?" 

That one surprised me. "Just to love her, and be there for her when she needs me." I said confidently.  

Daniel nodded. "What have happened in your past relationships?" 

"Umm... do I have to answer that one?" I said awkwardly. 

"Do you want to be able to date Deidra?" 

I nodded quickly. "They've all ended with my girlfriend cheating on me." 

"Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?" 

"No, never. Girls deserve the respect that some boys don't give, and I'm a guy who will respect a girl." 

"Good," he said. "Do you trust Deidra?" 

"With all my life sir." I replied. 

Daniel smiled. "That's Daniel to you," He held out his hand to shake it. "You're a good guy Alex. I'll let my daughter see you. But if you screw up," he continued. "You can kiss my trust buh-bye." 

I nodded and smiled. "Thank you sir- I mean Daniel." I whispered and hesitantly made my way to Deidra's hospital room, looking back at Daniel.  

He nodded and I made my way inside. "Deed?" I whispered. 

Deidra looked up and her face broke out into a smile. "Alex!" She exclaimed. 

I smiled too and sat down on her bed beside her. "Did you hear me when I said that I loved you?" I whispered anxiously. 

Slowly, Deidra nodded. My breathe is caught in my throat as I waited for her answer. 


I blinked and looked into her beautiful brown eyes. "Y-yes?" I stammered. 

"I-I love you too..." 

My heart swelled to hear this. "Really?" 

Deidra giggled. "Are you TRYING to change my mind?" 

My eyes widened and I shook my head. "No, no I'm not!" I said. "I'm just surprised, because I thought you just liked me, not love me, and I knew I loved you right on the first day of our relationship but I didn't want to freak you out and-" I found myself rambling on. 

And then her lips smashed into mine. 

~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

"I'm just surprised, because I thought you just liked me, not love me, and I knew I loved you right on the first day of our relationship but I didn't want to freak you out and-" 

Then I pulled Alex close to me and roughly pressed my lips to his.  

He stopped rambling on and kissed me back. It was rough at first, but then softer, and more passionate, when he asked for entry, which I gave immediately. 

Someone awkwardly coughed, breaking Alex and I apart. It was Julian, I knew, but I kept my eyes on Alex, smiling like an idiot. "That should shut you up." I whispered. 

Alex smiled. "I love you." 

"I love you more." 

"I love you most."

Chapter 12

-Sept 24th- 

~3 weeks later~ 

Alex and I had been together for 3 weeks, and our relationship was great. We spent all day together, and my dad didn't even try to stop us, despite what happened at the hospital the morning of the fire. 

Alex and I walked hand in hand in the hall on a Monday morning. I was still called a slut, but with Austin, Andrew, and Alex as best friends, I was fine. I could handle it. 

"I'm off to history." Alex sighed. 

I laughed. "Vocal class has a special visitor today. I wonder who it is." 

Alex grinned and nudged me. "Is it Zac Efron?" He teased.  

He knew my celeb crush is and has always been Zac Efron, since he played Troy in High school musical, and Logan in The Lucky One. Those were his best two movies.  

I poked my tongue out at him. "I wish," we reached the vocal class.  

"I'll see you later princess." Alex whispered into my ears.  

I grinned and reached up to peck his lips before heading to my seat. 

In came one of my only girl friend's, Rio. I waved at her, and she smiled and waved back. She came and sat down next to me. "Hey girl," she said. "Who do you think is the celeb guest is?" 

I shrugged. "I don't-" 

"Hello class!" Our vocal teacher, Ms. Hamilton chanted. "Here is our special guest!" 

And, in. Came. Austin. 

My jaws gaped wide open when I saw him. 

Austin saw me too, and gave me a small smile, and wave. I waved back too. 

Rio looked like she was going to explode with excitement. "Oh my God Deed, it's Austin Mahone!" She squealed into my ear. "Why are you not freaking out?" 

"Because he's one of my best friends." I whispered back. 

She looked at me. "No. Flipping. Way. Austin Mahone is your best friend?" 

I nodded. 

"Alright," Austin began, and I turned my attention back to him, as did Rio. "I'm going to be singing my song, Say Something, but I want one of you to come and sing it with me." 

Oh God. He wants me to sing with him.  

"You," he points at me and I rolled my eyes. I got up and out of my seat, making my way towards Austin. 

"Remind me to kill you later on." I hissed to him as I prepared to sing. 

He laughed. "Hey, I didn't have to come after you that second day of school." He joked and strummed the first note of Say Something. 

"I see you walk by extra fly, baby where you going can I roll? 

Living beach life, feeling right, you're the hottest everybody knows. Oh whoa." 

Then I began.  

"Burn it up, burn it up, show em what you got, 

Yeah you got it baby let it show. Uh huh." 


"Lets turn it up, turn it up, let me know what's up, don't just stand there girl I gotta know." 

Then I joined in. 

"Say something, if you're feeling the vibe, 

Say something, baby don't be so shy, 

Say something, cause you're all in my head, 

Like, oh whoa whoa whoa yeah yeah, oh yeah, 

Hey baby, tell me something lady, 

I gotta know what's up, I gotta know it right now.  

Hey baby, tell me something lady, 

I gotta know what's up, I gotta know it right now." 

We finished the song and the whole class erupted into cheers. 

Austin and I high fived me, before I went back to my seat. 

He gave me a thumbs up, and I considered it the best day of my life.

Chapter 13

-Sept 24th- 

~Alex's P.O.V~ 

History class FINALLY ended, and I saw my beautiful girlfriend standing in the hall talking to... a guy? What the heck? I walked over, wrapped my arms around her not looking at the guy, and planting a kiss on her cheek. "Hello princess." 

"Hey man." 

Austin? I looked up. "Hey Austin, what are you doing here?" 

"I was the surprise guest for Deidra's vocal class." Austin smirked. 

"He made me sing Say Something with him." Deidra pouted. 

I laughed. "Is your voice as beautiful as you?" I teased. I already knew the answer though. 

"It's better." She teased right back. 

I laughed and rested my chin on her head. "Wanna leave for lunch?" I asked. 

Deidra nodded and linked arms with Austin and I. "Shall we be off boys?" She said in a fake posh accent. 

"We shall indeed." I responded, mimicking her posh accent. 

Austin just laughed. 

We hopped into my car and drove off. "Where should we go?" Deidra asked. 

Austin shrugged. "Umm... McDonalds?" 

"MICKEY D!" Deidra shouted, startling me. 

"Ok," I laughed. "McD it is." 


Deidra, Austin, and I finished our food. We all ordered 6 piece chicken McNuggets except for Deidra, who ordered 10 piece chicken McNuggets. Don't ask, she was hungry. As Austin went to throw out the garbage, I got a call from my mum. I opened it and smiled. "Hey mum," 

"Alex, I need you to come home!" 

"Umm, but I have school..." 

"This is more important than school!" 

Huh? I hope she's not sick. Since when is ANYTHING more important than school? 


"Andrew is in the hospital." 

~Deidra's P.O.V~ 

"WHAT?!" Alex cried. "Why?" 

I jumped, startled and looked at Alex. Whoa whoa whoa. He's crying. I put my hand on his hand and squeezed comfortingly. I wonder what's wrong. Alex just doesn't randomly cry. Something must be wrong. 

"Ok..." Alex whispered, tears streaming down his face. "Alright, mum, I'm on my way now... ok, I have Deed, and Austin with me... ok, we're on our way. Bye mum... I love you too... it'll be fine mum... alright I'll see you soon," he hung up and turned to Austin and I, who had come to hear the last of the conversation. "Andrew is in the hospital." 

It took me a minute to digest this news. Little 13-year-old Andrew... in the hospital. "Oh my God Alex..." I said reaching up to hug him. "What happened?" 

Alex cried into my shoulder. "He had a seizure and passed out." He sobbed. 

Austin and I exchanged alarmed glances. We all knew seizures were dangerous. "C'mon, Alex he'll be fine, lets go to the hospital." Austin assured him. 

On our way out, a bunch of people stopped us and asked if Alex was alright, and Austin and I had to redirect them.  

We almost got to Alex's car, when the paps came and attacked us, meaning Austin. "YO!" Austin yelled. Everyone became silent. "I don't have the time! We need to get Alex to the hospital as soon as possible, so can you all, PLEASE, move, and let us get there?" 

All the press and paps murmured sympathetically and let us past. 


"MOM!" Alex yelled running into the hospital. Austin and I were on his heels.  

Alex came to a halt in front of the desk. "I need Andrew Constancio's room!" He gasped. 

"Room 613." The receptionist responded with a smile.  

Alex nodded and darted away. 

Austin and I followed. We found room 613 and saw Alex in a bear hug with his mum. And Andrew... 

Laying eyes closed on the hospital bed, barely brea

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